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I had not become another number.

I hadn't.

I watched him sleep, my body still humming from the pleasure he had instilled within me.

'Phillips. Why you gazing at me like some sort of love struck gazelle?'

His voice stunned me momentarily, as I blinked.

'You wish De Luca.' I huffed as I moved away from him, only to be captured by his large hands as they circled me.

'Are you ok?' He mumbled into my hair, his lips finding their way to my skin as they brushed against it softly.


'Look, I know you. That pretty little head of yours is going to be doing analytics the FBI would be jealous of. Talk to me.'

His tone was soft and caring, his fingers lacing with my hand as he lifted them up to gaze at them. I stared at them too in awe, having held his hand so many times before, but never like this. My skin felt like it was on fire from his touch, my body yearned to be close to his.

'You're really something.' I chuckled softly as he sighed in my ear.

'You're worried.'

I didn't answer right away, annoyed that he knew me so well. I was worried, but only because I didn't want to fall for him. I'd seen what he had done to other girls; I wasn't about to let that happen to me.

'You are my best friend. I love you.'

'I love you too.'

'But me and you- it wouldn't work.'

He sat up on his elbows then, as I turned towards him. Sweet jesus why did he have to be so beautiful? I couldn't tear my eyes away from him, reaching up to kiss him before I even realised what I was doing. His lips crushed against mine as he pulled away, his forehead against mine.

'You know what, Phillips? I don't think you've got a choice. Look how your body is craving to be with mine.'

He was right, of course. My legs were entwined with his, my arm under his body caressing his back. I swallowed as I lifted my eyes to his, my heart fluttering in my chest as I realised I didn't see him as my best friend anymore. Suddenly I was terrified.

'Yeah well. Luckily I have a brain, and its telling me to get my ass some breakfast.' I smirked as I slid out of bed. He frowned as I dressed quickly, feeling more in control now that I was away from him.

'So, do you have any food in? Pancakes? I want pancakes.' I said quickly as I dragged my hair into a loose bun on my head. He watched me with a strange look on his face, as he stood up, naked as the day he was born. I averted my eyes as I walked into his en suite, brushing my teeth as he turned the shower on beside me. He stepped in, and the steam spread across the glass so I didn't have to see him.

Wet. Hot. Soapy.


'Phillips. Get in here.' He commanded as I froze, toothpaste running down my chin as I rinsed my mouth.


The door slid open, and the hottest sight I've ever seen in my entire life gazed at me, his wet hair in his eyes as he pushed it back. His body was soaked, his cock hard.

Sweet Jesus, help me.

'Sorry, did I make it seem like a question? Why the fuck are you still clothed?' He smirked as I tried to breathe normally.

'I said no.' I managed, my nipples hardening under my dress as I bit my lip.

'No?' He said in disbelief as he stepped out of the shower, walking towards me as he dripped water all over the tiled floor. I backed up against the sink as he placed his hands either side of me, his eyes on my lips as he tilted his head to look at me.

'See you're saying no, but your body...'

'Don't quote R fucking Kelly to me right now De Luca.' I hissed as his knee slid between my thighs, parting them softly.

'You're getting the floor wet.' I whimpered as he smirked annoyingly, a smug look on his face.

'Just the floor?'

Suddenly he pulled me into his arms, turning to walk with me into the shower.

'Theo! What the fuck!' I yelled, as I felt a hot stream of water pour over me, my eyes closing instinctively as he closed the door behind him.

'I told you I wasn't asking.'

My dress was soaked, and I opened my mouth to tell him what a prick he was, when his tongue met mine. I resisted, pushing my hand against his chest as the water poured over us both, making me gasp for air. His hands pushed the wet material off my shoulders, tugging it down with force. My breasts were suddenly free, my nipples hard as he buried them one after the other into his hot mouth. I groaned, my hands moving from his chest to his hair as I pulled it, desperately trying to make him stop.

'This is so wrong.' I said, as the dress fell to the floor, sodden.

'Stop talking.' He murmured as he slid his fingers into my soft wetness.

'Argh, Theo!'

He was relentless, enjoying watching me dissolve at his touch.

'No, wasn't it?'

I crashed my lips onto his, kissing him urgently as I felt his cock hard against me.

'Theodoreeeeeeee.' I moaned as he finger fucked me with urgency, his tongue dancing with mine as he suddenly pulled his fingers away, swivelling me around so I was pressed against the cold tiles. I gasped with shock of the cold against my poor nipples, but was soon distracted by Theo pulling my hips towards him, as he slid his cock up and down against my wet entrance. The water was cascading down on my back as I heard him mutter.

