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I was exhausted. But despite this, seeing my girl in a fucking towel perched on a bed looking like the most beautiful woman in the world, only made me even more alert. For a start, she was on edge.

She bit her lip and chewed on her hair whilst she talked, and struggled to make eye contact with me.

Something was up.

I hated lying to her. But I had to; she didn't need to know the truth. If she did, she wouldn't have gone. However selfish I was to want her here with me, I didn't want her to miss out on the residential after doing so well in her finals. I'd make prom, for sure. So I skipped this one.

Bad idea.

I couldn't stop thinking about her. Every day I saw her brother Ryan, and he just nodded in my direction. I missed her cute laugh, her adorable eyes and of course, her company. I was delivering pizzas to save some extra cash; I'd been looking into how much baby furniture was and I was floored. There was so much to consider, and I couldn't expect Lissa to do that alone. I sighed as my phone lit up, and I saw it was Jax. Immediately I panicked, it was way too late for a matey catch up.


'De Luca. Listen, something has gone on. Just hear me out.'

'Is Hannah ok?' I barked, sitting up bolt upright.

'Mmm. She's fine.' Something in his voice made me tingle with nerves.


'I saw her with a guy.'

If he would've punched me in the stomach it would have had less effect. I tried to speak, my heart hammering in my chest.

'What fucking guy?' I snarled as I grabbed my car keys, seeing red. Whoever he was, he was a dead man.


I stood still, a feeling of nausea sweeping over me. I moved quickly then, racing outside to my truck as I hung up on Jax. I started the car, barely giving the engine chance to start as I set off down the street. It was a hour away during the day, but I knew I could get there sooner at this time of night.

Kyle. I was going to fucking murder him. He had mentally abused Hannah for years, putting her down as she had lost weight, worn tighter clothes, desperately trying to please him as he fucked other girls. She had finally found out, and dumped his sorry ass. He had moved house shortly after, and schools along with it. I'd not seen him since, and I had been happy to leave it like that. But then Hannah had started sleeping around, desperate for the reassurance she wasn't as bad as he made her feel. It had killed me, but she wouldn't give me a second glance. She saw me as the same as him. I shook my head as I mentally kicked myself for not realising that other schools would be there.

Now Jax had seen him kissing her.



My hand tightened on the steering wheel as I gritted my teeth. I made it there in under forty minutes, parking my car outside the entrance.

I grabbed my phone, redialling Jax.

'Where are you?'I demanded as I strode towards the music. The place was like a fucking maze. I saw directions for different houses, and I cursed when I realised I didn't have a damn clue where she was.

'I'm back at the party-'

I hung up, adding Jax to my hit list. The halls were quiet as I strode towards the back where I heard the music and laughter. As I neared it, I saw a blonde widen her eyes in my direction.

'Oh, hello handsome.'

I pushed past her as I scanned the crowd, asking familiar faces where Hannah was. Suddenly I felt a tug on my arm, and I turned to see the petite brunette from the video ca point behind me, towards the building. She beckoned for me to follow her, and I frowned.

'I'm not interested.' I snapped, as she stood on my foot. 'Ouch, what the fuck?'

'Hannah!' She mouthed at me and I realised she knew where she was. I followed her quickly, as I saw a familiar figure leaning against the wall as he kissed some random girl. My blood boiled as we neared him, as I grabbed him by the shoulder, punching him square in the mouth.

'The fuck-' he managed, before I hit him again. It felt good, I had to admit. The girls tried to pull us apart but he stood up, laughing as he wiped the blood from his mouth.

'Its cool, Theo. You can have my leftovers.'

I launched for him then, knocking him to the ground as he managed to ram his fist into my jaw. I fell back, but not before I kicked him in the ribs, as he let out a howl. With any luck, I had broke the fuckers.

I spat the blood out of my mouth as he glared up at me.

'She's not fucking worth it.'

'Nah, she is. She really fucking is.' I spat on him, as I turned away. 'Wheres Hannah?' I demanded as the girl nodded, her eyes wide.

'Amethyst house. Its here.' She stammered as she pointed down a hallway.

'Room three-oh-one.'

I nodded, walking towards the room with my body aching. Any sign of tiredness evaporated when the door opened.

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