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I knew before she finished the sentence why she was inviting me. I stared at her with a bored expression, trying to suppress a yawn.

'So all you've got to do, is turn up.' Her red lips stretched as she fake smiled me, and I blinked.


She shuffled in front of me before hesitating.

'Obviously bring Theo.'

There it was. I flipped my paper over, and began doodling. She seemed to get the message, and walked away, her heels clicking on the tiled floor. The teacher walked in and began talking as I realised Theo was late.


It didn't seem to matter, as his grades were beyond exceptional. But he wasn't even punished for being tardy, which was annoying. I began taking notes, glancing up at the board as my phone vibrated in my pocket. I jumped as the door flew open, and in walked Theo. I noticed girls suddenly sit up straighter, body sprays being used and eyelashes fluttered as he slid in the seat next to me, hooking his arm around my waist as he pulled me closer to him, my chair scraping on the floor as he did. I gritted my teeth with annoyance as I lost my place on the board, and began backtracking to keep up.

'Homeostasis is the regulation of conditions in the body such as temperature, water content and carbon dioxide levels.' He read over my shoulder as he yawned, rubbing his eyes. 'The perfect environment, basically.'

'Great. Lara wants you to go to her party.' I muttered as I continued to scribble furiously, trying to keep up.

'Lara Wint? She does throw good parties.' He mused as he watched me write.

'Pay attention to class.' I muttered.

'I don't need to.'

'Well some of us have to.' I grumbled as he rested his chin on my shoulder, wrapping arms around my waist.

'I'll help you study if you want. I'm sure we can come to some sort of mutual arrangement.'

'This is starting to become borderline harassment.'

'I didn't mean that. I was going to say come to the party and I'll help you study. Deal?'

I glanced at my phone to see Connor had asked me if I was going to the party also. How had he been invited? Theo peered over my shoulder, before sighing.

'So I'll take it you will come.' He smirked, his breath hot on my cheek as he ran his hand up and down my back. I decided to let him get away with this one, seeing as it was making my muscles relax instantly.

'You'll help me study? Like properly.'

'In your room, or mine. Yes.' I turned to study him, tilting my head slightly as he smiled, holding his fingers up.

'Scouts honour.'

'You've never been a scout.' I pouted as he grabbed my chin, looking at me darkly.

'Don't pout near me.'

I pulled my head out of his grasp as I sighed.

'It would be easier to fuck you and get it over with.' I grumbled as his eyes lit up.

'Yes. Yes it would.'

'But you're my bestie.' I smiled.

'All because I had the unfortunate position of being your hot neighbour.' He grinned as I remembered that he had knocked the town girls sideways when hit junior high, having sex from an early age, making him completely off limits to me. We played computer games from the age of eight, for gods sake. We used to camp out in the garden, pretending we were explorers in the great outdoors. Then he became the player of the school, and he began making my life a constant state of sex and innuendo. I still adored him though, despite him driving me insane with lust a vast majority of the time.

'De Luca. Stop trying to fuck your non blood sister and get your ass to lunch. I'm starving.' Barked a voice as we glanced up to see Ethan and Jax smirking at us in amusement. Jax was chewing gum as he winked at me, my cheeks burning with embarrassment. It may have been two years ago, but the seven minutes I spent in the cupboard with Jax were rather memorable. I felt a hand over my eyes as the familiar lips brushed close to my ear.

'Less of that. I won't have any of my friends touching you ever again.' He muttered as he squeezed my shoulders, his eyes glaring at Jax who immediately dropped his gaze. I rolled my eyes as he stood up, holding my face and kissing me fully on the lips.

'Nom. See you after school, sis.' He winked as I felt a tingle in my pussy, and I immediately clamped my legs shut.

I needed to get laid if I was beginning to find Theodore De Luca an option.

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