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The weeks that followed Lissas shock announcement were relatively calm and drama free. I eased into exam free life easily, and thanked my lucky stars every day that Theo wasn't going to be a father anytime soon. Prom was coming up, and I found myself in the mall with Mara, who was ecstatic about the fact she had a date. Albeit it was Henry, not Jax, but I think she had made her peace with the fact Jax was not the settling kind.

'I'm thinking of going for a nude dress. I'm going to get a spray tan, and maybe some nude heels. Work the beach babe hair and minimal make up.' I mused, my fingers rubbing the material on the dress in my hands.

'Sounds awesome. I'm going for black.'

'Black?' I arched my eyebrow at her as she shrugged. 'But it's a prom, surely you want to wear an actual colour?'

'Black is a colour.' She argued defensively as she slid hangers one after the other in a bored fashion along the rail.

'No, black is the absence of a colour. Why don't you try this on?'

I held up a soft pink dress with spaghetti straps, as she scrunched her nose up.

'Black.' She said bluntly, as I gave up. I looked back to the dress in my hands, the material soft and silky, the colour reminding me of sand in the evening. I turned the tag over, sucking my breath in when I saw the price.

'Whoa.' I breathed, sliding it back onto the rack. Mara looked at me in confusion as I turned to the lower priced dresses.

'What? Try it on at least.'

'Ma, its three hundred bucks. There's no way I'm paying that.' I shrugged, picking up a similar dress in a cheaper material. I found my size, and saw with relief that the dress was a more affordable fifty bucks, and I slung it over my arm, gazing at the other dress longingly.

'Try them both on, I'll take photos and you can choose your favourite.' She suggested as I rolled my eyes.

'Babes, I know my favourite. It's the more expensive one.'

'Yeah, but if you try it on and then you can compare the photos, you might see that it's not that much of a difference. Then you will be happy with the cheaper one.' She pointed out as I picked up the silky dress. She had a point, I guess. I joined the queue for the changing rooms as I checked my phone.

Bored. I'm wearing navy, just so you know. I'm done whenever you are...

I'm just trying a dress on. Nude.

You're nude? I'll come now, what shop? ;)

Nude colour, Theodore. Calm down.

Send me a pic? Of the dress...

No. It's a surprise.


'How many items?' Chirped the blonde assistant manning the changing room facilities.

'Uh, two.'

'Oh you've got the Madison dress. It's so beautiful, we've only had three delivered so far. Lucky you getting it in your size.' She winked, as she took the dresses from me, and walked me down the narrow hallway to an empty changing room, where a large mirror covered one wall, lightbulbs surrounding it that gave off a soft glow. They knew what they were doing, giving flattering lighting. I would hazard a guess that everyone bought things from here feeling like Mila Kunis, only to get home and realise they actually resembled Hagrid in the cold light of day. I slid my clothes off, turning to examine my body in the mirror. I tutted when I noticed the bruises on my hips, courtesy of an enthusiastic late night with Theodore of course. I sucked my stomach in, pleased with the result. Unfortunately I had to exhale, and I sighed at the pot belly that hung over my thong. I knew I'd put weight on; something to do with the million takeaways Theo ordered and the lack of exercise I was now doing. I did mention this to Theo, who simply responded with, 'so get on top more.' Cue, eye roll. I unclipped my bra, releasing my smaller than average breasts as I ran my hands over them. Funny how nothing happened. When Theo touched them, I jumped like I was being electrocuted. I smiled to myself as I heard Mara calling my name.

'I'm in here!' I yelled back, as I reached for the cheapest dress. I shimmied into it, the fabric itching me as I finally managed to pull it over my hips. I leaned forward, so my breasts filled the gaps they were made for, and began to zip it up.

'Ma, can you zip me up?' I called as I unlocked the door.

'Coming!' She called back, as she strode in, a beautiful black dress hugging her curves that I didn't know even existed.

'Can you do me too?' She smirked, turning around so I could slide the zip up with ease.

