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Play Bad Guy- Billie Eilish- it's not a request. (It is, but you know..!) Linzvonc xx

'Our friendship is going to be in fucking tatters, what are we doing..' I groaned as he pushed me onto his bed, climbing up between my legs. The room was familiar, but the way he was looking at me was not. His eyes were barely visible in the dark as he balanced his weight on one arm, the other pulling me down the bed so I was just beneath him, my breath rapid as I struggled to regain my composure.

'You're going to be in fucking tatters when I'm finished with you. Do you know how many times I've wanted to fuck you? I've had to sleep next to you whilst you pushed this fine ass against me, wearing tiny shorts and a silky vest.'

His hand brushed over my nipples as I sucked in a breath, watching him smirk as he squeezed them softly as they hardened beneath his touch.

'This really will fuck up our friendship.' I whispered as I wriggled underneath him, trying to sit up as he pushed his weight on me, unbuckling his jeans as I bit my lip, freezing.

'I'm going to need you to stop talking about being my fucking friend now, Hannah.' His mouth met mine, his hot tongue exploring my mouth as I felt his hard cock pressing against my core through the fabric of his boxers and my soaked thong.

'No. Its important.' I said, pushing him away from me as he frowned at me.

'Don't make me tie you up.' He warned as I smirked at him, pushing him on the bed so he was lying down.

'I'm not one of your bimbos, Theodore. You won't be tying me up, unless I tell you to.' Our mouths met as I wrapped my legs around his waist, burying my lips into his neck as I inhaled his scent, finally able to allow myself to kiss the throat of the man I'd restrained myself from touching in this way for so long. He moaned as his fingers slipped into my core softly as I straightened up against him, pushing him down as I stared at him, my hair falling either side of his face as he gazed at me with a smirk on his face.

'I knew you'd be dominant.'

'I'm not fucking you.'

'Fine, I'll do it.' He said, gripping my hips as he went to move me over, before I pushed him back down, my hand firm on his chest.

'No, Theodore. You need to earn this shit.'

He laughed in disbelief as he pushed his finger into my mouth, the taste of myself now filling me.

'But look how wet I make you.'

I grabbed his hand and sucked his finger, my tongue trailing up and down either side of it as his eyes half closed as he watched me devour his finger.

'You don't faze me.'

He gripped my wrists as he pulled me onto his mouth, his tongue demanding entrance to mine as we kissed deeply, my heart pounding despite my confident words. I knew if I allowed him to, he had the power to destroy me.

'I should. I will fucking ruin you.'

'I know, that's why I'm saying no. I'm not falling for you. You're a player, and I refuse to play.'

He laughed as my body began to grind against him, as I tried to remain still.

'I'd ruin you sexually. I'd never ruin you. You mean too much.'

My breath caught in my throat as we kissed again, this time it was heated. His hands were unzipping my dress, the straps sliding down as my nipples caught his attention, and his mouth. This was my weakness, and I couldn't even begin to cope with the sensations of his licking and sucking as he cupped my breasts in his large hands. I arched back as I felt him nibble softly.

'Fuck, Theo.'


'You need to stop.' I begged, feeling myself begin to grind against him, starting to feel his bulge getting harder as I moved.

'Nah, I'm good.' He mumbled, pushing me down onto the bed and discarding my dress. He dropped his jeans, and crawled onto the bed with me.

'Theoooooooo.' I groaned as he kissed me, his finger circling my clit as I grabbed the bed sheets around me.

'Baby, I love it when you say my name like that.'

'I'm. Not-'

'Fucking me. I heard ya. Stop bucking against me like that, you're making it real difficult.'

His fingers entangled in my hair as he pulled it softly, making me moan as he returned his attention to my nipples. The amount of time I had spent across the road from him doing this with countless women, and I had been pleased that I wasn't subject to his mind fucks.

'Stop thinking.' He said gruffly as I bit my lip. I hated how he knew me like that, especially at times like this. 'Unless it's about me spreading your fucking legs-'

'No it's actually about how many women have been in this position before me.' I snapped back, his eyes twinkling with amusement.

'You jealous Mami?'

Damn that fucking accent of his. Fuck off.


'I've thought of you every fucking time, trust me.'

'You're a fucking liar.' I said as I moved to my side, pulling him down with me as we sat gazing at each other as though for the first time. He brushed my hair out of my eyes as he kissed me softly.

'You are the beginning, middle and the end. Do you understand? Fucking you is just the tip, no pun intended. I don't lie to you Han, you know me too well.'

I sighed, closing my eyes as I snuggled against him as he wrapped his arms around my naked form. We'd been like this before, but never like this. The fan he had on in his room drifted over my body that was currently on fire from desire, my core still dripping from my previous orgasms from his touch.

'You'll forget this tomorrow.' I said sleepily as he kissed my forehead.

'Whatever makes you sleep easy baby.'

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