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He opened the door with a sigh as I stared at him murderously.

'Did you, or did you not, try it on with my girl last night?' I asked quietly as he walked outside, closing the door behind him. He stood in front of me, folding his arms as he gazed at me with disappointment.

'No. I just told her that I liked her. I drank too much, you weren't there, she was all sexy and-'


My fist smashed into his face as he fell to the floor, staring at me with rage.

'She's not your fucking possession De Luca!' He roared.

'No, but she's my fucking girlfriend. By her choice. She knows you're interested, and you know what? She still wants me.'

We stared at each other, a mixture of anger and disgust as he stood up, his eye swelling.

'You'd hit your best friend over a girl. Some fucking friend you are.'

'She's not just a girl, Jax.' I said darkly, as he sighed, sinking onto the stairs on the stoop, his shoulders sagging.

'I know she's not. I just had to know. Before-'

'Before what?!' I demanded, staring down at him. He lifted his eyes to me, as he spoke.

'I've never felt that way with anyone you know? The way I did when I kissed her all those years ago. She felt it too. But it's clear it's you she wants. It's you shes always wanted.' He said bitterly as I shook my head in disbelief.

'Do you know how many times she cried over that prick Kyle? Do you even know what he did to her? What about the amount of dicks she slept with? How I had to see her wincing as she walked home after the hard fucks she'd had. Do you have any idea how much I have struggled being her best friend? Waiting for her to see that me and her were perfect together? No. So don't get pissed and start making your fucking declarations of love to her because I will knock you the fuck out.'

I breathed out, turning and walking away as I heard him call out behind me.

'Theo man, I'm sorry.'

'Fuck you.' I spat, as I got back in my car my hand shaking. My best friend even tried it on with her. What the fuck was the world coming to? I drove home, angry and annoyed as I parked up. She was sat on the wall outside of her house, wearing a short white summer dress, her hair loose and blowing in the wind.

'De Luca. Come here. Please.' She called as I turned to glare at her, my eyes deceiving me and slipping down her thighs as I walked over.

'What?' I said coldly, folding my arms as she unhooked them, wrapping herself around me.

'I did like him, but not like this. I love you.' She murmured, her sweet mouth quivering as she looked up at me. Her eyes were wide and shining with tears as I groaned inwardly, knowing she had me.

'Prove it.' I smirked, meeting her mouth with mine. This girl had me under a spell, unable to breathe without her. She laughed softly as she glanced at her house.

'Everyones home here.'

'Everyone's at mine...'

Her eyes fell to my car as she chewed on her lip slowly, making the blood rush to my cock.

'So can we go for a drive?' She said, looking at me through her lowered eyelashes.

I grunted in response as she followed me to my car, my cock rubbing against my jeans as I anticipated what we were going to do. I had that intense desire to fuck her, soak her in my seed head to toe to claim her as my own. I didn't even know where we were driving when she leaned over, freeing my cock from my jeans. Before I could respond, she took it into her hot mouth, sucking and licking with the expertise I would've expected from such an insanely attractive woman.


I pulled over, unable to drive legally with her mouth devouring me the way it was. I looked over to see her dress had rode up, exposing her thin white thong inbetween her caramel coloured ass cheeks. I groaned as I squeezed them, causing her to moan against my cock. She was struggling to take it all in, I noticed, but she was licking it expertly as she slid her hand up and down the shaft simultaneously. My finger dipped into her tight hole, and I stiffened even more.

'Come here.' I growled, as I pulled her into sitting position. She straddled me as our mouths met, the taste of my dick on her mouth exciting me even more. I forced my cock into her, hearing her gasp and moan as she wriggled, desperately trying to accommodate my size.

'God, Theo.' She whimpered as my thumb worked her clit, whilst my tongue pushed into her mouth. I knew how much she loved to be kissed, and I wasted no time in doing so whilst she rode me. She began to pick up pace as she moaned my name, her pussy muscles clenching around me as I released her clit, instead helping her slam down onto my cock as she shuddered against me, crying out my name as I buried my cock deep inside of her.

'Come in me Theo, I want you to come in me...'

'Do you now.' I growled as she began to build up to her second orgasm, making me even harder as she slid up and down my pole.

'Yes, please...' she begged as I bit her neck, sucking softly as I began to shoot my river of semen into her.

'Are you mine, Hannah.' I groaned against her as she collapsed on me, her breathing ragged as she moved her swollen lips to mine.

'Yours. Always yours.'

'Don't ever fuck me around like that again.' I warned, as she lifted her eyes to mine. We kissed then, as my cock instantly hardened.

'Or what?' She whispered coyly, making my.eyesbrows raise so far I'm sure they disappeared into my hairline. I glanced around us, noting that we were close to the forest.

'Get out.' I ordered, as her eyes widened in surprise.


'I said, get out.' I smirked as I pulled her soaking pussy away from my hard cock, pulling open the door. She stepped out, turning to me as I locked the car behind us.

'Go into the woods, and do as you're fucking told.' I ordered, as I saw her face flicker with delight. She was a dirty bitch. She wandered down, until we were away from the road.

'I don't understand, what are you going to do with me Theodore?' She asked, in a sweet voice that made me want to fuck her into next week.

I pulled her hair back, pushing her up against a tree as I slapped her bare ass. I rammed my cock into her as she let out a whimper. I pulled down her dress at the front, my cock hardening when I saw her nipples brushing against the bark.

'You dirty bitch.' I muttered as I slapped her ass, fucking her hard as she cried out, her body building up for a third orgasm.

'You fucking love it.' She spat back, as I pulled her hair tightly back, making her cry out.

'Theo, don't stop...'

I did exactly that, stopping as she turned to glare at me, fury in her eyes.

'What the fuck!' She hissed as I pushed her to her knees.

'Do you want to taste me?' I muttered, rubbing my cock against her lips as she her eyes, her tongue flickering against me. Without warning she took it all in, as far as she could before the gag reflex kicked in. I chuckled as she stared up at me in defiance, pushing it in further until it reached her throat, moving it back and forwards until I began to spasm, my seed spilling down her throat as she swallowed rapidly. There was nothing more intimate than this, and when I finally stopped, I lifted her up into my arms, kissing her all over her face.

'What was that, Theo?' She asked, her face flushed and alight with desire. I smirked as I did my jeans up, helping her button her dress up as she stared at me with delight.

'That, was my A game.'

'I'd have been happy with your G game in that case.' She laughed, as our mouths met again.

'I fucking love you, De Luca.' I muttered against her as I buried my face into her hair.

'Not yet.' She retorted, flashing me a grin as she walked towards the car, with difficulty I noticed with a smile.

One day...

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