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Mara had convinced me to go on a night out on the other side of town, to 'experience life before we die' like we were eighty years old or something.

'So how are we getting there exactly?' I demanded as I finished applying coal eyeliner to my eyes, gazing at Mara in the mirror as she pulled on knee high boots. She had really come out of her shell since the residential, and yet was still such a gorgeous soul inside that I felt incredibly lucky to have her.

'Cab?' She suggested, as she pulled a long sleeved blue dress on that showed her ample cleavage perfectly, whilst flowing over her arms creating a gypsy style effortlessly.

'Urgh. We can't get a cab, doofus. It's too far and would cost about a hundred bucks.'

I heard a knock on my door as I saw Ryan peek around, his hands over his eyes.

'I'm not looking. I just overheard the words 'club' and 'getting there' so I thought I'd offer you a ride.'

I frowned at him as Mara nodded eagerly.

'Ryan. Since when do you do anything for me?' I demanded, pulling a black vest over my lacy black shorts.

'Who said it's for you?' He smirked, as Mara blushed beside me.


Wait, what?

'Urgh. Fine. Just, don't hit on my friends. Its gross.'

I noticed Mara biting her lip as she gazed at his arms, before I sent her a death stare. I had no problem with my friends and my brothers- it wouldn't be the first time- but when it got messy, I would be the one picking up all of the pieces. Mara was so innocent, and I didn't want my brother to be the one to take that away from her.

'But the question is, how are you getting home? Theo?'

I chewed on my lip, unsure how to tell him Theo wasnt aware of me going to a club on the other side of town yet, as Mara wanted it to be a girls night.

'Erm, not exactly...' I began as he rolled his eyes, looking at me sternly as Mara spoke.

'Henry is going, and hes not drinking. He said he can drop us off.' She smiled sweetly as Ryan frowned.

'Who's Henry?' He huffed, as I pushed him out of the door.

'We're almost ready bro. Will be down soon.'

'Your brother is so hot.' Mara mumbled as she applied mascara over my shoulder.

'Mara, you think everyone is hot.' I sighed as I moved from the chair so she could have the seat. I picked up my phone to see Theo had texted me asking me for the third time to go with him to a pool party not too far from here. I breathed in, before telling him a white lie.

I promised I'd be with Mara tonight. Be good. Text me later x

But you're mine...


Fine. Can't you come to mine after?

Will text you. Be good!!

I only have eyes for you, Montana x

It wasn't that he would be an ass about me going, but he would insist on coming. The problem with that was that it was a girls night, and I had promised Mara. Plus he would only worry, so it was better this way. I stood back and admired my reflection, deciding I definitely looked old enough to not require identification. I was sure from the rumours that the male bouncers were more lenient on us females, providing we looked old enough.

'Does Theo know?' Mara whispered as we walked out of the door, to Ryan's waiting car.

'No, and he doesn't need to. I'm not getting hammered and I can see him after.' I shrugged as we climbed into the car.

'Is it Diagon you're going to?' Asked Ryan as he peeled away from the drive, making me hold onto the handle in the car.

'Yeah, can you slow down?' I snapped as Mara giggled. Ryan glanced at her in the mirror as a smile played on his lips.

'Sorry, Mom.'

I rolled my eyes as I turned my phone off, knowing it would probably get me into a world of shit with Theo, but also wanting to have a night with my friend undisturbed. The ride was fairly long, and I felt butterflies in my stomach as we pulled up to the club. I could hear the music from outside, my stomach flipping when I saw the long line of people waiting to get in.

'What if we don't get in?' I whined, as Mara pushed me out of the car.

'Then call me.' Said Ryan as he watched us walk away. I nodded as he drove off, as Maras hand slid into mine.

'Head back. We need to be confident.'I muttered as she nodded, licking her lips nervously.

We joined the queue as the bouncers eyed everyone suspiciously. I began to wish I'd worn a coat, as I shivered in the cold air. Either that or brought a hip flask.

When we neared the front, Mara was shaking so much I had to squeeze her hand to calm her down.

'This was your idea!' I hissed as she paled, staring at the floor.

