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Answer phone.

He must be asleep.

I groaned as I sank onto my bed, hot tears sliding down my cheeks as I fought with my emotions. I couldn't believe I'd seen Kyle, let alone that he had kissed me. I felt repulsed. I was so fucking over him. My thoughts drifted to Theo, knowing he was going to go ape shit when he heard I'd kissed Kyle. I had to pray he believed me. Theo was terribly jealous and possessive though, and he had always hated Kyle. I'd never listened to him when he told me how much of a shit he was. I was addicted to Kyle, his ability to manipulate me secretly away from the eyes of the world, telling me I wasn't good enough, thin enough etc. I was beyond caring about him now. I peeled my clothes off as I wished I could just go to Theo and explain. I clutched my phone incase he decided to call me, as I pulled a thin t shirt on over my underwear. I could still hear the music blasting from nearby, and part of me was terrified Kyle would come back. He wasn't good at receiving rejection. I must've dozed off, because I heard a soft knock on the door. I jumped, my eyes wide open as I padded over, opening it slowly.

He stood in front of me, blood on his lip as he gazed at me, his dark hair falling in his tired eyes.

'Theodore.' I whispered as he walked in, wrapping his arms around me.

'Jax called me.' He muttered, holding me away from him as he examined me, his green eyes drinking me in.

I shook my head, panic making me tremble as he watched me, darkness in his eyes.

'He was here when I got back, he just kissed me-'

'Did you kiss him back? You need to be honest.' He demanded, his voice hoarse as he leaned against me, his forehead on mine.

'No. I swear to God, no-'

He pressed his fingers to my lips as he pulled me towards him, rubbing his hand through my hair as we sat on the bed.

'I didn't, Theo.'

'Baby. I trust you one hundred percent. Jax doesn't know shit about you, not like I do. You wouldn't be my girl if you still liked Kyle.'

I felt my body relax as relief flooded through me, my eyes falling to the blooded lip as he fixed me with his gaze.

'You should see the other guy.' He laughed softly as I groaned.

'Theo...we need to talk. Why did you lie to me?'

He sighed then as he dropped his gaze, running his hand through his hair.

'I'm too tired for that conversation. I didn't lie. I spared you.' He muttered as he tugged his thin jumper off, making me suck in a breath at his bare torso. 'I honestly thought you'd met someone else tonight. I've never felt so sick.'

I caressed his cheek as he wiped away my tears, pulling me onto the bed beside him. We were so close together, our legs entwined as we gazed at each other.

'Theo. You know, surely. You're the only one in the world I want.'

'Yeah. I know. I'm never leaving you again. I'm sorry I wasn't here.'

His eyes were closing as he kissed my fingers, my sweet man was absolutely exhausted. I kissed his face, as I wrapped my arms around him. I loved him so much it physically hurt.

We slept for a few hours when the door burst open, our friends spilling through.

'Oh helloooooooooooo!' Roared Mara as she began to giggle uncontrollably. Freya groaned as she pushed her out the door, directing her down the hall as she slammed the door behind her. She turned to see Theo, who was blinking in annoyance.

'I'm sorry.' She mouthed as I rolled my eyes, snuggling back against Theo.

I couldn't explain it, but when I was in his arms, I was home. It didn't matter where we were, we belonged together. I stared at him as he slept, his dark lashes laying against his cheeks as he sank into a deep sleep. I frowned, suddenly sad he didn't think he could tell me he was trying to be there for Lissa just incase he was the father. I felt guilty that he had drove here, stupidly tired, to fight my battles and recuse me like a true knight.

I owed him.

But for now, I'd let him sleep.

It felt like five minutes later, but the sun was streaming in through the open window, as I blinked slowly. I was aware of his arms around me, as I turned towards him.

'Hey you.' He murmured as he pressed himself against me.

'I'm sorry you had to drive here.'

'I'm sorry I wasn't here in the first place.' His arms circled me as I closed my eyes, wishing last night hadn't happened.

'I have to tell you something, and its important.' I whispered as I glanced towards Freyas bed. 'Before you say anything else.'

He sat up, watching me with amusement as I rested my head on my elbow.

'I love you, Theo. Like, I don't like the fact you've probably got her pregnant, in fact, I hate it. But it is what it is, and here we are. I worship the ground you walk on, and if you are that babies father, I still want to be with you.'

He studied me for a moment, as he shook his head slowly.

'I didn't want this. But I really do understand if you don't want to be with me. I really do. I want the best for you, and you won't get it tied down to this town because of me.'

I swallowed as tears threatened to fall, as I stroked his face.

'But I love you. The rest just follows.' I shrugged as he looked up at me.

'If the baby is mine-'

'Theo.' I said softly as I kissed his lips softly. 'When is the scan?'

'Tomorrow at two.' He said quietly as I cuddled him tightly.

'I'll be there. Even if it's just the car park again. I'm coming.'

'But you are away with the residential-'

'Theo. You are my world. Wherever you are, I am. I adore you.'

He nodded then, and I saw uncertainty in his eyes.

'Baby or no baby. I'm not leaving you.' I reassured him as he nodded, kissing my mouth hard. I pulled him towards me as I wrapped my legs around him, as he pulled me so that I was sat upright on top of him. Our kiss deepened as he nodded over at Freya, motioning for me to be quiet as he pulled the duvet around us. I didn't even think about Freya as I wiggled against him, moaning into his mouth as he pushed his cock into me. I gasped, but he held me still as we tried to be quiet. Slowly I began to move, the urgency to slam down on him overriding everything else. Theo held my hips, guiding me up down him slowly as I covered my mouth with my hand. Theo sucked on my nipple as I buried his cock deep within me. I began to ride him slowly and quietly as he helped me bounce on him with my ass cheeks in his hands. Soon enough our mouths met, and we came only seconds apart from each other. I gripped onto him as he bit into my shoulder, hissing me name slowly.

'I love you, so much.' He whispered as I kissed him, wanting to devour him there and then.

'I love you too.'

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