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Sequel Update

It's been a long wait but the sequel is now back up and running.

You'll find it under 'Trusting De Luca' and this is the synopsis...

Theodore De Luca is back, and this time he is going to be a Daddy for real. He couldn't be happier- he is taking the exciting journey into parenthood with his girlfriend and best friend by his side- Hannah Phillips.

Breaking the news to their families isn't going to be easy- these two are still young and bringing up a child is never going to be plain sailing.

But they can do it, right? They have everyone around them supporting them...or do they?

Zane Phillips, Hannah's eldest brother cannot stand Theodore, and getting his sister pregnant is the final insult. He doesn't trust him- but then Zane doesn't trust anyone. It makes matters worse when his brothers accept their new duties as prospective Uncles to the pending new addition to their family, but Zane knows better.

Boys like Theodore can't be trusted.

It's only a matter of time before Theodore proves Zane right.

Ryan Phillips has the girl he has always wanted- and she happens to be his sisters best friend. He doesn't want to upset Mara, but he too shares the worries Zane does. He just wants to focus on his own life, which has its own fair share of drama as it is...

Nickolas Phillips feels lucky to be alive. Not only did he survive a horrific car crash, he was nursed back to health by his very own happily ever after., and he intends to keep it that way...

It will be told in two parts, from Theodore and Hannah, and from the brothers. It will be updated as often as as I can.


Linz x

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