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"De Luca!"

I heard a voice roar as I turned, a stupid grin on my face as I saw Theo bro hugging some guy. There was a flurry of conversation surrounding the 'new guy' and I broke off my conversation with Edward to see Theo had already locked eyes on me.

"Your boyfriend is here." Edward stated slowly as he frowned at Theo with confusion.

"He is." I murmur as I drink him in with my eyes. He smirks at me, before sending a bored glance in Edwards direction.

"You were always my favourite part of coming to school." He growls in my ear, his lips sending a shiver down my back. "I love seeing you every day." His hands circle my waist as I lean back onto his shoulder, my mouth meeting his as he kissed me deeply.

"Mmm baby maybe we should-"

"Theodore." I warned, as he sighed dejectedly. He lifted his eyes to Edward, before raising an eyebrow.

"Take my advice. Don't get with a bad girl."

I elbow him as Edward looks away, but Theo wasn't quite finished.

"So, any parties coming up Eddie?" He winks at him as Edward shifts uncomfortably under his glare.

"Not that I know of." He snaps, and I bite my lip as Theo whistles.

"See the last time I was here-" Theo nodded at yet another friend who was walking by, before returning his gaze to Edward. "You were the man with all the information. If theres any you want to invite us to, just holler yeah? My girl loves to party."

I recognised the possessive tone, and turned so I was facing him.

"Stop it." I hissed, as his eyes widened innocently. "Trust works both ways. I'm yours, Theo."

"Say it louder." He smirks as he dots kisses on my throat. I groan as I try to push him away.

"I'm yours!" I yell, as people turn to send bizarre looks my way. I had to yell, it was pointless avoiding the inevitable. A smile plays on his lips as he chuckles softly.

"You always have been."

He kisses me then, and I lose myself as he holds me. I know at that moment I am the envy of every girl within a fifty mile radius, and I smile as we pull away.

"See you at lunch." I say, kissing him lightly on the lips. He frowns as he tilts his head at me.

"Canteen yeah?"

"Mmm. I was thinking we went home for lunch..." I wink suggestively as he raises his eyebrows.

"Yes Ma'am." He murmurs, watching me as I walk away, being sure to swing my hips in the way that drives him crazy. Sure enough I turn to blow him a kiss and he is standing watching me, a dark look in his eyes.

"Don't be late." He warns, as I laugh.

"See you later, De Luca."

I find my seat, a stupid smile on my face as I get my books out. My phone vibrates against me and I slide it out, seeing a text from Mara.

Shit, just woke up.

I laugh as I reply.

Home study day for you then...

My teacher strides in, and I quickly put my phone away. I lose myself in the history of Europe for a few hours, until the bell signifies next period. Which for me means the end of my morning, meaning I have an hour to kill before Theo is free. I gather my books as I leave, deciding to go home and wait for him. My house should be free, as everyone would be at work today. I sigh wistfully as I see the sleek black car in the parking lot, and instead dial an uber. I missed driving it every day, but it was so much nicer sharing the driving with Theo. I sent him a text telling him I was heading home, and smiled to myself. I would stick a pizza or something in, as I'm sure we would be hungry after our midday workout. I loved having the rest of my day with Theo, and I began to idly plan the day.

The uber arrived and I jogged to my front door, surprised when I found it unlocked. I frowned, clocking Ryan's car on the drive.

He was home?

Great, I thought. Not quite the fuck fest I was anticipating. I loved having the house to ourselves, and it made me wish we lived together. The freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want just appealed massively to me. I shut the door behind me, as I stopped suddenly. My eyes fell on the white pumps by the sofa that belonged to no other than Mara. My heart began to race as I chewed on my lip with excitement.

Ryan was off work.

Maras sneakers were here.

My brain did the math as I stood silently, wondering where they were. The kitchen was empty, as was the lounge.

Surely not...

From somewhere above me I heard a door open, and a soft giggle I knew too well reached my ears.

She was here!

I heard the loud footsteps of my brother come towards the stairs first, followed by hers. He walked downstairs, wearing just his boxers, his eyes widening when he saw me.


"Mom said you weren't allowed girls round." I smirked, noticing his eyes flickering with annoyance as he glanced behind him worriedly. Mara skipped down the stairs, her hair wild and her eyes shining as she stopped, her face flushing crimson when she saw me.

"Just woke up, hmm?"

"Technically that is kinda true..." she smiled, as Ryan snorted, causing her to elbow him.

"Sorry." He laughed as he slid an arm around her waist, kissing the top of her head.

"So, when did this happen?" I grin widely as Mara looks up at my brother, her eyes full of adoration.

"I asked her out." Ryan said simply, as my mouth fell open. Ryan had asked her out? Just like that?

"Where did you go?" I asked stupidly, unsure what to say.

They exchanged a look, and Ryan smirked.

"Yeah, I still owe you that date." He said softly, kissing her lips as she wrapped her arms around him. I frowned, before Mara caught my confused look.

"Well, we spoke for a while on the phone..."

"Two hours to be exact." Added Ryan as Mara nodded.

"Then I came round, and uh..."

I held my hands up as I grimaced.

"Its cool, that part I don't need to know about. I made a face as Mara giggled, Ryan's hand still holding her close to him as I rolled my eyes.

"You can let her go you know?"

"Actually, I can't." He said quietly, as she looked up at him questionably. "I've seen you go to prom with someone else, I've seen you go out on countless nights out looking stupidly beautiful, and because of my own idiocy, I saw you the morning after you spent the night with that prick. I won't ever let you go again."

My mouth fell open as I stared at Ryan with a mixture of pride and love, as i saw Mara standing on tiptoe to kiss him.

"I'm where I always wanted to be." She murmured as I chuckled softly.

"Well. I'll make some coffee shall I?"

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