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I stared at the text, my heart thumping in my chest.

She had something to tell me?

I exhaled as I rubbed my tired eyes, looking at my bed longingly. I hadn't finished this assignment, nor did it look like I was going to unless I skipped sleeping for the next two nights. I couldn't focus, or concentrate without Hannah. It was like I was almost having withdrawal symptoms that were becoming too much to bear, my cock ached to fuck her, my arms yearned to hold her, and my heart beat to be beside her.

That was some corny shit right there, I groaned, as I stared at my laptop screen.

What was the point in this course if I couldn't give it my all?

I guess the text tipped me over the edge, as I slammed my laptop shut.

I switched the light off, falling into my bed with overwhelming tiredness seeping over my body as my muscles began to relax. I stared at the phone, wondering if I even wanted to know what she wanted to tell me.

What if she'd met someone else?

My chest felt tight, like it was being squeezed. What if it was that prick, Edward?

Suddenly I was wide awake, my heart thumping in my chest.

I quickly texted her back, my heart in my mouth.

What's up baby girl?

My eyes closed as I waited for her to reply, when the door burst open, Billy falling flat onto the floor with some chick. I shielded my eyes as I sat up, annoyed to fuck he'd brought someone back here.

"Bill. I'm trying to fucking sleep." I snapped, as I noticed the girl underneath him was no other than Sherry. I groaned as she licked her lips, scrambling out from under Billy who sat on the floor laughing.

"Theodore." She breathed, as she made her way over to me drunkenly.

"Sherry, I'm not in the mood-" I began as she threw herself onto my bed, attempting to curl up next to me. "What the fuck are you doing?" I snarled as she suddenly seized my phone.

"Hello?" She said breathlessly, as I stared at her in disbelief. "He's here, hold on."

She handed me the phone as she smirked, standing up to nudge Billy, who was now fast asleep on the floor.

"Hello?" I said into the phone, as I heard a dial tone.

Who the fuck was that? I searched through my call history as my stomach dropped when I saw the caller ID.


"You fucking imbocile. Move." I pushed past Sherry who stared after me with innocent eyes, as she shook her head.

"You'll never settle Theodore. You're made for all of us."

I ignored her as I walked out of the room, dialling Hannah's number.

Answer phone.

"Shit, shit, shit!" I yelled, as I hit redial.

Come on...I prayed inwardly, to a God I didn't believe in.

Finely it rang, and my heart soared. I heard her voice, and the tone made my blood run cold.

"Its two am and some bitch is answering your phone. Just fuck off, Theo. I should have known better than to ever trust you."

Her voice gave way to a sob, as I gritted my teeth.

"Hannah, its-"


I closed my eyes, rage filling my body as I contemplated going back to the room and smashing Sherry's head open. Why didn't Hannah trust me? Why didn't she let me explain that I would never, ever hurt her? That no one compares to her, never has, never will do? Had I not told her enough?

Fuck this.

I walked back into the dorm to see Sherry curled up on my bed, asleep. I clapped my hands, and she woke up, blinking in confusion.

"Oh, you're back. Did she believe you?" She asked groggily as I gritted my teeth.

"Get the fuck out, you fucking wreck. I'm not fucking interested, even if I wasn't with her, I still wouldn't." I spat angrily, as she stood up, glaring at me as she swayed, her hand on her hip.

"You must be gay, or really fucking stupid if you think she is not fucking anyone else. Good luck with that, Theo."

She stormed off as I felt the veins in my neck pulse, as I nudged Billy with my foot. He was comatose, dead to the world.

I tried calling Hannah again but there was no response. I sat down and sent her a text, explaining there was no way at all I would ever look at anyone else. I begged her to call me, and I sat on my bed, Sherrys sickly sweet perfume invading my personal space as I scowled at Billy. If him and Sherry had ruined my relationship, I would knock him the fuck out as soon as he woke up. He knew better than to bring her here.

My eyes grew heavy as I felt sleep claim me, and even in my dreams she wouldn't talk to me. I kept trying to touch her, but she was too far away.

Come on Hannah.

You know me.

Better than anyone...

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