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'I can't believe you left with me.' He murmured as he drove, glancing at me as he spoke. His hair was slightly longer than usual, stubble on his chin as I realised he really had focused on getting money for his potential child.

'Of course.'

'Last night...I honestly wanted to kill him.' He confessed, as I stared out at the fields as they span past the window.

'I'm sorry.'

'Phillips. Don't apologise. He had it coming.'

I watched as the perfectly manicured fields began to disappear from view, replaced by brand new houses with picket fences and long driveways. Children played in the gardens, whilst their parents loved on with watchful eyes. It looked so idyllic, I let out a sigh as I turned away.

'What you thinking?'

'I want that life.' I guestered to the houses as we paused in the traffic. Theo leaned down as he peered past me, his eyes softening.

'You want a picket fence baby?' He teased, as I shrugged. I did, but I hadn't realised it until just now. 'We could have that one day.'

With a child living with Lissa somewhere else, I thought to myself. If we had children-

'We aren't far now. You sure you want to come in?' He asked quietly as I swallowed the pain in my throat down. I had decided to be with him regardless, even if it meant supporting another woman carrying his child. I nodded as he sighed.

'If I was pregnant by someone else-'

'Don't even.' He muttered as he pulled in to the clinic parking lot, as I felt my stomach churn.

'Would you want to be with me?' I asked quietly, as he cut the engine.

'I honestly don't know. I'd want to, but I'd be so jealous I don't know if I could.' He admitted, as I nodded. I'd always loved his honesty, but it hurt to hear.

'So today you find out the sex.' I said, trying to fight back tears.


His arms wrapped around me as I tried to pull myself together. I needed to be strong for him; he was being a decent man about the whole affair and I admired him greatly for it.

'Go. Good luck.' I smiled, hoping it masked the pain I felt inside. He kissed me, resting his forehead on mine.

'I love you, Hannah Montana.'

A genuine smile plays on my mouth as I swat his arm.


He groans as he eases himself from the car, our fingers finally parting as he let the door slam shut behind him. I closed my eyes as I let the tears flow, sobs racking my body as I mindlessly grabbed his hoody from the back of the car, burying my head into the familiar scent. When I looked up, I saw that he had gone in. This had to be the hardest part, imagining them in there together, gazing at their unborn child.

I hated her so much.

I pulled my phone out to see a text from an unknown number, with a simple 'Sorry.'

I frowned, texting back to ask who it was.


I exhaled, feeling slightly relieved that he had bothered to text me. I started at the message as another came through.

You at the scan? Hope you're ok.

Yeah. Thanks for the apology.

Theo told me I had to, ngl. ;)

I began to laugh then, shaking my head as I heard my car door open, making me jump. Theo leaned down, his eyes wide.

'She hasn't turned up.'

I blinked, as he stood up, pulling his phone out of his pocket. I climbed out of the car, my heart pounding as he held the phone to his ear, his eyes narrowing as he churned his jaw.

'Answer phone. What the fuck?'

I daren't speak, as he redialled the number.

'Lissa. Where are you?' I heard him ask, his eyes meeting mine. 'What?'

I searched his eyes, my heart now threatening to explode from my chest as he began to laugh.

'Fucking hell. I can't believe you lied like that. Do you have any idea- hello?'

He snapped the flip phone shut, shaking his head in disbelief. I was frozen solid as he finally looked at me.


'She said I'm not the father after all. She's rescheduled the scan so he can be there.'

I blinked in shock, falling back against the car door.

'But she said she hadn't slept with anyone else!' I cried, as he shook his head in disbelief.

'Well she did. She didn't want anyone to know, but he told everyone. It's her sisters boyfriend.'

My mouth fell open as he put a hand either side of me on the car.

'She was going to pin it on you? But DNA-' I babbled as he laughed hoarsely.

'She must've been buying time. Fuck. FUCK.'

'Are you alright?' I asked quietly as he met my eyes.

'I'm better than alright. I'm ecstatic. I need to talk to my folks.'

He smiled, and I felt myself begun to cry.

'Hey, it's a good thing.' He murmured, his lips meeting mine as I wrapped my arms around him, drawing him in deeply as I tried not to cry. 'She's clearly crazy, but she's not our concern.'

I breathed him in as he chuckled against me.

'I might leave the pizza job now, I'm fucking knackered.'

'You can go to college!' I cried as he smiled.

'Baby. I love you.'

'I adore you, De Luca.'

'Let's go home. I need to tell my mom and paps. Fuck!' He breathed as he released me so I could climb into the seat. My ears were ringing as I tried to understand what had just happened.

So Theo wasn't going to be a father?

I knew it wasn't right, but I was ecstatic. I felt like we had another shot at sharing our firsts together. I didn't want to do anything without him by my side, and now I felt like I didn't have to. He didn't have to work nights, he could study, party; be a young guy without anything holding him back.

'Are you ok?' I asked as he drove, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel.

'I'm fucking great. Jesus. Back to just us, Phillips.'

'We need to celebrate.' I suggested, wondering if that was even the right terminology to be using. He smirked at me, grabbing my thigh as I bit my lip.

'Damn straight. We're going out tonight. Oh, don't bother with any underwear. I'll only ruin it.'

Woah. Theo was back.

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