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Theo wasn't answering his phone.

I frowned as I dropped my phone onto the side, bringing up Facebook as I yawned. It had been a hard day, filled with debates and lectures on Charles Dickens. I groaned as I poured a glass of wine into a glass filled with ice, scrolling through my news feed. I grinned when I saw the shoutout from Edward, still elated that I got one of the two highest marks in the class. I couldn't wait to tell Theo.

I walked out into the lounge, as I heard a knock on the door. I frowned, wondering if Ryan had forgotten his key. I opened it without checking the through the window, hoping it wasn't an axe murderer. The door opened and my heart stopped, the delicious green eyes drinking me in as he bit his lip.

"Hello beautiful."

I slammed my drink onto the side as I ran towards him, feeling him laugh as he dropped his bag onto the floor.

"Theo! Oh my god!" I kissed him all over his face, my mouth finally finding his as he groaned, walking in and pushing me against the door.

"Phillips, I've really missed you. But I need to fuck you, right now." He muttered as his hand gripped my ass. I buried my face into his neck as his familiar scent met my nostrils, groaning as he tugged on my bottoms.

"No one is home." I gasped, as he began to tug me towards the stairs.

"Good." He said, spinning me around as he pressed me against the wall. "Fuck, you're even hotter than I remember."

Our mouths met as his tongue danced with mine, my hand snaking into his pants as I gripped his cock. I began to pump it as he pulled my leg out of my joggers, sliding my underwear to the side as he pushed himself into me.

"Oh my god!" I cried, as he sank his teeth into my neck. He fucked me relentlessly, his hands bruising my hips as he slammed me down against him.

"Fuck. I'm going to come." He muttered as my eyes widened in surprise. He groaned as he released himself inside of me, crying out my name as he buried his head in my neck. He lowered me down to the floor slowly, as we kissed softly. It had clearly been a long time, too long for either of us.

"Sorry. I've really missed you." He apologised, as he kissed me slowly.

"Theo, I'm so glad you are here." I murmured in between kisses, as my heart raced.

"Me too angel, me too."

I rearranged my underwear, and tugged on my bottoms as I looked up at him, his cheeks flushed as he stared down at me.

"Now I need to ask. Who the fuck is Edward Marco?" He demanded, as I felt a laugh escape my throat.

"He's on my course." I answered, reaching up to wrap my arms around his neck. "Why?"

He pushed me against the wall as he kissed me deeply.

"Because I saw him tag you on facebook. I've dug a grave ready for him." He stared at me as his finger trailed down my jaw.

"De Luca." I whispered throatily, as I searched his eyes, losing myself in the emerald pools. "Don't fucking insult me."

He chuckled softly as he held my hands up against the wall.

"I love your dirty mouth."

"Yeah? You ought to see what I can do with it."

"Hannah! We got Chinese food!" Yelled a voice from the doorway, as Ryan and my Mom walked into the house. They stopped in front of us, my mother clasping her hands to her mouth as she gazed at Theo.

"Alright De Luca, you're early." Smirked Ryan as I wrapped my arms around Theo, burying my head into his chest. I heard him chuckle as my Mom held him tight, kissing him on both cheeks.

"Welcome back Theodore. Earlier than expected, no?" She grinned as he sighed glancing down at me.

"I missed her too much."

"Oh, you're too cute. We got enough food for all of us I guess, if you're hungry." Mom offered, as she carried the bags into the kitchen.

"That's really kind of you, but I've already eaten and Hannah has something to eat upstairs already." He declined politely, his hand slipping under the waistband of my joggers. I began to frown but noticed him looking at me with that perfect Hollywood smile, so I decided to just go along with it.

"Well, I will leave you both to it. Lovely to have you back Theodore." Smiled Mom as Ryan grinned at us.

I turned and walked up the stairs as he followed me, our hands laced together. I pulled him into my room as his eyes swept over it all.

"God it's good to be back."

I sat on the bed as I tugged him over to me, gazing up at him as he smirked down at me.

"How many offers you had then De Luca?"

"Too many."

I felt intense jealousy as he tilted my head back so he could look into my eyes.

"What did I tell you? It's always been you."

His kissed me briefly before I frowned.

"I haven't got any food up here, I'm not sure why you said I did."

"Oh, but you do." He tugged on his t shirt pulling it over his head, my eyes drinking in his divine body.

"I bet the girls at college are creaming over you." I whispered, as he dropped his trousers to the floor.

"Mind if I use your ensuite?" He jabbed a finger in the direction of the shower as I struggled to find the words. Despite being with him countless times, he still had the power to make me feel weak.

I followed him into the ensuite as he peeled off his boxers, closing the door behind me silently. He ran the shower briefly, before he stepped in.

I watched as he washed his body and his hair before turning towards me.

"You hungry Hannah?"

I nodded, as he smiled to himself.

"Join me."

I quickly removed my clothes, safe in the knowledge that my family would be keeping a safe distance knowing how long it had been since I'd seen him. I walked into the shower, as I went to kiss him.

"On your knees, beautiful." He growled, as I felt my body obey, the water soaking my hair as I tried to look up at him. It was pointless; the water streamed over my face as I heard him swear.

"You're the shit dreams are made of."

My mouth found the tip of his cock as I wrapped my lips around it, taking it slowly into my mouth. The hot water streamed around me, making it hard to breath at times; somehow this only heightened my senses. I pulled back, as I felt Theo adjust the shower head so that I could see. My eyes met his, as I saw him throw his head back in delight as I took more of him in my mouth. I felt him getting harder as my fingers wrapped around his hips, pushing him deeper into my mouth as I felt myself gag slightly at the depths it was now reaching. I began to pick up pace, allowing him to thrust into my mouth repeatedly, as his hand slipped onto the back of my head.

"Fuck, Hannah." He groaned, as I slowly released him from my mouth. I slowly licked his balls as I slid my hand around the tip of his cock, sliding it up and down as I licked and sucked.

'I'm going to cum if you keep doing that.' He hissed, and I quickly placed my tongue on the end of his cock, flickering my tongue around it as I finally took it all in my mouth. The thrusts were fast now, his hands on the back of my hair as he pushed my head deeper onto his cock.

"Fuck, I'm coming." He grunted, as I felt his seed spray into the back of my throat. I continued my movements as I began to swallow, hearing him groaning above me as I smiled to myself.

"What's for dessert?" I asked innocently as he shook his head laughing.

"Just marry me already."

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