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'Hannah Elizabeth Phillips. Wake up. You should know better than to go out partying on a school night.'

I groaned as I opened my eyes to see my mother frowning down at me.

'Its quarter to eight. How are you gonna get your ass from that to school ready in fifteen minutes? Not to mention you won't have time for breakfast.' She huffed as she walked out of my room, shaking her head. I felt my eyes close as the door burst open again, a half dressed Ryan standing there glancing around my room.

'What the fuck Ry, get out.' I growled as he smirked at me.

'Have you seen my leather jacket? I know you steal my stuff.'

'No, I don't. I'm a girl, I don't wear your shit.' I sat up crossly as he studied me.

'You've been drinking.'

'Last night, yeah. Fuck off out of my room, Jesus!'

'You've got a foul mouth sis. You're lucky I'm running late or I'd wash it out with fucking soap. By the way, you look like shit.' He beamed at the last part, as I threw a teddy from my desk at the closing door.


Where was Theo anyway? He always woke me up with an annoying phone call, insisting it was more successful than an alarm. I searched for my phone, finally locating it under my mattress. How the fuck had it ended up there? I noticed I had thirteen missed calls, and a text telling me to make my own way to school.


'RYAN!' I yelled, climbing out of bed as I tripped on my duvet. 'Ryan I need a ride to school!' I ripped my underwear off and replaced it with a black thong, before spraying deodorant under my arms. I dashed over to the bathroom as I began to brush my teeth, groaning at the sight of myself in the mirror. My eyes were dark ringed with leftover make up, my hair sticking up in all directions. I rinsed my mouth as I washed my face, having to resort to a baby wipe to get the remainder of shit off my face. I whirled around to meet a hard chest, as I cried out in surprise.

'Fucks sake, Phillips.'

'Theo!' I threw my arms around him without thinking, elated that I wasn't going to have to take two buses to school.

'Mmm, that's a pretty little sight right there.' He murmured, his hands reaching down to squeeze my ass as he gazed into the mirror behind me. I sank my teeth into my lip as I pushed him out of the way, refusing to let him see the effect he had on me.

'I'll be ready in like, two minutes max.' I said over my shoulder as he leaned against the doorway, looking effortlessly attractive despite having been out until the same time as me. He wore a grey hoody over his jeans, a cap worn backwards as his dark curls escaped out from under it. He watched me with his teal coloured eyes which danced with amusement as I threw clothes onto the floor. All I wanted was a pair of jeans, and all I could find were tops. Finally I located my skinny white jeans and pulled them on as I heard Theo suck in a breath from behind me.

'Skimpy black thong under skin tight white jeans. You're killing me.'

'If my brother hears you he will kill you.'

He walked forward as I clipped my bra on under my t shirt before pulling it off and dropping it to the floor.

'No one is home, so theres no one to hear anything.' He said softly as he trailed his finger down my spine as I shuddered under his touch.

'Consider this your last warning.' I growled as I pulled a black sweater on, pushing my feet into thigh high boots.

'Just let's fuck. Just once. Then it's done, the sexual tension is gone.' He said hopefully as I tied my hair into a sleek ponytail. I glared at him in the mirror as I twisted it into a bun, pinning it in place as I dabbled lip balm on my lips. I glanced at my reflection before I stood up, spying Ryan's leather jacket on the back of my door. I smirked as I shrugged it on, finally looking over at Theo who was sitting back on my bed, his jeans showing exactly how excited he was.

'I feel sorry for you, having to beg your bestie for sex. Haven't you got someone you can call?'

I grabbed my rucksack as I walked away, a smile playing at my lips that I could affect him the way I did. I heard him sigh as he followed me down the stairs, adjusting himself as he grumbled.

'Empty house, perfect situation, both horny..'

I swung open the front door as I heard him pulling it closed behind him. He unlocked his car as I hopped in, pulling my mascara out of my bag as I began to coat my lashes in the black make up. He got in beside me and his scent hit me, and I lost concentration for a moment.

'I love you, but you've got to stop this sex shit. It's never gonna happen' I sighed as I pulled my seatbelt on.

'Its because you love me so much that its gonna happen. When it does, you're gonna be begging me to eat your pussy morning, noon and night.' He smirked as he started the engine, pulling away from the curb.

'Gross.' I muttered as he patted my thigh, his hand resting there for a moment after.

'No baby, you'll fucking love it.'

'Just drive, Casanova.'

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