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'So now we have zero distractions.'

I gazed at him, before turning back to the board.

'School isn't a distraction?' I shot back, as he shrugged. We were sat in class, his arms circling me as I frowned at the text in front of us.

'Residential? Like a field trip?' I read aloud, as Theo sat up straighter. The board listed details of a residential for the whole year to attend Raleigh Freedom-a place for us final year students to kick back and relax, enjoying sports and activities for a few days before school finished.

'That's right, Miss Phillips. Raleigh Freedom is a super opportunity for you all, then when you get back it's your prom. But before any of that your finals will be here. Whether you attend either of these events depend on your performance in those.'

I noticed Theo glance at me, and his hand covered mine reassuringly.

'You've got this.' He murmured as I nodded numbly. I was terrified of finals, and he knew it. It didn't seem to matter how much i revised, my memory failed me and I forgot every single fact there was. Theo could wake up, hungover to hell and still ace a chemistry exam. Plus he looked like a God.

'I hate you.' I muttered as he chuckled softly in my ear.

'Nah, you don't. You just hate loving me.'

After class I didn't see him for a while due to us doing different choices- I did theatre studies and he did double science- I know, insane right? But then I met up with him at lunch. He looked tense as he walked up to me, pulling me close to him as he whispered in my ear.

'She's texted me. Asking how I'm going to provide for my child.'

His voice was hoarse, and I felt anger coursing through my veins. Just who did this girl think she was?

'You only slept with her the once, right?' I checked for the umpteenth time, as he closed his eyes.


'Theo, you need to have the conversation with her.' I sighed, as he pressed his lips against mine.

'I know. I will. But I've just remembered something.' Concern passed over his face and I felt myself freeze with fear. What now? Had he remembered a second time with Lissa?

'What?' I demanded, my voice higher than I would've liked.

He walked me into a empty locker room, before pushing me against the closed door. He ran his hands up my legs, groaning when he reached my sex.

'I'm not the best you've ever had.'

As he spoke he stroked my clit softly, his mouth closing on mine as I began to whimper beneath him. I knew he wouldn't let that go, and that was the main reason I'd said it. But here? At school?

'Theo, not here.' I gasped as he turned me around, so I was pressed up against the door. He pulled my ass towards him as he chuckled softly.

'Yes, here.'

I heard his zip slide open, as I pushed against his fingers that were now deep inside of me, stroking the soft sponge walls that were clenched around him in ecstasy.

'Theo, if we get caught-' I mumbled as I began to stand up, blinking the lust away.

'Who doesn't love forbidden sex?' He whispered as he suddenly pulled his fingers out from me, which were quickly replaced by his thick, hard cock. I cried out, as I felt his hand wrap around my mouth. The thrusts were deep and hard, making me desperately try to grab something for leverage. He was relentless as he pounded against me, his fingers digging into my hips as he buried himself into me.

'Hows that, Hannah?' He whispered as he pulled my hair back, his delicious mouth crashing down on mine as I felt my stomach begin to tighten with each thrust. I couldn't respond. I couldn't even return his kisses, I was literally rendered still as he fucked me expertly.

'I'm going to come soon, so let me know if you need more time.' He smirked against me, as my body shuddered and shook against him. All I could hear was the slapping of my ass slamming onto his cock as he grunted, slapping my ass hard as I began to gasp loudly.

'Ssshh, be quiet Miss Phillips. You'll get us into all kinds of trouble.' He growled as I tried to blink, my body drunk on lust as he pumped in and out of me.

Finally he let go, and he filled me with his seed.

'Fuck me.' I whispered as he laughed, pulling himself from me as he slid my underwear back up my legs.

'I think you'll find I just did. Mmm, careful where you sit today. You're saturated.'

With that he smirked, kissing me softly on the lips as I gasped for breath.

'Theo, you're insatiable.'

'But I'm not the best you've ever had.'

'You fucking know you are, stop fishing for compliments.'

He winked at me then, as he pulled open the door.

'You look like you've just been fucked.' He observed with amusement, as I hurriedly tried to fix my appearance as we rejoined the throngs of students in the hallway. Theo slung his arm around my waist, and kissed me on the head as we walked towards the canteen.


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