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I bounded over to his house, knocking on the door as I waited excitedly. I'd tried ringing him, and sent copious amounts of text messages, to no avail.

Where was he?

I frowned as I heard movement inside, and the door swung open. My heart almost stopped beating when I saw a Californian blonde walk out with full red lips, throwing me an evil look.

'He's not in the best mood I'm afraid.' She smirked as she got into her little blue mini which she'd parked on the drive. I stood, dumbfounded, as I watched her drive away. I turned my head back to the house, and open the door quietly.

'Theo?' I called, as I saw him appear at the top of the stairs. He looked tired, and I was annoyed to see he was wearing just jeans. Had they-

'Hannah, its not what it looks like.' He said quickly as I felt myself fill with jealousy.

'Oh? So the blonde that just told me you're not in the best mood hasn't just been in here with you?' I snapped, as he groaned.

'Yes but-'

It was all I needed to hear. I turned and walked out of the house, as I noticed Ryan pulling shopping bags from the boot of the car.

'Who's he banging now? Boy has a different girl every week.' He muttered as I stormed past him, tears in my eyes.

'Hannah, wait. It's not like that I swear.' I heard him call after me as I glanced at Ryan.

'Don't let him in. I don't want to talk to him right now.' I commanded, as Ryan frowned in confusion. He turned to Theo, telling him not to come in as I didn't want to see him. Ryan was shrugging as he pointed a finger to his temple, and swirling it around.

'Women. All batshit crazy.'

I went upstairs, locking myself in the bathroom as I sank to the floor. Had I really expected to be different? Why would I, Hannah Phillips be able to tame the beast that was Theodore De Luca? I couldn't get her face out of my mind, and I felt hot tears sliding down my face.

'Phillips. Open the fucking door.' I heard him command gruffly from the other side.

'Fucking Ryan.' I seethed, closing my eyes as I leaned back against the door. 'Fuck off, Theo.' I spat angrily, as I heard him softly.

'No. I didn't fuck her. Well I did, but not today. Not since you.'

So he had fucked her. Of course he had. So why was she there? Did he think I was fucking stupid?

'You were half naked you fucking liar.'

'I was going in the shower when she turned up. I swear, I didn't do anything.'

Was I going to trust him? Believe him just like that.

'So why are you in a bad mood then?' I snapped, as I opened the door. My stomach danced at the sight of him, whilst my brain told me to kick him in the balls.

'I can explain that. But I just had to tell you I didn't do a fucking thing. I would never, ever, do that to you.'

It was then that I saw the lipstick on his face, smudged; but there. I closed my eyes as I spoke, almost as though I needed to protect myself from seeing him.

'So you didn't kiss her?' I spoke through gritted teeth as I heard him begin to speak, then stop, before he started again.

'No, can I please explain.' He pleaded, as I stared at him.

'You've got five fucking seconds.'

'Her name is Lissa, we had a thing a few months back.. '

'Five. Four.'

'She came over today, tried it on and that, but I told her I was seeing you. That it wasn't going to happen.'


He sighed as he lifted his eyes to mine.

'Then she told me she had to tell me something.'

'Two, one.'

'She's pregnant.' He whispered hoarsely, as I felt my stomach crash through the floor.

'What?' I whispered as he nodded gravely.

'She's pregnant, and apparently I'm the father.' He ran his hand through his hair as I felt tears fill my eyes for the second time that day, for totally different reasons.

'Theodore, I need you to leave. Right now. I can't deal with this. Please.' I choked out, as he looked at me sadly.

'I'm so-'

'Sorry. Yeah. Me too.' I hissed, as he looked at me with sadness in his eyes. He turned away defeated, as I watched him walk slowly down the stairs.

She was pregnant by my Theo? How could I possibly compete with that? I sank to the floor, sobs racking my body as I heard the front door close behind him.

What was I going to do now?

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