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I found her on facebook.

It wasn't hard- Theo had a habit of befriending every woman that send him a request.

Lissa Hardy.

God I detested her.

Part of me wanted to go and support him as his best friend, but another part of me was insanely jealous and angry with him. How did he allow this to happen?! She was older than us, and as I couldn't confront her face to face I sent her a message. She immediately responded, telling me she was seven weeks pregnant, and that she was happy to do a DNA test when the baby arrived if needed. She then told me not to bother messaging her ever again.

I fell into a deep depression, and avoided Theo at all costs. I skipped the classes I knew he was in, and walked the long way to school leaving super early so as to avoid him. It wasn't long before he was demanding that Ryan let him in, but Ryan knew better than to let him after I warned to cut his testicles off in his sleep if he did.

I tried to focus on my revision, the words blurring on the page as tears filled my eyes. I missed him, but this was something I had to let him deal with alone. I couldn't interfere with them having a child together, mo matter how much it hurt me inside. My phone lit up with yet another text from him, but this one caught my attention.

T: I get that you are upset. Fuck, I am. But even if this means you don't want to be with me, you're still my best friend. I need you.'

The tears flowed then, and I allowed myself to fully weep. The door opened slightly as I furiously wiped my tears away. Ryan stood gazing at me, concern on his face.

'Han? What's going on?' He asked quietly.

I couldn't tell him. I shook my head as he sat on my bed, paling as he rubbed his neck awkwardly.

'Are you pregnant?' He asked awkwardly, raising his eyes skywards.

'What? No!'

'Thank fuck for that.' He breathed as the colour came back into his cheeks. I bit back laughter as he shook his head.

'I was going to fucking kill Theo.' He confessed as I sniffed.

'I still might.'

'But what's he done? You're best friends.' He said, puzzled.

'Yeah. Well the thing is, we aren't.'

The room fell silent as his eyes narrowed.

'No? Well what are you then?' He barked, as I closed my eyes.

'Oh for fucks sake Hannah.' He groaned as he fell back onto my bed in disbelief.

'It just happened.' I snapped as he sat up, looking at me pointedly.

'Yeah? And now you're crying and I've got to kick his ass. Thanks.'

'No, you don't. I'm I'm love with him.' I whispered as his eyes nearly fell out of his head.

'You're what?!' He roared as I shrugged.

'I'm in love with him. It's not like he's used me for sex.' I stated simply.

Ryan changed colour a good three times before he spoke.

'I'm going to kill him.'

'No, you're not.' I repeated as he paced my bedroom, glaring at me as he did.

'What sort of brother would I be if I allowed him to fuck you around?' He yelled, as I stood to argue back.

'He hasn't done anything to me! I can't tell you what's going on, but he hasn't done anything. It's just shit.'

He studied me as he breathed, reminding me of a bull about to charge.

'You love him?' He asked, shaking his head. 'He's like our brother.'

'He's not like my brother.' I retorted, resting my head on my arms as I gazed into the mirror in front of me.

'If he comes round again, I'll tell him why I'm not letting him in. Dirty bastard.' He growled as he walked away.


I decided to go and see him, so I pulled on a hoody and walked down the stairs where Ryan sat glaring at me.

'Let me guess.' He said sarcastically as he raised his eyebrows in my direction. I rolled my eyes and opened the door, walking over to Theo's house. I let myself in, knowing he would be the only one home.

'Theodore.' I called as I was met with silence. There was a whiskey bottle on the table, and beer stubs all over the kitchen. I began to feel the familiar sinking feeling in my stomach as I climbed the stairs, met with clothes randomly dropped on the floor. I paused outside of his bedroom door, as I pushed it open softly. The stench of alcohol hit me first, as I grimaced. The room was light as the curtains were still open, and I noticed the dark curly hair on the pillow as he slept soundly. The sheer relief at seeing him alone reassured me temporarily, as I sat on the bed beside him.

'Theodore.' I repeated softly, as I placed my hand on his back, shaking him slightly.

'Mmm.' He groaned as he lifted his head to look at me. 'Phillips. You came.'

I tried not to cry when he spoke as he sat up quickly.

'Did you have a party without me?' I quipped as he gazed at me.

'God you're beautiful. I've missed you so much.' He wrapped his hand around the back of my neck as he went to kiss me, until I stopped him.

'No more of that. I've learnt my lesson the hard way. No more De Luca for me. I'm here as your best friend.'

The light in his eyes dimmed as he stared at me in disbelief, the disappointment written all over his face.

'I love you though.' He whispered.

'That doesn't matter. I love you too.'

'I don't mean as my best fucking friend.' He growled as I nodded.

'I know. Me too.'

He shook his head at amazement, holding my hand between his as he raised it to my lips.

'Then why-'

'Self preservation Theo. You attract trouble and I can't handle it.' I dropped my eyes from his as he swallowed.

'If that's my baby-'

'She said it is. She said she'll do a DNA.' I said softly.

'Which she will. But if it is, I have to be there for them. I'm not a dickhead Hannah. It doesn't mean I can't be with you though, surely.'

I felt myself begin to cry as he kissed my tears away.

'I'm so fucking sorry. But I swear we can get through this. I can't not be with you.'

This time when I tried to pull away, he didn't let me. He crashed his lips down onto mine as I cried out, desperately trying to avoid contact with him. His tongue dived into my mouth as I stopped resisting, kissing him back hard as he smiled against me.

'Theres my girl.'

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