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After a heated conversation on the car speaker, I finally began to believe Alonzo wasn't going to hurt Theo.

He was going to kill him.

'I'm removing your tv, your ps4-'

'Alright dad. Can we talk about this later, I really need to watch the road.' He smirked as I heard Alonzo curse.

'If you can hear me Hannah, dump his sorry ass.'

'Bye Dad.' He growled as he hit the end call button, rolling his eyes. 'See. Even my dad thinks you're my girl.'

'Hmm. He's always thought that.' I shrugged as I gazed out of the window. The sky was a mixture of blue and purple, the sun casting its farewell as it retreated back behind the horizon.

'That's because you always have been.'

I was silent for a moment, reflecting on his words.

'Where are we going?'

'To the carnival.' He grinned, as my eyes widened in delight.

'Yes De Luca!' I yelped as he laughed, taking a sharp left turn. The road was bumpy, a dirt road that led to the grounds of the carnival, by the truck handled it with ease. The air crackled with aromas I loved so much; burnt pecan nuts drizzled in maple syrup, candyfloss and popcorn making my tastebuds dance in anticipation.

'First stop-' Theo drawled as he opened the door, grinning at me.

'You've got to win me something.' I chirped in smugly.

He rolled his eyes as we walked towards the carnival, nodding hello at people we recognised from school. Being there together didn't attract any extra attention; but when he pulled me close and kissed my head, his arm wrapped around my shoulder, I felt like people should be staring. It was just so intimate.

'De Luca!' Roared a voice, as I groaned inwardly.

I turned to see Jax with his arm around some girl from school, as he sent me that all too familiar wink.

'Yo. I can't stay, got a date.' Theo shrugged as Jax rolled his eyes. I bit my lip as Jax glanced at me.

'Oh. You here alone Hannah? You could come-'

'She's not.' Theo interrupted, as he pulled me closer to him possessively.

'But you said you had a date.' Jax looked puzzled as I stifled a giggle. 'Oh, best friend date. Gotcha.'

'Mmm.' Theo smirked as I pulled him away, winking at Jax who was left looking confused.

We bought popcorn, which he thrust into my hands when he saw the shooting range.

'Watch me win.' He declared, as I inhaled the sugary sweet popcorn. I tried not to stare as he strode forward, holding out a note to pay. I wasn't the only one either, I noticed with irritation. A group of cheerleader wannabes were standing staring at him, sucking on their slushies as they drank him in. I watched proudly as he shot all the targets, before turning to me with a giant stuffed...


I bit back a laugh as he swaggered over to me, pretending the turtle was super heavy. The girls watched in envy until one whispered something to the others, their eyes once again lighting up.

'You've got fans.' I drawled as he thrust the turtle into my arms.

'So? Meet Ninja.' His smile was so wide I couldn't help but return it.

'As in, heroes in a half shell?' I quipped, knowing he adored the show.

'Turtle power!' He roared, as he leapt in the air, making me double over with laughter.

'Thankyou.' I beamed, struggling to hold the toy.

'Let's go, there's some more stands down there.' He nodded, as I gazed at his eyes a little too long.

I blinked, before turning and following his gaze. Two stands stood side by side, one with two girls in, the other with two guys in.

'A kissing booth? How lame.' I groaned as we neared it.

'Hey, Hannah! Why don't you and Theo do ten minutes or so? It all goes to charity after all.' Beamed Rosie, the head of student council and general organiser of all things cringe. How was she even here? It wasn't a school carnival after all. I laughed out loud as I turned to Theo who had attracted a large amount of female attention as they eyed him up excitedly.

'Me first!' Cried an eager beaver, sending flirtatious eyes at Theo who just stood gazing at the booths with a bemused expression.

'So how much is a kiss?' He mused aloud, as I frowned at him.

'What? Are you genuinely considering doing it?' I said indignantly as a smile played at the corners of his mouth. I felt myself bristle as he pulled his wallet out, as the girls in the booth glanced at each other with excited anticipation.

'Its ten bucks.' Rosie replied instantly, as my eyes narrowed at Theo. Some fucking first date this was.

'Here's forty bucks. That's so we don't have to go in the kissing booth.'