'Okay, so I retract the black comment. You look hot as fuck.' I breathed as she released her hair. She bit her lip as she smiled, running her hands over her dress.

'I know. For once, I know!' She giggled nervously, as I smiled warmly at her. She turned me around, returning the favour with the zip. 'Voila.'

I gazed at my reflection and nodded.

'This will do.'

'Ok, photo.' Mara declared as she snapped away. I posed with a pout, a hand on my hip as she giggled. 'Right, the Madison dress.' She nodded at the one hanging up as she unzipped me, as I pulled the first dress off. I replaced it on the hanger as she handed me the Madison dress, my heart fluttering with excitement as I slid it easily over my hips. The material hugged me, the inside of the dress as soft as the outside as I stared at my reflection. The first dress did nothing compared to this one, and I felt a well of disappointment as I sighed.

'Christ.' Mumbled Mara as she stood behind me, her eyes wide. 'Its stunning.'

I turned to gaze at it from the side, admiring the way it scooped under my ass, clinging to my thighs as it reached my knees. It was gathered at the side, held by a dainty diamante brooch. The front fanned over my chest, hiding any cleavage and making me feel like a film star.

Three hundred bucks.

'I can't afford it.' I said faintly, as Mara nodded.

'I know. But let me just snap the photo so you can see you're beautiful in either.'

Twenty minutes later, we met Theo by his car as he eyed my bag suspiciously.


'Yup.' I said, kissing him hard on the lips as Mara sighed.

'You're navy right? You'll look gorgeous together. Like you do all of the time, anyway.' She rolled her eyes as she climbed into the back of his car, her bags straining as they followed her into it. Theo studied me, before placing his hands on my shoulders.

'I can't wait to take the dress off.'

'Theo, you haven't even seen me in it yet...' I protested as he winked, followed by that pant droppingly lazy smile he had mastered so well.

'Doesn't matter. So, pizza at mine?'

I groaned then, as my stomach rumbled in betrayal.

'Theo. I'm getting fat.' I grumbled as he frowned at me.

'What? Shut up woman, get in the car and order the damn pizza. I want a large meat feast, with garlic bread on the side. I'm not sharing so order what you want.'

I climbed into the seat beside him, as Mara chuckled in the back seat.

'What?' I asked grumpily as I pulled up the app to order pizza on my phone.

'He's not perfect after all. He doesn't share.' She smirked as Theo lifted his emerald green eyes to look at her in the rearview mirror.

'Its because I don't share that I am perfect, Mari moo.' He teased, as she blushed. She had gotten better as being around Theo, but still couldn't speak if Jax was around. 'Jax doesn't share either. So is he still Mr Perfect?'

Mara quickly looked away, suddenly engrossed in her phone as I swatted his arm.

'Why are you so mean?' I chided, adding a smoky spanish chicken pizza to the order. 'Mara are you coming for pizza?'

Theo glared at me out of the corner of his eye as she sat up.

'Ooh, can I? Can I get a hawaiian with extra pineapple?' She grinned happily as Theo pointed to his trousers, then to my mouth, before shaking his head.

'Ruined.' He mouthed, as I laughed out loud.

Mara looked up at us both with confusion as I shook my head.

'Did you ever play street fighter Mara?' I asked, an idea forming in my mind. Theo smirked then, as I recalled our most ridiculous attempt at a first kiss whilst we played.


'Why are you always Chun-Li?' He groaned as I selected my character, the screen flashing in response. I nudged him as he shook his head, his dark curls bobbing around his face.

'Why are you always Ken?' I retorted as the game began. I furiously pressed all of the buttons as I tried to recreate the special moves, cheering when Chun-Li managed to deliver the perfect spinning bird kick to Ken.

'No fair, I was already down!' Theo roared as he jumped up, pulling out a can of whoop ass on my character. Needless to say he won the fight, and I threw my controller in anger.

'Aw poor baby.' He crooned as he messed up my hair, earning him a punch to the kidneys.

'Ow!' He yelled as he dragged me towards him, tickling me mercilessly as I screamed for surrender.

