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"It's a half day. Then I'm done for the holidays. Some of us have to work damn hard to even attain mediocre grades." I drawled as I pulled on my denim jeans and one of my college sweaters.

"I'll drop you in." He declared, snatching the car keys up as I pouted. "I'm driving baby."

I rolled my eyes as he winked at me, pulling his hat on backwards as he jogged down the stairs before me. I grabbed my bag, before following him.

The drive to school felt like it always used to; our fingers entwined as he drove, my head lazing happily on his shoulder. He kissed my head countless times, before he finally pulled into the parking lot.

"What time do you finish, one?" He checked, as he typed away on his phone.

"Yeah. Why what you doing?"

He glanced up at me as he shrugged.

"Will see my ma and pa, but Jax has asked me to meet up. We'll see." He said quietly as I bit my lip. It was because of me that they weren't talking.

"Ok baby. I can grab a lift home or walk if you're busy-"

"Shut up. See you here at one." He muttered as he kissed me hard on the mouth. I felt his eyes follow me as I walked towards college, as I turned back to blow him a kiss. He laughed as he watched me walk away, and I heard the car screech away.

"Yo." I heard Mara say, her arm around mine as she grinned at me. I hugged her as she laughed, before inspecting me carefully.

"Are you high?"

"On lust and love, yeah."

She rolled her eyes then as she smirked.

"De Luca."

I squealed as I told her how amazing it was to have him back, as she nudged me.

"Here's your second biggest fan."

I saw Edward leaning against the classroom door, studying a book intently as he flicked the page over. He wore thick black glasses and his hair flopped into his eyes as he blew it away with irritation. His broad chest was hidden beneath a red checked shirt which he wore open at the neck.

"If I wasn't so into your brother I swear to God-"

"But you are." I interrupted as she beamed.

"Oh God. I am." She sighed dreamily as she moved past me, kissing me on the cheek as she walked towards her own class.

"Hey Edward." I smiled as I stood beside him, waiting for the teacher to unlock the door.

"Hannah. I tried calling you last night. A few of us went out to celebrate the essay results. I thought you'd want to come."

If only he knew that I did cum, countless times.

"Oh, sorry. My boyfriend came back early from Brockly so I kinda didn't pay attention to my phone."

"He's back?" He questioned, his eyebrows raising as I nodded happily. "I see. Well you missed a good night."

"Ah, sorry dude." I sighed, pulling out my phone to see Theo had texted already.

Is it one pm yet? We've got so much to catch up on...

Nearly. Miss you x

I heard Edward sigh beside me impatiently as I saw the teacher walking down towards us, her heels clicking on the floor as she smiled apologetically at us.

The day dragged, and as soon as my class finished I hauled my ass to the exit, my heart pounding at the thought of seeing Theo again.

"Isn't that your car?" I heard Edward drawl beside me, as he nodded at Theos car. I gazed at it, seeing Theo leaning on the bonnet, his large sunglasses covering his eyes as I tried to make out his expression. His arms were folded over his chest as I smiled, turning to Edward.

'Its Theos. Gotta go, see you after the holidays." I smiled, as I hurried down the steps towards him. He held his hands out as I jumped into his arms, still unable to believe how lucky I felt having him there with me. I kissed him as I realised Edward had followed me, standing there awkwardly as Theo released me slightly, frowning in his direction.

"Can I help you?" He drawled, his arms around my waist as I went to introduce them.

"Nah, I just need Hannah." He smiled thinly as he looked at me. "Hannah, theres a party at Ali's on Saturday, if you wanted to go."

"Dude. You arent seriously asking my girl out in front of me?" Said Theo darkly as Edward smiled.

"Of course not. You're invited of course."

"Theo, Edward. Edward, Theo."

They stared at each other before Edward smiled broadly.

"Pleasure. See you around Han."

He walked away as I felt Theo stiffen.

"He's a dick. He likes you."

"He's harmless." I sighed as he pulled his sunglasses off, his green stare piercing my soul.

"He's a dick. Maybe we should go to the fucking party. Show him what sort of man you need."

I slid my arms around his neck as I kissed him, asking him about his day.

"Let me take you for lunch. Then home. I need you again."

"Sounds good." I whispered, as I slid into the drivers seat before he could protest. "But I'm driving De Luca."

He shrugged as he slid into the passenger seat, his hand immediately on my thigh.

"Good luck concentrating whilst I tell you exactly what I want to do to you." He smirked.


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