Theo handed her a wad of notes as I felt relief sweep over me. He grinned at me as I heard the disappointment in the girls voices around us, as I felt a teeny bit of smugness in the pit of my stomach. Which expanded to quite alot, when he then pressed another twenty bucks into Rosie's hands.

'There's another twenty. I'll pay that to kiss one of the girls.'

I blinked as the crowd fell silent around us as he slid his hand around my waist, pulling me flush against him.

'First date, gotta make it count, right? We've got ourselves an audience here.' He murmured as he suddenly crashed his lips against mine, and I heard the whoops and cat calls around us as we kissed deeply. I lost myself in the kiss, which was simply incredible. He didn't hold back as he dipped me backwards, his arms holding me secure as I felt my hair fall in between his fingers.

'Oh my god. As if they've just kissed.' I heard someone mutter bitchily, as I felt myself smile in sheer delight at the fact he had done that.

'He paid to kiss her. Theodore De Luca paid to kiss her.' I hear someone say in disbelief as he rolled his eyes.

'Full name usage and everything.' I smirk as I notice someone walk up between us. I frown, turning to see Connor gazing at me curiously.

'So if I pay, do I get to kiss you again?' He murmured, stroking my face softly. I opened my mouth to speak when Rosie clapped her hands.

'Get in the booth Hannah, if you're going to be in such demand.' She chuckled with excitement, dollar signs in her eyes.

'I paid so she didn't have to go in remember?' Theo reminded her, his eyes boring into Connors head as he spoke through gritted teeth.

Connor moved his gaze to Theo, before shrugging.

'I'll double it.'

There was a murmur of shock around the crowd as I glanced back at Theo, who was now clenching his fists beside him.

'I'll triple it.' He spat angrily, as Connor turned to him with amusement.

'Aren't you like, her best friend? What gives man? There's enough girls here to entertain you I'm sure.' He waved his hand around us as he laughed uneasily.

Theo went to respond as I put my hand on his, his green gaze flickering over to me.

'Actually, he's a little more than that. This is awkward, but its happened rather quickly...'

Connor blinked as realisation spread over his handsome face, before he frowned at Theo.

'What and he knows about-'

'Listen, dickhead. I know. I also know if you don't fuck off right now, you'll not be able to play football with two broken legs.' Theo barked as I pulled him towards me, sending a desperate glance to Connor who looked like he'd been smacked with a wet fish.

'Whore.' He spat, as he turned and pushed through the crowd. I blinked, stunned, as Theo released me, pulling Connor back to him by his collar.

'What did you call her?'

Suddenly the fight was back in Connors eyes as he sneered, licking his lips as he looked at me.

'Didn't take much to fuck her. I barely knew her five minutes. Wasn't even worth it.'

I felt myself go dark with rage as I saw Theo's fist connect with Connors face, knocking him straight to the floor. I gasped as I grabbed Theo, turning him towards me desperately.

'What the fuck!' I hissed as he frowned at me.

'I'm not letting anyone talk about you like that. Let's go.'

He didn't even glance back as Connor stood up, glaring at me angrily. I noticed the judgement in the eyes of those around us, and I kept my eyes to the floor.

'Fuck them. Imbeciles.' I heard Theo mutter as he picked up the stuffed turtle, as he stormed forwards angrily. I couldn't help but laugh as he turned to me, confusion in his eyes.


'You've just punched someone and now you're storming off with your teddy.'

I began to really laugh then, and he blinked as he glanced down at Ninja. Soon tears were falling from my eyes as he shook his head with amusement, tugging me towards the exit.

'What a shitty fucking first date.' He muttered, pushing Ninja into the car. He slammed the door as he leaned against it, running his hand through his hair as I pushed him against the truck. I inhaled his smell, and allowed myself a slight moan as he moved my hair from my eyes.

'No, it wasn't. Did you not hear me admit something back there? I asked softly, as he stroked my face, shaking his head.


'I said you were a little more than my best friend.'

He smirked a little as I moved towards him, his breath on my cheek as our lips brushed softly.

'A little more?' He said huskily as I felt my skin tingle.

'I don't want to fall for you De Luca.' I admitted as he laughed against my lips.

'Catch up baby. I fell for you years ago.'


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