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I woke to hands running down my spine, followed by soft kisses. I arched my back as I groaned happily, as I heard the gruff voice speak.

'Where the fuck were you last night?'

My eyes suddenly snapped open, the mascara still holding them together as I blinked rapidly. I turned my head to see Theo gazing at me, his jaw clenched as my head swam with alcohol. I tried to piece together the end of the night, sitting up as I realised my clothes were still on- boots included.

I groaned as nausea hit, and Theo tutted as he handed me a cold bottle of water. He wore shorts and a vest, his hair held back by sunnies as he studied me.

'Seriously, Hannah. Where were you? I was worried. You never texted me back.'

'I'm sorry.' I sighed as I glanced at my phone beside my bed. 'I went to a club.'

His eyes narrowed as he frowned, sitting upright as he lifted my chin up.

'Oh you bad girl. Which one?'

'Diagon.' I bit my lip as he pulled me onto him, making me squeal in the process.

'No shit. Jax was there last night. Did you see him?' He asked, his hands positioning me on his hips as I felt him harden beneath me. 'Actually I dont give a fuck. Did you go wearing this? You fit bitch.'

He pushed my vest up as I suddenly remembered Jaxs confession. I stopped Theo, swallowing as his eyes met mine.

'What? What happened?' He demanded as I closed my eyes. I moved from him to sit beside him as I looked at him, his emerald eyes locking onto mine.

'So I want to ask you something. But if you flip out, I'm not talking to you.'

'I'm worried.' He said quietly, as I grabbed his hand.

'Its not like that. Just hear me out.'

He nodded, his mouth set in a thin line as I began to explain.

'So Jax was drunk. He mentioned something about apologising face to face...'

Theo frowned, as though he was trying to work out where this was going.

'So he said he was sorry for not telling me how much he liked the time in the closet all those years ago...'

Theo sat up right, staring at me like I'd just told him I'd murdered his pet dog.

'You fucking what?'

'Theo!' I pleaded, as he remained calm, the fire in his eyes telling me he felt anything but.

'But he said you warned him off. Did you? Did you know he liked me? Because you knew I liked him.' I said softly, as he closed his eyes.

We hadn't discussed this, since a very drunken conversation at his birthday party where he had told me I categorically couldn't go near Jax. He said he would fuck me around, and that Jax didn't really like me anyway. He just wanted to say he'd slept with me, and Theo didn't want that to happen.

'I love you Hannah. I always have.' He muttered, as he stared at the floor. 'When you told me you liked him, my heart broke. Literally.'

I sighed, pushing my hand through my mop of crazy hair.

'So he told my girlfriend he likes her? Drunk, at a club.' He snapped bitterly as I felt dread sweep over me.

'Hang on though, you've not been entirely truthful either!' I snapped with annoyance as he widened his eyes at me.

'Well I'm sorry I kept you apart. Feel free to do what you fucking want then Hannah. Shall I drop you round?' His eyes were filled with fury as he stood up, as I scrambled to get off the bed.

'No! I just want to know why you did that.' I whispered, as he stared at me coldly.

'Because you are mine.'

He claimed my mouth with his, his tongue pushing into mine with an urgency I'd not felt before from him, even at the beginning. I was still confused and slightly angry, as I felt like I'd been duped.

'Hang on.' I said, pushing him away from me.

'No.' He growled as he pushed his mouth down on mine.

'Theo!' I thundered, pushing him hard away from me as he stared at me, a wounded expression on his face.

'Wow, Hannah. Wow.'

Hot tears began to fall down my face as he shook his head, running his hands through his hair as he paced the room.

'This is about him isn't it?' He whispered, as I closed my eyes. I had never considered Jax as an option because everytime we got close, Theo shut it down in whatever capacity he wanted. But when I thought about it, truly thought about it, I realised I had liked him, quite alot. But it didn't mean I loved Theo any less.

'I want to be with you. I love you. I'm just, mad you did those things to keep us apart. It's selfish.'

He didn't respond as he left the room, slamming the door shut behind him. I grabbed my phone instantly, sending a text to Jax.

I'm sorry. I asked Theo about telling you to keep away from me and vice versa. He's fuming. :(

All I read there was vice versa...who knew?! He knows where I live Hannah. Sometimes we have to do what we have to do. Are you ok? X

Oh my god.

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