'But we might get murdered-'

'For fucks sake Mara!' I groaned, as we stood in front of the bouncers.

To my surprise they nodded, clicking something in their hands twice as they let us through. We remained calm until we were out of sight, as we giggled excitedly. I'd been into clubs near us, but this was on another level.

Girls danced in podium cages, whilst everywhere I looked there were bars and people dancing. There seemed to be different rooms and levels, and I wondered how I would ever find Mara if we got lost.

'Right. If we get lost, meet me at the cloakroom. There.' I pointed as she followed my gaze.

'Ok.' She nodded obediently, as she clasped her hand to her mouth. 'Oh my God.'

I turned to follow her gaze, to see a dark head buried into a white blonde one, his hands on her waist as they kissed deeply. They were dancing, in a fashion, and I frowned.


Mara blinked at me, before looking back to the dancefloor.

'I thought I saw someone I knew.' She mumbled as I dragged her to the bar. I needed a drink.

Just over an hour later we were on the dancefloor, screaming out the lyrics to our favourite song as I felt sweat dripping down my back. I pushed my way to the bar, desperate for water when I realised Mara hadn't followed me.

'Fuck.' I muttered as I retraced my steps, to find she had completely disappeared. I groaned as drunken fingers gripped my hips, as I pushed my way through the crowd.

'Dance with me baby.' Drawled a voice so intoxicated I only just made out the words. I glanced up and saw there was a balcony that over looked the dance floor, and I decided to head up there to see if I could spot Mara. If not, I would head for the cloakroom as agreed.

I noticed couples hidden in crevices designed for club frolics, as I leaned forward over the balcony. I narrowed my eyes as I searched the sea of clubbers, groaning when I couldn't see her.

This was a nightmare.

I turned to walk away when I saw her. She was recognisable from the knee high boots, and I noticed a hand sliding up her skirt as I averted my eyes. How had she managed to get up here and cop off with someone at the same time? At least I knew where she was. Not wanting to appear as a pervert, I hung back and pulled my phone out. I turned it on, to see a text appear immediately.

How is the night so far? Whatcha doing?

'Phillips? No fucking way.' I heard beside me as I whirled around to see Jax standing in front of me frowning. He wore a white shirt rolled up at the sleeves, tucked into navy chinos. His hair was slicked back and his grey eyes studied me before he looked around curiously.

'So. No pool party?' He said softly, as I swallowed.


'No. Girls night.' I said weakly, as my gaze fell on Mara and mystery man. Jax turned to follow my gaze, before nodding.

'I see. Bit of a shit girls night for you then, right?'

I shifted uncomfortably, as he walked towards me.

'Wanna get fucked up? I've got some wicked shit.' He patted his pocket as my eyes widened.

'I don't do drugs, dickhead.' I snapped in anger, as he rolled his eyes.

'Its alcohol. Not drugs, dickhead.'

I coloured then, and felt grateful for the dim lighting.

'Why aren't you at the pool party?' I asked, as he smiled broadly.

'Well, it's my cousins birthday so believe it or not, he wanted to come here. It's pretty cool though, I love the cages.'

'Because you're a perv.' I teased as he handed me his hip flask.

'It won't kill you. But its strong.'

I took a swig, wincing as I thrust it back to him.

'What is it with your shitty drinks?' I gasped, as he laughed heartily. Suddenly we were joined by Mara and Henry as Jax smiled at them in amusement.

'Alright lovebirds?'

'Let's dance!' Shrieked Mara, as she tugged on my hand, pulling me down the stairs as I began to laugh. I glanced behind me to see Henry shrug at Jax, as they followed us down the stairs.

'So you really like Henry!' I shouted into Maras ear as she grinned widely. She pushed past me and pulled him into a deep kiss, as I moved to the music. I closed my eyes, feeling my hips sway to the music when a remix to Senorita came on, the words spilling from my lips as I danced. It felt so good to just be moving to the music, as I felt someone put their arms around my waist as they danced with me. I glanced over my shoulder to see some random guy gyrating against me, as I elbowed him. I moved away and danced near Jax who was now watching a girl twerk before him with amusement, flicking her hair back as she bent forward in front of him. I rolled my eyes as I leaned over him, plucking his hip flask out of his pocket.