'Stop!' I breathed, as he held me still beneath him. My twelve year old self began to breathe rapidly under his emerald gaze, as I noticed him smirk in the way he did when he looked at Sarah Crocker. My heart was beating so fast I thought he would hear it, when he spoke the words I never expected to hear.

'I'll stop if you kiss me.'

'What?!' I yelled, tempted to kick him in his nuts. What was he doing?

'One kiss. I wanna know what its like. At least if we do it together, it wont matter if we do it wrong. Make sense?'

'But I don't fancy you. At all.' I lied, as he nodded.


I pushed him away as I sat up, rearranging my messy hair as I he watched me, his chest rising and falling as he waited for me to answer him.

'Fine.' I snapped, as he blinked in surprise.

'Fine?' He echoed as I rolled my eyes.

'You do it then, seeing as it was your idea.'

He grinned then, and crawled over the bed to me, putting his hand behind my head as I froze, like a rabbit in headlights.

'Relax then!' He groaned as I shuffled so I was facing him, my heart hammering so loud it was all I could hear. He looked at my lips as he moved forward slowly.

'Right so I'm going to kiss you, ready?' He said, swallowing nervously as I nodded. His lips met mine, and we sat like that for what felt like an eternity. Is this it? I thought, unsure what the fuss was about. But then he opened his mouth, actually opened his mouth- and pushed his tongue into mine. I shoved him away so hard he fell off the bed, and I wiped my mouth.

'Ew, De Luca, don't ever do that again.'

He laid on the floor in fits of laughter as I kicked him on the leg.

'Fine, Phillips. Fine. I'll practice with someone else.'

Present Day...

'Are you remembering our first kiss?' He drawled as he squeezed my thigh, grinning at me wickedly.

'As I recall, it wasn't your first kiss.' I retired as he laughed heartily.

'Nah, but it was with you.'

'Slut.' I replied hotly, as we arrived back to his house. We climbed out of the car as he laughed, before looking over the road to see Ryan sat on his motorbike. I waved in acknowledgement as Mara stumbled out of the car, landing in a heap on the floor.

'Christ!' She bellowed, as I began to snigger.

'Don't laugh!' She roared, which only made me laugh harder. I tried helping her up, but die to laughing so much I didn't have the strength. She released her bags as I saw a hand extending out to help her from behind me, the strong forearm tensing as it lifted her up easily, collecting her bags in the other hand.

'You ok?' Cane the brisk voice of my brother, as he shot an exasperated look at me. Mara was now plum coloured as she hastily took her bags from him, muttering a thanks as I bit my lip.

'Yes, no thanks to my friend here.' She said, sticking her tongue out at me.

'I'm Ryan.'

'Mara.' She smiled shyly, as I noticed his gaze linger on her for a little longer than necessary. Suddenly a car beeped from behind us, making us all jump.

'Did someone say pizza?' Hollered a voice from the car, as I shot a curious look to Theo who shrugged his shoulders at me helplessly.

'Jax.' I groaned, as he exited the car, swinging his keys around his finger.

'Sup bitches. Tell me someone ordered the cookies.' He drawled as he clapped Theo on the back in greeting, nodding at Ryan and Mara as he walked up to the house with Theo.

'You love me Phillips.' He called over his shoulder, as I rolled my eyes in response.

'I can't go in there.' Hissed Mara as I widened my eyes in response. Ryan pushed his hair back as he glanced back at his bike.

'I'm gonna get back to my bike. Have fun.'

I waved dismissively as I tugged Mara to the house.

'He won't stay, he's a man whore. His phone will be trilling soon.'

'I'm not surprised. He's so hot.' She sighed dreamily as I snapped my fingers in front of her.

'Henry. Come on woman.'

'Henry. Right. Pizza. Operation act normal commence.' She declared, as I nodded encouragingly. Jax was a decent guy, but Mara was not on his radar. He acted like she didn't exist a majority of the time, and it hurt like hell seeing her struggle with it.

Why was he here? I was going to kick Theos ass.

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