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'She's just perfect.'

'To be fair, perfection doesn't exist.' I pointed out as I twirled my fork in the spaghetti. I forked it into my mouth as Nickolas studied me with amusement.

'Is it edible?'

'I heard that!' Yelled Zane as he stuck his head out of the kitchen door, dismay on his handsome features.

'It's gorgeous Zane.' I murmured as I gazed at the bowl of spaghetti, which he had clearly dumped a tin of tomatoes on and sprinkled salt on as an after thought. Nickolas sniggered as I grimaced with the second mouthful.

'Speaking of perfection. How's your best friend?'

I lifted my eyes to his as I felt myself begin to smile.

'You know.'

'So? I want to hear it from you.'

He leaned forward to pick up his drink, wincing slightly as he stretched his arm out. It had been a few months since the accident, and he has recovered amazingly. Something to do with the nurse he was now seeing I suspected.

'What? We're seeing each other.' I shrugged as he began to smile widely.

'De Luca and my sister. It took you long enough. Perfect for each other from the day you met.' He declared as he leaned back against the sofa. Zane wandered in, perching on the arm of the sofa, his eyes fixing on me.

'I'm still not sure he's gonna be husband material.' He frowned as I rolled my eyes.

'Its not quite at that stage yet.' I huffed as I pushed the half eaten bowl away from me.

Zane lifted an eyebrow as the doorbell sounded, the chimes making me jump.

'Do you want me to get that?' He smirked, as I jumped up, racing him to the door. I managed to pull it open before he did, but not before he gripped me in a headlock.

'De Luca.' He drawled, as I squirmed under his grip. 'Calm down Winifred.' He directed at me as he released me, my face illuminous red as I gasped for breath.

'You're a dick. You're too old to be fighting me.' I threw at him as I turned to see Theo leaning against the doorway, his green eyes running over me appreciatively. His hair was wet from the rain, and he pushed his hand through it as he stepped close to me. He nodded at Zane who watched him carefully, as he kissed me lightly on the lips.

'Baby.' He greeted me softly, his voice instantly relaxing me.

'De Luca.' I breathed as I tried to sort my appearance out. It was a fruitless exercise, my hair now resembling a birds nest. Thanks Zane.

'Nickolas. How are you dude? Looking well.'

Theo strode into the room as Nickolas stood to greet him, clapping him on the back.

'Its all thanks to my good lady.' He laughed heartily as Theo smiled in response.

'Amy, right?' He checked, glancing over at me for confirmation. My heart skipped a beat when he gazed at me a little longer than he should've, smirking as he turned back to my brother. I bit my lip as I smiled to myself, before meeting the gaze of Zane. He was watching me with a mixture of apprehension and suspicion, as I cleared my throat awkwardly.

'So is Amy coming anytime soon?'

'She's at work. She's coming here after though.'

I was so glad Nickolas had asked Amy out when he was discharged, and he had done it in true romantic fashion, flowers and a reservation at the finest restaurant in town. Amy had immediately accepted, and the pair had been inseparable since.

'So, it looks like it's just Ryan that's single.' Nickolas sighed, as I snapped my eyes up to Zanes.

'What?' I demanded as he shrugged, avoiding my gaze.

'Ah, Zane hasn't told you? He's met someone.'

I stared at my brothers in disbelief as they exchanged a look. Theo shrugged at me, clearly as confused as I was.

'I didn't tell her because she didn't tell me about De Luca until she'd been secretly seeing him for months.' His eyes narrowed at Theo as Theo held his hands up in surrender.

'I'll be honest, I'd have told you sooner if she had actually agreed we were a thing. It's took a long ass time.'

'What is she, girl number three thousand?' Muttered Zane darkly as I shot him a look.

'I get it Zane. All I can do is prove it.' Theo sighed as I sent Nickolas a desperate look.

'Zane, down boy. He won't hurt her, will you Theodore? He's in love. They both are.'

I smiled as Theo stood, crossing over to me as he took me into his arms. Zane rolled his eyes as he folded his arms, glaring at Theo.

'I know how you operate. Forgive me for assuming the usual.'

'I love her, Zane.'

My heart hammered violently in my chest as he linked his fingers through mine, as I pressed myself against his hard body.

'And I love you.' I murmured as he smiled down at me.

'You better. I'm giving up all two thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine women for you.'

Zane scowled as I kissed him, his peppermint breath making my insides tingle. Funny how the small things really make a girl weak.

'I'm giving up so many men too, you know.'

Theo frowned as Zane and Nickolas exchanged a look of surprise.

'Many men? You mean boys.' Theo smirked as I pretended to mull it over.

'Aaron was older than you.' I teased, as I watched Zanes mouth fall open.

'Ah fuck.' Whistled Nickolas, as Zane blinked.

'Payton?' He spat as I smiled at him innocently.

Aaron Payton was one of Zanes good friends, and I had spent a summer seeing him secretly, until it had fizzled out.

'Oh Zane. You should be happy I'm with Theo. Aaron was more of a player than he was.'

Theo was not happy, as he narrowed his eyes at me. He had known about Aaron and I, as it had been straight after the Kyle breakdown. He had just constantly checked that it was what I wanted, and made sure I was feeling sane. Aaron wasn't typically handsome; more of a rugged guy than anything else. But he had intrigued me, and therefore we'd had a forbidden summer together. I was pleased to see it had shut Zane up, who was furiously texting on his phone.

'Fucks sake Hannah.' He muttered as he stood up, walking into his bedroom and slamming the door.

'Did you have to?' Sighed Nickolas as he too stood up. 'He's going to be in a foul mood now for about a month.'

I smirked as I curled into Theos reluctant embrace.

'I always thought my girlfriend would be innocent and lovely.'

'Huh. I always thought my boyfriend would be a virgin.' I shot back as he slid his hands around my waist.

'You seem grateful of the experience and expertise, woman.' He growled into my ear as I felt my skin tingle.

'Meh, you're not the best I've had.'

'You're going to regret saying that.'

Oh, I didn't doubt it.

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