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'I'm bored.' I heard him complain as I shot him a look. It wasn't even my idea to come here, and he was bored already? It was a house party, which meant Jax was manning the drinks station. I saw him pouring a bottle of vodka into the punch, a smile on his lips. Theo pressed his hip flask to my chest as he grimaced, swallowing.

'What is it?' I asked suspiciously as he rolled his eyes.

'Just fucking drink it.'

I pursed my lips and took a swig, almost choking as the liquid burned my throat, my eyes watering as I gagged.

'Theo, if we keep drinking your shit we will be smashed.'

'And? It's that it we drink that shit. And at least I know what's in this.'

He had a point.

'So how long has it been?' He purred in my ear as I turned to meet his azure gaze. Fuck he was beautiful.

'Since what?'

'Your last fuck.' He frowned, sipping more of the flask. I chewed on my lip as he studied me, shaking his head.

'I bet it's been weeks-'

'Last night.' I admitted as his eyes flashed darkly. He gripped my waist as he thrust the drink to my lips. I drank it gratefully this time- anything to not listen to his next words.

'You dirty bitch. Who was the lucky man?'

I took a long drink, the alcohol now flowing through my veins as I decided to just be honest.

'Just a quarterback in the year below.'

I watched as his eyes narrowed, his finger tracing my arm as he stared at me.

'Is that so. Was it good?'

I shrugged, loving the feeling of his fingers on my skin.

'If it was so good, why am I making you so wet right now?' He whispered into my ear, his lips softly kissing my throat as I moved away instinctively. How did he know my thong was now soaked from his touch? He hadn't even touched me in that way.

'You're not-'

'Don't lie baby, it doesn't suit you.' He smirked as he placed his hands either side of me, pressing his body against me. I'd clearly drunk too much, my body sinking against his touch as he met my eyes.

'You're fucking beautiful Han.'

'You're drunk and horny.' I whispered, wriggling away from him as he grabbed my hand, forcing it to the angry bulge in his jeans.

'So? No one makes me this hard.'

'You could have anyone here. Go and fuck with someone else. You can't do that to me. I won't let you.' I said hoarsely as he looked at me seriously, his fingers digging into my ass as he pulled me up to him.

'That what you think I'd do to you? That I'd fuck your head up? I'd marry you Han, I swear to god.'

Rationality was leaving me now, and I became irritated that he was able to spin these lines to me and even worse, that I would fall for them.

'This isn't fair. I'm drunk.' I groaned as he nodded.

'Yeah you are, so fuck it.'

His lips met mine, and I swear I heard electricity crackle in the air. His tongue opened my mouth, and mine met his immediately. I heard myself moan against his mouth as he pressed me to him, his hand pushing my skirt up as his fingers met the slickness of my core. He expertly moved the thin fabric, inserting a finger deep into me as I gasped against him. I felt my body buckle against him as he swiftly moved it in and out of me, finger fucking me with expertise. I stopped kissing him as my back arched, as he took the opportunity to kiss my throat, nipping me slightly with his teeth. I tried to push his hand away from me as I felt myself begin to lose control, beads of sweat dripping down my back as he pumped his finger in and out, his thumb now brushing against my clit.

'Fucked last night, and still this tense? Let me help you here, Hannah.'

I heard his words but I couldn't respond. I was suddenly grateful for the wall he had me pinned up against, otherwise I would've fell to the floor.

'We can't- not here- Theo-'

'That's Theodore to you.' He murmured into my ear as he finally released me, pushing his finger into his mouth as he sucked on my juices, offering his finger to me after which I decided to refuse.

'Not here? So mine then. Let's go.' He commanded, taking my hand in his as we left the darkness of the corner. I felt eyes on us as I refused to look up, knowing people would not think anything of it. We always left together.

We barely made it outside, when he pushed me up against a tree, burying his head in my cleavage as I groaned.

'Do you have any idea how long I've wanted to taste you, Princess?' He lifted my dress up as he dropped to his knees, as I checked around us anxiously.


'Theodore.' He corrected as he began to kiss the inside of my thighs, the bark of the tree behind my bare skin making me wince as he pushed me into it.

'Theodore, we can't do this.'

'Watch me.' He said, lifting my legs over his shoulders as he buried his face into my pussy, making me call out as he slid his tongue against my clit, lightly flicking it as he alternated between sucking it, his finger beginning to enter me simultaneously.

'Theo..shit..we can't.' I growled as he licked and sucked, breathing warm air onto my pussy as I dug my fingers into his soft curls. He didn't stop, as I felt my nerves begin to gather in a knot in my stomach, his sweet tongue diving in and out of my pussy as he lapped up my juices that were spilling out of me thick and fast from his skilled tongue.

'So wet...' he moaned, sliding his finger up to replace his tongue as he pressed it against my clit. I was burning up, I swear to god. I was now at his mercy, my legs buckling around his head as I arched my back, biting my lip to stop me from calling out. I knew I couldn't take much more, but he knew I could.

'Theo please...'

'Theodore.' He smirked against me, before plunging his tongue into my core, causing me to cry out as I began to buck against him, my hips thrusting into his mouth as his fingernails dug into my ass, as though he couldn't get deep enough into me. My vision blurred as I began to cum, my skin setting alight with desire as he kept the pace up, his tongue furiously lapping up my juices as I felt myself shudder one final time.

He didn't stop until he had lapped up all of my juices, like he was dehydrated from lust. When he finally pulled away, the cold air on my pussy made me gasp, as he slowly lowered me onto the ground. My legs couldn't be trusted to hold my weight up, as he held my hands, steadying me as I pulled my dress down, my hands trembling as I finally met his smug gaze.

'Told you.'

'Just, fuck off.' I managed as he pulled me close to him, and I realised I could smell myself on his face.

'Oh no. I'm nowhere near finished with you yet, Phillips. You're coming home with me.'

Who was I to argue?

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