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'Why can't you just man up? I know you are all loved up with Miss Perfect, but this is your responsibility.' She snapped, as I screwed my face up in response.

'Lissa. I'm not the fucking father of your child. I slept with you weeks before you got pregnant.'

Fuck her. I'd had enough of her shit. Let's see how she liked the home truth.

'Its just an estimate, dickhead. I didn't sleep with anyone else for months before you and no one after. So it's time to man up, as I said.' She sneered as I rubbed my temples.

'I don't believe you. So we will have to wait for a DNA.' I said quietly as I heard a click on the other end of the phone. Lissa wasn't the sort of girl to sleep around, which was annoying. But I knew I had slept with her weeks before, once. Surely I couldn't be the dad?

'Argh, for fucks sake.' I roared as I threw my phone onto the bed. I turned to see my dad standing in the doorway, his face pale.

'Theo?' He whispered. 'Who is Lissa? Is she pregnant?'

Great. Just what I needed.

'Shes a girl I slept with, who is now pregnant. It's not mine.' I sank to the bed as I heard him stride over to the bed and sit beside me.

'How many times have I told you? Always put a hat on.'

I grimaced at his description of condoms, then sighed.

'I did. It split.'

We were silent then, as he sighed heavily. I didn't look at him as he spoke again.

'Is she really pregnant?'

I nodded glumly, explaining how I had gone with her to the scan. Then I told him everything- from the party, to how far she was and he looked at me sadly.

'You could be the father Theo. She's right, the scans aren't always accurate. You have to do the right thing.'

I swallowed as I nodded, feeling shame creep over me.

'What would you do if it was Hannah?' He asked softly as I whipped my head to him.

'That's different.'

He smiled then, as he looked at me.

'If this is your child, you need to support it. Regardless of the mother, the child remains your priority. By all means do the DNA, but don't be a dickhead. Go to the scans. Get a job. Save some money. Because if the baby is yours you don't want it to go without.'

He was right, and I nodded slowly. He squeezed my shoulder as he sighed.

'I loved your mother and when she was pregnant with you, I couldn't have been happier. But you made me happy, Theodore. When times were hard, you made me smile. I'm sad though. It means you won't get to live with your child, if it is yours.'

'I know but I don't want to live with Lissa for the sake of any child. It would be detrimental.'

'That's true. Just do the right thing. Worst case scenario is, the baby isn't yours and you've saved a fuck load of money to spend on yourself.'

'Thanks Papi.'

'Now go and tell your mother.'

I groaned as he shrugged at me, standing up and stretching.

'Does Hannah know?' He asked suddenly as I nodded. 'How does she feel?'

'She doesn't think the baby is mine.'

'She doesn't want it to be. Consider her, too.'

I felt numb, as I realised the situation had been turned on its head completely. I sat back down as my dad left the room, a sad smile on his face as I picked my phone back up.

'What?' Lissa snapped as I heard the tears in her voice.

'I'm sorry.'

'You're a fucking dickhead.' She sobbed, as I closed my eyes.

'I still want a DNA. But I will support you until then, and beyond if the baby is mine.'

'The baby is yours Theo! Will you please wake up!'

'When you need me, just call. Ok?' I was finding this so difficult. How was Hannah going to react? What if she didn't want to be with me? Then there was my mom. She would be devastated. I mentally kicked myself, as I heard Lissa sniffle.

'The 20 week scan is in 3 months. I'll call you to tell you the time etc. Thanks Theo.'

She hung up then and I closed my eyes.

Just when I had the girl of my dreams, this happened. How was I going to manage this? The thought of being a dad made me feel sick. I still lived at home, for fucks sake. I didn't have a job; I'd not even finished school. I wanted to go to college, not work immediately. I felt so angry. My phone beeped and I picked it up, sighing.

Its Amy's birthday on Friday and Nickolas is planning a meal out. Don't make any other plans! Love youuuuuu. X

What what this work in the future? What if I had a baby with me? What if that was my night to look after him or her? What if I was working? I felt the questions swim around my head as my dads voice echoed in my mind.

'Do the right thing.'

What was that exactly?

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