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I was exhausted. I had spent the day in the high ropes, before taking part in a netball game- of all of the things. I had managed to avoid Kyle since the accidental eye contact the day before, and so far I'd enjoyed spending time with the girls. Mara was coming over to ours to get ready tonight, and Vix had promised her a makeover. It was a huge bbq, and of course the rebels of the schools had joined forces, with whispers of spiked punch and shots. I came out of the shower to hear my phone ringing, as I beamed upon seeing it was Theo video calling me.

'Hey you.' I said as I saw him come into focus on the screen, his dark curls escaping from the grey hoody as he gazed at me.

'Oh hell no. The shower? Just take that towel off a tad, move down the camera...'

'Theo. I miss you.' I pouted as he sighed.

'I fucking hate not being there with you. I'm sorry.'

I sighed as I pulled open the door, steam leaving before I did. Theo frowned as he looked around the room suspiciously, as I saw Vix stare in disbelief.

'Is that...'

'Yeah.' I smirked as I sat on my bed.

'What y'all doing tonight?' He asked as he sank onto his bed, yawning. I studied him as Mara walked over, sitting beside me shyly.

'We are going to a party!' She said excitedly as I noticed Theo sit up sharply.

'What sort of party?' He demanded as i bit my lip. 'Babe?'

'Just a cook out.' I shrugged as he nodded slowly.

'Oh. Ok. If you need anything, Jax-'

'I know baby. I won't. How you feeling?'

'Shit. How many days till you are back?'

'Three.' I murmured as he closed his eyes. He didn't seem himself at all, but he wouldn't open up to me. It was so unlike him.

'What ya wearing? It better be a bin bag.' He muttered as I heard Mara giggle. She was having her hair curled by Vix as Freya applied her make up.

'You aren't wearing those dungarees.' I added, as I laughed at Maras reaction. 'So I've got to get ready baby...' I sighed as I saw him frown.

'Ok. Text me later. Love you.'

'I love you too.' I whispered as I kissed the screen, wishing it was his lips I was touching. The screen went blank as I smiled brightly at the others.

An hour later I was beginning to wish I had eaten something, my stomach now filled with sickly punch as I followed Mara through the crowd. I watched the eyes on her, as I smiled happily. Suddenly a hand caught my arm, and I was pulled against a hard chest as I giggled.

'I've been told to look after you tonight, Phillips.' Jax smirked as I steadied myself against him.

'Yeah well, you need to meet my friend.' I turned around, to see Mara had disappeared into the crowd. 'Shit.' I muttered as I searched for her.

'Shall we get some shots?' Jax grinned as he pulled me towards the punch, nodding at the guy who was pouring the drinks. I scanned the crowd but couldn't see Mara.

'How you coping without my boy?' Said Jax, sipping the punch as he grimaced. 'Fuck, that's strong.'

'Shit. I miss him so much. But he's just...not himself. I don't know.'

'He loves you. Always has. I know he's tripping about this Lissa shit, but really-'

'What? What about her?' I demanded, as he watched me carefully.

'Tripping about the Lissa shit, what do you mean?'

He paled slightly as he frowned.

'He said you knew...'

'That she was pregnant. It's not Theos.' I said quietly as he sighed.

'How do you know it's not?'

'Because he slept with her months before. Its. Not. His.'

'Yeah?' He stepped towards me so his eyes were burning into mine. 'So if it is, what then?'

I set my drink down on the side, meeting his gaze head on. What did he know that I didn't? Since when did stepping up to the girlfriend make me less than I was as a best friend? I glared at Jax as he raised his eyebrows.

'Then I would still stand by him. I love him, Jax. What I will not tolerate is him lying to me. He's not ill is he?'

Jax had the grace to look down, his hair falling in his eyes as I moved it away without thinking. He stepped away suddenly as I retracted my hand like it had been burnt.

'No, he's not ill. You need to speak to him about it.' He said gruffly as he downed his drink in one, refusing to make eye contact with me.

'He isn't fucking telling me, Jax. Help me.' I begged as he sighed.

'No. You need to ask him yourself.' He argued, as I nodded numbly. It must be bad. Really bad. I whirled away, tears clouding my vision as I made my way back towards Amethyst house, determined to call him immediately. Why was he lying to me? Was it to do with Lissa and the baby? Or was it something else? Or someone else? I felt sick to my stomach as I pulled open the door to the empty hallway, racing towards my room. I cursed myself for leaving my phone on charge, and for ever leaving. He'd been so convincing about being ill, even his parents had backed him up.

What was going on? I dropped the key to the door as I swore, leaning down to get it.

'That always my favourite position.' I heard a voice say from the end of the hall.

No fucking way.

'Kyle. It's not like you to be so crude.' I snapped, as I went to put my key in the door. He strode over, his familiar scent making me hold my breath. I would not be tempted by this absolute devil in disguise.

'Can I come in?' He asked innocently, as his eyes met mine. They were stupidly blue, and for a second I lost myself in them before giving myself a mental slap.

'No, you cannot.'

'But I want to talk to you. I've not seen you since-'

'Since you cheated on me. Because, in your words, you couldn't help it. She was just so much better than me.' I felt hot tears in my eyes as I turned away, as he sighed.

'I was young. Stupid. You know the drill. Look, its fate, seeing you here like this. You look...beautiful.'

I turned to see him, as his gaze swept down to my lips. He smelt so damn good-

'Yeah well. I'm with someone else.' I snapped as he held my hand softly, pulling me close to him as he spoke.

'Yeah. I heard. De Luca, right? The best friend.' He muttered as I moved away from him.

'Urgh. Kyle, just- go.' I said, pushing the key into the lock as I felt him spin me around, pulling me into his arms as he pressed his lips against mine. I was so shocked I froze, my heart exploding in my chest as I heard a voice behind us.

'Fucking hell Phillips. You didn't even give him a chance to explain.'

I shoved Kyle away from me then, as I saw Jax walking away from me angrily.

'Jax! Wait! Its NOT what it looked like!'I ran after him, as he shook his head in disbelief.

'No? Then what the fuck was that?' He spat angrily as I began to babble incoherently.

'No, no, its not- that's Kyle- he kissed me- I didn't-'

'So why he's delivering fucking pizzas incase hes a daddy, you are here with that prick. I overestimated you.'

Pizzas? What?

I grabbed Jax by the arm as he ripped it away from me, staring at me with pure anger and disappointment.

'He couldn't come to this. He has the scan to go to. He doesn't want to burden you, Hannah. He wants you to have fun. Not this much though. I'm sure.'

I began to cry then as he stood breathing rapidly.

'Don't tell him. Let me. It's not what it looked like.' I said softly, my heart breaking as I thought of my poor Theo working nights after school to save money just incase he was a dad. I turned on my heel, marching back into my room as Jax followed me.

'I'll tell him what I saw, and you tell him your version of events. I hope he believes me.'

I turned then, shoving him in his chest.

'Fuck you, Jax. What do you even know about anything? Just fuck off.' I yelled, as he shook his head, walking out of the door as I sank to the floor, crying. I reached for my phone, as I dialled the number.

There was only one person who would understand.

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