'Not here!' He said, gripping my wrist as he looked around anxiously. He pulled me off the dancefloor and into a dark area, where we were unseen.

'We would legit get thrown out. Here.' He unscrewed the lid, as I gulped it down. It burnt my throat but it felt good, as I handed it back to him to do the same. He grinned at me as I pulled my phone out, remembering I forgot to text Theo.

'I'm sorry about the Kyle shit.' Jax said, leaning in to speak over the music. I glanced at him as I took the hip flask from him, trying to not notice his steely grey eyes as he looked at me with sadness.

'Its done.' I said dismissively. 'Plus you already apologised.'

'Yeah. But an apology is always better in person, right?'

I shrugged as I nodded.

'I guess.'

'Then I'm sorry I didn't tell you how much I liked our seven minutes in the closet.' He murmured, turning to glance at the dance floor.

I stood, stunned. Was Jax for real right now? My eyes fell to his lips as I remembered the closet.


'Jax and...'

The bottle span, and I bit my lip as it slowed neared me.

'HANNAH!' they roared, as I stared at Jax in horror. This was Theos best friend! Theo rolled his eyes but his attention soon turned back to the pretty blonde beside him. I sat stupidly still, before Jax walked over and held his hand out to me.

'C'mon Phillips. You know you want to.' He smirked as I followed him to the closet beneath the stairs, the cackles and whistles following us as he shut the door firmly behind us. It was pitch black and silent, the scent of Jaxs cologne filling the small space rapidly as people called our the remaining time.

'Do you wanna do this?' He asked quietly, his fingers touching mine as I jumped nervously.

'Do what, exactly?' I squeaked out, unable to stop my heart from beating so fast.


I felt him cup my face in his hands, his full lips brushing against mine as his tongue entered my mouth softly. I groaned against him as he pulled me onto him, his hands buried in my hair as the kiss deepened. I was kissing Jax Duffy! Before I knew it they called out a minute left, and we kissed with a frenzy I didn't know was possible.

'I can't do this ever again. Because of Theo.' He muttered, kissing my lips on between the words as I pushed his head against mine, kissing him deeply. We sprang apart as the door opened, and the light spilled in. His grey eyes met mine as his trademark smirk appeared, leaving before I could.

'Which lucky lady is next?' He called out, as I followed him out, the feeling of his lips on mine still holding my body captive. It was then that I saw Theo stare at me in disbelief, breaking eye contact as he left the room. He was quickly followed by Jax, and I returned to my spot on the floor to nudges and winks from the girls around me.

Present Time...

'You're drunk.' I stammered as he turned to gaze at me.

'If that makes it more bearable, fine. But it was always going to be you and Theo. He told me if I ever went near you in that way again he'd murder me. I believed him.' He chuckled as I stared at him in disbelief.

'You...liked me?' I managed as he cringed.

'Who doesn't? You're the whole package. I kinda wish our paths would've crossed on the nights out where you were fucking randoms and I was doing the same...but fate had other ideas.'

'You're his best friend. Why are you telling me this?' I breathed as I held onto the side for support.

'I guess, I just want you to know.'

We had moved closer together, and I tore my eyes away from his.

'I need to go, Jax.'

I pushed past him as I stumbled, caught by his strong arms as he held me upright.

'How are you getting home?' He asked, frowning as I waved to get Maras attention.

'Henry is driving us-'

'Um, Henry isn't. He's intoxicated.' He pointed out, his eyes narrowing as he gazed at Henry, who was now up against the wall with Mara. I groaned as I pulled Mara out from under him, signalling to Henry that we were leaving.

'Hannah, I'm sorry.' Jax murmured as he caught my hand. I gazed down at it, wondering what could've been if he had put his needs before Theos.

'Me too.' I gulped as we stepped outside, hailing a cab. Jax refused to leave us, and insisted on making sure we were dropped off first.

What a gent.

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