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"I fucking hate goodbyes." He muttered as I kissed him, his arms wrapping around me as he sighed into me.

"Me too." I murmured, tears filling my eyes as I felt him squeeze me tighter.

"Baby listen. If you need me, just holler. I'll be back as fast as I can."

"As fast as the flight can get you here." I corrected him as he pulled away, resting his forehead on mine.

"Or a car."

"Its an eleven hour drive." I groaned, as he held his car keys up.

"Drive it carefully. You two are my babies."

I grinned as I grabbed the keys, elated he was leaving his car with me whilst he was away.

"You'll come back. I'll be here." I whispered, tears stinging my eyes as his dad hooked her horn good naturedly. Theo rolled his eyes and flipped him the bird, as he turned to me.

"You better be. I'll be home for Thanksgiving."

We didn't speak then as we kissed, the tears threatening to fall as I gulped.

"If you so much as look at another woman I'll cut your balls off." I said firmly, as he laughed.

"I don't doubt it Phillips."

"I love you." I whispered quietly, as he kissed me softly.

"I love you more. I'll call you when I land, ok?" His eyes searched mine as he tilted my chin up, before he kissed me.

"Look after my girl, Ryan." He drawled, as I walked with him to the car, hand in hand.

Ryan smirked as he glanced at me.

"She can look after herself, De Luca. She's grown up with you for a start."

Theos dad opened the trunk of the car as Theo tossed him his bag. He turned to me and took a deep breath, as I swallowed.

"Goodbye beautiful. I love you."

"I love you too."

He studied me for a moment, before framing my face in between his hands.

"So fucking beautiful."

I laughed as he climbed into the truck, his eyes on mine as his dad started the engine. My heart felt like it was breaking into a million pieces, the small distance currently between us too much. I had to be strong though, he deserved this opportunity. I knew if I asked him to stay he would, so instead I forced a smile.

"Bye baby." I mumbled, as he smiled at me from behind the glass. Then he was gone, the truck leaving a cloud of dust behind as I hugged my jumper tightly, finally allowing the tears to stream down my face as I let out a sob.

"Hey, come on. He'll be back soon enough." Murmured Ryan as he folded me into his arms. I sobbed then, as I realised I wasn't going to see his gorgeous face every morning as we drove to school, nor was I going to hear him hollering at me from across the street whenever I walked outside.

"Sorry." I mumbled as Ryan stroked my hair.

"Maybe we should have a little party tonight." He grinned, as he ruffled my hair playfully.

"Moms working. We could watch your favourite movies, eat shit and talk bollocks. What do you say?"

I laughed then, despite myself as he sighed with relief.

"God, I didn't think I'd ever see you smile again."

"I need to call Mara." I pouted as I noticed his eyes light up.

"Invite her over." He suggested as I raised my eyebrows at him. "And anyone else you want to ask, of course." He added quickly looking away from me.

"Have you got work tomorrow?" I asked, as we walked back towards the house.

"No, I've got a few days off. Why?"

I studied him for a minute before I chewed on my lip.

"I just didn't want to be on my own." I confessed as he pulled me in for a hug.

"You've changed Han. You're a right soppy dick now."

"I can still beat your ass." I laughed, nudging him as we walked up the steps. He scoffed as he opened the door, pushing through it before me.

"Ever the gentleman."

"Not with you, sissy."

I grabbed my phone, my heart soaring as I saw a text from Theo.

Miss you already. Don't cry, it kills me. I know you will be, because you're a romantic. Do me a favour and check the trunk of my car. You're welcome. X

I turned and dashed out of the house, my fingers fumbling as I tried to unlock the trunk. Finally it popped open, revealing a wrapped parcel, address to me. Beside it was his hoody, crumbled up in a pile. I pulled the hoody to my face, my heart dropping when I inhaled his familiar smell. I reached for the parcel, grinning stupidly as I carried it to my room. It was heavy, and I began to wish I had opened it downstairs. I sat on my bed, tugging at the coarse string that held it together. I tore at the paper, as I saw a collection of leather bound books. I frowned as I sifted through them, not recognising any of them. They were beautiful, and they smelt incredible. A note was wedged at the front of one, as I pulled it out with intrigue.

"This is your first years material. Enjoy baby. I look forward to creating our own history. T.D.L x"

Sweet Jesus.

These wouldn't have been cheap, by any standard. I gasped with delight as I stroked the covers, excitement coursing through my body as I bit my lip. I sent him a text, as ny eyes filled with tears again.

Baby. I can't ever thank you enough. Wow! They're amazing. I miss you x

My phone beeped immediately, and I grinned stupidly at his response.

Study hard,angel. There's a reason we are apart. Together we can smash this, then live a life of decadence as we travel the world together. Love you x

He was absolutely right. I had to focus purely on my studies, and enjoy him when I could. There was a gnawing feeling in my stomach that was clearly a cousin of fear- anxiety. I was terrified he would meet someone else, or get drunk and end up in bed with some bimbo.

I had to trust him.

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