'Do you want this inside of you, Phillips? Cus earlier you said no...and I need your consent.'

I could barely breathe, my stomach bursting with feelings I'd never felt before, a combination of sensory overload and intense desire. I tried to speak but the water filled my mouth as I turned to see him.

'Fuck, you're so hot.' He said, his fingers gripping my hips.

'Fuck me.' I gasped, as I felt him position himself at my entrance, the tip of his cock dipping into me ever so slightly.

'Fuck me what?'

'Theodore.' I gasped, as suddenly I felt him enter me, his bare skin slapping against mine as he thrust into me without giving me time to accommodate his size.

'Jesus!' I cried as he gripped my hips, sliding his thick pole in and out of me.

'I'm not wearing a condom. I need to take it out.' He gasped against me.

'I'm on the pill! Don't fucking stop!' I demanded as he picked up speed.

'Does this feel good baby?'

I couldn't respond, only to cry out as he yanked my hair back, making me arch my back so he could get deeper. He held my hair for leverage, the pain in my scalp suddenly making my senses heightened.

'Your ass is fucking delicious.'

His thumb circled my hole, making me clench instinctively.

'Relax baby.' He murmured, still unbelievably not losing the pace. He slipped his thumb inside, and I gritted my teeth with the pain. The pain quickly subsided to be replaced by a pleasure so intense I felt like I couldn't see. Theo released my hair as he cupped my breasts from behind, his thumb now replaced with a finger.

'Fuckkkkkkkkk.' I groaned as he chuckled softly.

'Still just friends Hannah?'

He paused all of his movements as I opened my eyes, backing onto his cock as he groaned.


'Are you mine, Hannah?' He whispered throatily as he continued to fuck me in both holes, my body continuing to rode the wave of pleasure he was giving me.

'Yes.' I gasped as I felt myself give in, my body shuddering and shaking as I moaned loudly. 'I'm coming Theo!'

'Of course you are.'

My body suddenly released the tension I didn't even realise I had, ripples of delight filling my core as I stopped breathing.

'Breathe baby.' He whispered, slowly down the pace as I convulsed around him.

'I can't-'

'You can. Breathe.' His voice was almost hypnotic as I began to breathe, sharply at first, as I cried out in ecstasy. I'd never experienced anything like that in my life, and I struggled to stand as he held me, slowly pumping in and out of me.

'Fuck, Hannah. I love fucking you.' I felt the pace quicken, and I felt him flood me with his seed, a smile creeping onto my face as I realised he had come too.

I remained pressed against the wall as he withdrew from me, my aching pussy sore and stretched as the warm water soothed me. I was still gasping for breath, as he wrapped his arms around me.

'I swear, this isn't post sex talk. I fucking adore you.'

I turned to see him, as he pushed the shower stream away from us, his green eyes now alight with passion and desire. His eyelashes were wet, his lips full and swollen as I kissed him softly, feeling him swell against me.

Surely not...

'You're hard again, De Luca.'

'What you gonna do about it, Phillips?'

I closed my eyes as I leaned against the wall, a small laugh escaping my lips.

'God, give me a minute. I think I'm still coming.'

'See I knew you wouldn't be able to handle me.' He smirked as he backed away, pushing his head into the shower stream as I gazed at him in disbelief.

'Didn't I just 'handle you?!'

'No. I handled you. Next time it's your turn.'

I watched him shower, and I remembered what he said.

Are you mine Hannah?

Were we starting to catch feelings for one another? I had to know.

'Next time huh?'

I picked my dress up from the floor, and squeezed the water out of it, tossing it onto the sink before closing the door.

'Of course. You're mine, remember?' He smirked at me as he moved, allowing me access to the shower. 'You said it.'

'What does that even mean, Theo?' I asked softly as I massaged soap into my breasts and finally my swollen mound. He watched me, his eyes dark as he took the soap from me.

'Allow me. It means, Hannah, that you need to get used to my surname.'

'Huh?' I blinked, as he began to massage my breasts, rubbing my stomach with his soapy hands.

'You'll be my wife one day.' He said simply, as I stared at him. Had he really just said that?

'Ha. De Luca,' I swallowed, enjoying saying his name. 'You couldn't commit to one woman for the rest of your life. Hilarious.'

'Is it? Let's see if you're laughing when you are bringing up our children.'

That floored me.

'Shut up.' I commanded, as he shrugged, leaning down to kiss me on the lips.

'Ok. So talk to me about pancakes...'

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