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Laura, Theo's mother, gazed at me over the huge bowl of popcorn that sat on her lap. Everytime I met her eye, she smiled knowingly, and looked back at the screen. Beside me Theo was absorbed in the movie on the tv, the latest Avenger film. He'd seen it about four times already, two of which were times he'd dragged me to the cinema to see it. I tried to watch the TV when he began stroking the back of my neck, my body immediately on alert. Laura's eyes widened as she shoved more popcorn in her mouth, turning when she heard the front door open.

'Theodore. Can you please pretend you aren't the only motorist in this house and stop parking diagonally on the drive? Fucks sake.' Boomed a voice, thick with a Spanish accent.

'But I'm the best motorist in the house.' He shrugged as his mother narrowed her eyes at him. 'I can park how I want.'

'Theodore.' She hissed as I jabbed him in the side.

'Don't be a prick.' I chided, as our eyes met.

'Yes ma'am.' He said softly, zipping his mouth with his fingers. Fingers that only two hours ago were filling my asshole as he fucked me hard.


Now here I was sat watching the Incredible Hulk smash a city up, whilst he caressed my neck, his mother grinning at me.

She knew.

'Hey baby!' She called as Alonzo walked in, his emerald green eyes flickering over to me as he playfully smacked Theo on the back of his head.

'What's this beautiful girl doing with you?' He murmured as he leaned down, kissing his wife. Their passion was evident as she blushed deeply, her silvery blonde hair falling onto her tanned shoulders as he gazed at her. 'Come to think of it, how is this beautiful lady still here, married to me?'

'Trust me Pap. This girl is making me work for it.'

His parents then shared a look of surprise as he smirked at them.

'Yeah, we've-'

'Don't finish that sentence. Seriously.' I interrupted as his dad laughed loudly.

'She got you whipped boy? Maybe she is wife material. Its took you both long enough.' He declared as I felt myself blushing. His mom sent me a sympathetic look as I heard Theo laugh.

'No maybe papa. I'm gonna marry this girl.'

There it was again. Marriage talk.

'Can we start dating first?' I muttered as he smacked his head in disbelief.

'That's right!' He exclaimed as his eyes glinted mischievously, his arm snaking around my waist as I noticed his parents leave the room as they made their way into the kitchen.

'Right, we need to go on a date. I'm sorry, I seem to have skipped that stage entirely.' He smirked as his lips met mine. I responded eagerly, not able to get enough of his touch, his taste.

'De Luca.' I groaned as I pulled away. 'A date is serious stuff. It means you're actually interested in getting to know me as a person.'

He frowned then, moving further away from me.

'You think I don't know you as a person?' He said in disbelief as I shifted on the sofa, tucking my leg beneath me for comfort.

'Do you?'

'Your favourite food in the world is cake. Carrot cake, to be precise. You have a crush on Tom Hardy, purely because of his lips. You love the rain,' he continued as I felt my breath quicken, 'because you fall asleep listening to it hammering against your window. Your favourite colour is grey, and you always pick off the pineapple on a Hawaiian pizza because you only like the juice on it not the actual fruit. You've liked me as long as I've liked you, and never been dared to do something about it, because we are best friends.'

He dropped his gaze as he held my hand in his, and I felt any resolve I had about me and him disappear.

'So where are we going on our date?' I asked softly, as he smiled.

'I'm your best friend. I know exactly what you want.'

He stood up, pulling me to my feet as I frowned at him.

'Don't I need to get ready?'

'Phillips.' He said, pulling me closer to him as he nuzzled his head against my neck, causing me to groan with delight. 'You're perfect, just like that. No effort required.'

He made me want to scream with joy, as I finally began to see he was genuine. Could Theodore De Luca actually be serious for once in his life? He seemed to know what I was thinking as he gazed at me, his eyes searching mine.

'It's real you know. This. It's fucking real.'

'I don't want you to fuck me around.' I confessed as inwardly I cringed, knowing I sounded like every girl that had been in my position with him before. He chuckled, his lips brushing against mine as he slid his hands up my top, crushing me against him.

'Is that what you think? I'd fuck you around?' He muttered, his voice low as he studied me.

'It what you've always done...' I shrugged as he kissed me again. My insides turned to jelly as he slid his fingers up and down my back softly. I shivered as he chuckled again, before responding.

'Its what you've always done too. After that prick Kyle.'

I froze, wishing he hadn't ruined the moment by saying his name. He sighed, shaking his head as he looked at me.

'He still has that effect on you. Even now.'

'Can we not talk about him? He's a dick.' I moved away as he captured my hands in his, lifting them to his lips.

'I'm nothing like him. I'd never cheat on you. I'd never say anything to you that would hurt you. Ever. I can't, because I worship the ground you fucking walk on.'

'I know you're not like him.' I said softly as my thumb traced along his. 'But in fairness Theo, the only reason you've never cheated is because you've never had a proper relationship.'

'You know what, I've just said I'd never cheat on you. I can't say that about other women, because if I was seeing someone else, and you walked in the room, I would already be unfaithful. You literally, command my attention. You always have.'

I was silent for a moment, and it was then that I realised I was doomed. I'd completely fallen for his charms.

'So take me on this date. Let's see what you've got.' I said brightly, determined to change the subject.

'Challenge accepted.' He murmured, turning towards the door. He managed to locate his car keys as I saw his parents grinning at us from the island in the middle of the kitchen.

'The fuck Paps, how am I meant to get out with your wide ass truck parked there?' He demanded as I heard his dad chuckle.

'Because you are the best driver in the house. You'll manage. Scratch my car and you're dead, little man.'

His eyes danced with amusement as I saw Theo nod, clearly up for the challenge.

'Come on Han. Let me show you how it's done.'

I rolled my eyes at him as his mom shook her head at Alonzo.

'Why do you push his buttons? You know he won't back down. Fool.' She shook her head with exasperation as I followed Theo outside. I stood by his car as he frowned at me.

'We're taking the truck honey.' He crowed as he climbed into the driver seat, winding the window down. 'Best hurry before papa realises.'

With that I hotfooted it around the truck, and climbed up on the step to sit beside him.

'He's going to fucking kill you.'

He slid the key into the ignition, before fixing me with his killer gaze.

'Hold on.'

The engine roared to life as he sped away from the curb, my heart in my throat as I imagined Alonzo running after us angrily.

'Theooooo.' I groaned as I glanced behind us, seeing no angry man chasing us.

'I love it when you moan my name like that.'

Fucks sake!

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