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Four days until Thanksgiving.

My cock was beginning to think I was dead. No amount of wanking can make up for smashing the ass off my divine girlfriend as she moaned my name, wrapping her legs around me as I pounded her sweet hole-


I needed to stop thinking like that, or I was going to shoot my load right now in class.

"Mr De Luca? Did you finish the assignment and submit it online?"

I gazed at my tutor as I felt heads turn towards me. I cleared my throat as I nodded, bringing up the email confirmation on my phone.

"Yeah, it's been submitted Teach."

"Good. I look forward to reading it over the holiday."

I smiled thinly as I noticed Sherry Lounds gazing at me from her seat to my right. She was wearing a stupidly short skirt, matched with tights and heeled boots. She was trying far too fucking hard. She was a ball breaker, determined to make it as the female Alan Sugar. She rubbed her pen against her lips as I averted my eyes, making a mental note to let Billy know she was up to her old tricks again.

Billy was my roommate, and a sound guy. He was similar to the old version of me; fucking half of campus as he sailed through his classes with ease, and no effort. I couldn't remember how it had ended between him and Sherry, but I had no problem in diverting unwanted attention.

The bell went as I grabbed my stuff, my balls aching as I reminded myself it was literally four more days. Three sleeps.

"So, Theo." Her perfume hit me before her voice did, as I turned to her sighing.

"Sherry. What do you want?"

She ran her eyes down my body as she chewed on her lip. She was attractive; and if I wasn't already in love with someone else I'd have tapped that.

"What do I want?" She clucked her tongue as she ran her hand down my arm. "I was wondering. How does a guy like you manage a long distant relationship? How would any girl possibly be able to keep you loyal? I can see you are a bad boy."

She wasn't wearing a bra. Her nipples stood to attention as I focused on her face.

"Easy. You get with the hottest girl you've ever seen, you fall in love with her. Then you have the best sex ever. Nothing is worth risking that." I smirked, as her face fell.

"But you wouldn't be risking it if you kept it a secret." She smiled back at me, pulling her long blonde hair over her shoulder as she leaned against the desk in front of me.

"We don't keep secrets. I'm not interested, in other words. I'm familiar with Spanish if you need me to say it to you in another language?" I offered, as her eyes narrowed.

"English is good. But if you ever change your mind-"

"Yeah. I'll hit you up. But I won't. Sorry."

She shrugged as she walked away, my eyes on her tight ass as she turned to catch me staring, a knowing smile on her face.

"The offer is there, Theo."

Fuck off.

I dragged my phone out and brought Facebook up, noticing that Hannah had been tagged in something by a guy.

Amazing results from the essay guys. Obvs me and Hannah got top marks #history #partnersincrime- By Edward Marco with Hannah Phillips.

Who the fuck was Edward Marco?! I clicked on his profile to see a dark haired guy gazing back at me mockingly. He was a good looking bastard, I noticed with annoyance. Worst of all, Hannah had liked the post! I pinched the bridge of my nose as I dialled her number.

"Hey, can I call you back in half an hour? Just in the library." She whispered breathlessly as my mind went into overdrive. Why was she breathless?

"Sure." I muttered, as I hung up. I pulled my schedule out, checking out the next few days. Two lectures, and private study time.

I began to smile as I dialled the airline, a plan formulating in my mind. Maybe I'd surprise her after all.

Twenty minutes later I was in my dorm, grinning like an idiot as Billy slammed the door open, groaning as he tried to pull the blinds down.

"Its so bright man."

I raised my eyebrow at him as he secured the blind, a skimpy red thong hanging from his pocket.

"You've got a thong in your pocket."

He turned to me, his dirty blonde hair falling in his eyes as he tugged it out, grinning at me.

"Smell that. She was fit as fuck."

He threw the thong at me as I ducked, pleased I had missed the soaking missile.

"Grim, bro."

"Need me to leave so you can wank over your girl?" He asked seriously, as I rolled my eyes.

"You're so kind babe. I'm good, I'm gonna go early."

Billy laid on his bed, throwing his hand over his face as he groaned.

"I couldn't get on a plane now if you paid me."

I zipped my bag up as I slid my phone into my pocket.

"Dude. I'll see you after break. Have a good one."

He mumbled a response as I turned to him before I left the door.

"Sherry is gasping mate. She tried it with me again today."

"I'll sort it." He held his thumb up as I laughed. He was one of a kind. "Its always a pleasure fucking my ex."

"Good for you. Adios, Amigos."

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