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I shifted uneasily in my seat as Theo stroked my back, his eyes calm as I coughed nervously.

'Are you ok?' He asked quietly, his voice barely audible.

'Yes.' I sighed, as a sleek red car pulled up, my stomach turning to knots as Lissa stepped out, all long legs and waist length blonde hair. She scowled at me, before fixing her gaze on Theo.

'Why is she here?' She demanded, her eyes narrowing as she stood in front of us, red painted nails gripping her hips.

'Because I asked her to be. How are you feeling?' He asked robotically, his voice without emotion as he stared at the floor.

'Sick. Tired. Fat. Oh, we need to discuss logistics after this.'

'Logistics?' He echoed as she sighed, looking up at him as she smiled.

'Oh you know, child support, living arrangements, that kind of thing.'

He gripped my hand as I swallowed, knowing this would be killing him inside.

'You have rights. Don't worry until the baby is here.' I whispered as she frowned at me.

'This has nothing to do with you. Why are you even here? I don't recall your presence when we made our baby.' She sneered, softly touching her flat stomach as she smirked. I felt the blood boiling in my veins, until Theo spoke.

'We fucked, Lissa. We used a condom. The chances of you getting pregnant were two percent- I didn't plan on becoming your babies daddy. This girl is my fucking world, and she's here because I asked her to be.'

Her eyes glittered dangerously as she stared at Theo.

'I must've made you come so hard you made the condom split. I remember it well.'

'Classy.' I muttered, as Theo shook his head.

'Shut up, Lissa. As I recall, we were both drunk. Accidents happen.'

'Are you calling my baby a fucking accident?!' She screeched, her eyes wide with anger. I noticed a few people glancing at us with concern, and I squeezed Theos hand.

'Baby, just go have the scan. I'll wait here. I'm just upsetting her.' I said quietly, as he turned to me.

'I wanted this experience to be with you.' He said softly, his thumbs tilting my chin up to his. 'When were we older; married. Not some girl I got knocked up. I'm gutted.' His voice was barely a whisper, his eyes sad as he gazed at me.

'Urgh, I'm going in.' Lissa spat, stomping into the clinic. I watched her with an intense envy, the woman that was carrying my best friends child. I tried to hold it together as he released me, kissing my forehead as he followed her into the clinic. He sent me a sad smile, as I tried to smile brightly at him.

'I love you.' He mouthed, and then he was gone.

Suddenly the tears fell, and I leaned against the wall as I realised that Theo was going to be a dad. With a woman he barely knew. I felt drained. Having a brother that was slowly recovering from a bad car accident; along with my new boyfriend finding out he was going to be a dad was genuinely killing me. Tiredness hit me and I felt nauseated by the thought of him sitting beside her, staring at a little heartbeat on a screen in awe. They'd have a bond that I didn't have- best friend or not.

It was so unfair.

I chewed on my nail as I saw a young couple walking up to the clinic hand in hand, excitement evident on their faces. I felt a pang of sadness for Theo that his experience of becoming a father wouldn't be like that, that I had no doubt Lissa would make it difficult for him every step of the way. I paced around, trying desperately to breathe through the tears that wouldn't seem to leave me alone. In the end I went into the store across the road, browsing the magazines as I lost myself in fashion faux pars and the latest trends. Whilst I was in the midst of reading one particularly interesting article on double denim, my phone rang.

It was Theo.

'Where are you?' He barked, as soon as I answered the phone. I frowned as I placed the magazine back on the rack, before turning towards the store exit.

'I'm in the store across the street. Are you ok?'

I walked out to see him standing outside of the clinic, a terrified expression on his face.

'Theo, what's wrong?'

I hurried over to him, my eyes meeting his as he took me into his arms. He buried his head in my neck, breathing in my scent as I stroked his back slowly.

'I thought you'd left me again.'

His voice was small, and my heart ached for him.

'Theo, I'm here.' I murmured softly as he lifted his eyes to meet mine.

'She's really pregnant.' His voice cracked slightly, as I felt any hope of Lissa lying dissolve. A lump formed in my throat as I sank into his arms, as he kissed my head.

'I'm just so sorry.' He whispered, as I looked up at him.

'Don't be sorry, Theo. It's a child. A life.'

'With her.' He said bitterly as he pushed his dark curls back. I kissed him then, and our eyes met.

'She's the mom. We can't change that now. Let's just try and see the positives.'

Theo arched a brow at me as I tried to force a smile.

'I'm going to see Nikolas soon. He should be home today.'

He smiled broadly then, as he brushed his lips against mine.

'So do we have time to...'

I swatted his arm as he hands cupped my ass, squeezing it as he kissed me.

'Seriously? How can you think about sex when you've just seen what it can do?!' I laughed as he pretended to think about it.

'It wouldn't be so bad with you.'

'Shut up Theodore. No kids for me.'

He stared down at the floor then, and his hands dropped to his sides.

'I'm sorry, I didn't mean-' I said softly as he shook his head.

'Its fine. Let's go and see your bro.'

He swung his arm around me as we walked towards his car, the unease between us clear. I began to think this was going to cause more problems between us than I had originally anticipated. I tried to focus on the fact Nickolas was coming home today, and how grateful I was that he was going to make a full recovery. Now Ryan knew about Theo, it was time for the rest of the family to find out.

That's assuming they didn't already know.

The ride to the city was filled with an awkward silence, and I shifted uncomfortably. I studied Theo, who was driving with one hand on the wheel, the other on my thigh. I laced my fingers through his as he turned to glance at me, his eyes softening.

'I really am sorry. I wish I hadn't have slept with her. That's the last time I get drunk after a game.'

I nodded as I leaned forward, fumbling in my bag for my phone. Suddenly my heart was racing, my brain in overdrive. He frowned at me as I pulled my calendar up, swiping back through the months.

'You met her at the after party, right?' I said, dating back several weeks.

'Yeah, she knows Troy. He-'

'The game. Who was playing?' I interrupted as he frowned.

'Sundown versus Chariot. Why?'

I quickly went online, searching for the dates on the college websites.

'Theodore. They played twelve weeks ago.'

He sucked in a breath as he pulled over, grabbing my phone from me.

'Was it? I thought it was two months ago.' He muttered as he swiped through the dates.

'No.' I shook my head vigorously as he lifted his eyes to mine slowly.

'You don't think its mine?'

'Well, unless you slept with her again-'

'No. She was a psycho.' He shuddered as I bit my lip excitedly.

'She's seven weeks. Right?'

He looked at me then as he nodded.

'So sperm doesn't live for five weeks.'

We were silent then as he studied me.

'So there's a good chance-' he began slowly.

'You're not the father.' I finished, biting my lip.

'But I could be?'

'Its so unlikely Theo. It seems like she got pregnant five weeks after sleeping with you.'


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