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I was so comfortable. My body was warm, but cooled with the intermittent fan that breezed over me. The pillow was so soft, and I loved the way it smelt. Of him. My eyes flew open as I saw the familiar sight of his messy room, cartons of orange juice in the side with- whoa- used condom wrappers? My stomach churned as I began to slip out of bed, stopping when I realised his hand was wrapped tightly around my waist.

'Where are you going?' He murmured as he moved his head back up to my neck, kissing my shoulder softly. I began to panic, what if his Mom walked in?

'Theo. This is crazy. We were drunk. Let me get dressed.'

'No.' He said curtly, wrapping his strong legs over mine as I cursed my body for curving into his. I became aware I only had a thong on, and that did not bode well for me. Theodore De Luca was a self confessed ass man, and he seemed to be wanting to have mine lately.

'Great, you're still drunk.'

'No Han. I'm not.'

'We're best friends Theo. This will ruin it, you know it will. So let go.' His hand captured mine as he studied it over my shoulder, my heart hammering in my chest.

'I don't want to be your friend anymore Hannah. So it's this or nothing.' He said softly, as I felt the air leave my body in surprise.


'Yeah, I'm serious. I've wanted you for so long, I'm done with being your friend. Anyway, friends shouldn't know the way you taste. So we ain't friends, sugar.'

I turned towards him, knowing it was dangerous but needing to see him. As usual his green eyes made me swoon, as his dark curls made him look like he was in an advert for shampoo.

'God you're handsome.' I said, pissed.

'We'd have beautiful kids. Scientifically proven.' He smirked as he kissed me on the lips, his hand pushing me towards him as I groaned.

'Where the hell has that come from?!' I demanded as I let him trail kisses down to my stomach as he looked up at me, a serious expression on his face.

'Because we love each others smell. You smell like strawberries, all the time. You taste like them too, stupidly sweet and moist. I like you dripping down my mouth like they do.'

I held my hands over my eyes as he laid between my legs, kissing me deeply. My hands moved away as I allowed myself to enjoy him, before we heard his mom bellow up the stairs.

'Theodore! Is Hannah up there? Ryan is here.'

We both froze as we jumped apart, hearing the footsteps on the stairs.

'Shit, shit, shit!'I hissed as I tugged my dress on, throwing boxers at Theo as he tugged them on, a smirk on his face. Ryan opened the door, as he frowned at us.

'I was worried. You didn't come home last night. No text, nothing. You been here all night? Don't cover for her De Luca, if shes been out with some schmuck, I wanna know about it.'

'She been with me all night.' He answered honestly as he nodded, meeting my eyes.

'Sis, I'm sorry, but I kinda need you home. Nickolas is in hospital.'

I frowned as I stood up abruptly, the mention of my favourite brother being in peril snapping me to my senses.

'What do you mean, hospital? Is he ok Ryan?'

He looked down at the floor as he gave me a tight smile.

'I don't know. Mom just said we need to be there, so we need to be there.'

I felt fear clench my stomach as I stood up, glancing around for any belongings. Theo stood up, nodding at my brother. 'I'll come, if that's alright.'

Ryan nodded, before walking away. I heard him in conversation with Theos mom as I paced the room.

'You don't have to come.'

'Han. I'm already there. I've got you.'

He threw on clean pants as I averted my eyes, and brushed his teeth. He tugged on a long sleeved t shirt and shorts before he guided me out of the room. Even his effortless beauty couldn't distract me from thinking of Nikolas. Nikolas was five years older than me, and had recently been living with Zane, my oldest brother. The pair were reckless, working hard to play hard, but up until now it was relatively harmless. I knew they dealt with some unsavoury characters sometimes but they'd never ended up in hospital up until now.

'Please let him be ok.' I whispered as we jogged down the stairs to see Ryan waiting by the door.

'I'll drive.' He shrugged, as I followed him out to the pickup truck. 'I assume you aren't sober bro.'

Theo nodded as he yawned, climbing in beside Ryan as I sat on the edge, biting my nails. I felt Theos' hand in mine, and I squeezed it gratefully.

'I dont know shit either. Gonna have to just see what Mom says at the hospital. Zane should be there soon.'

I tried to swallow down my anxiety as I imagined the worst, my heart sinking to my knees. How could everything be so lighthearted one minute and then devastating the next?

The ride to the hospital seemed to take forever, despite Ryan's aggressive driving. We eventually got there, parking illegally as we pulled up outside the emergency entrance.

'Ry, you can't leave it there.' I sighed as he sent me a look that told me today, he dared anyone to argue with him. He glanced down at my hand that was still laced with Theos', frowning slightly. I didn't drop it, for it was the only thing keeping me sane right now.

We walked into the foyer and began searching for my mom as I saw her crying as she spoke with a doctor, sinking down to a chair as she saw us.

'What's happening doc, talk to me.' Barked Ryan as she stared ahead in a daze, tears falling silently.

'And you are?' Asked the doctor, checking his notes.

'Ryan Phillips. This is my sister Hannah and her friend, Theo. Now please, tell me about Nikolas.' He begged as the doctor nodded, sending a concerned glance in my mothers direction.

'Your brother was in an accident. He was hit by a car as he walked home last night. I'm afraid his injuries are critical; potentially life threatening.'

Suddenly I felt my knees buckle as Theo held me, guiding me to the seat beside my Mom as I gripped her hand, unable to see through the sudden tears that were spilling down my face.

'Ryan! What's happened?' Boomed a deep voice, as I lifted my eyes to see Zane storming over, his eyes blazing. He was wearing a suit, which told me he had been at work. 'I tried calling him this morning on the way to work but he didn't answer.' His voice wobbled as he saw my Mom, kneeling down to her as he stared at her with his crystal blue eyes.

'Your brother is in a medically induced coma. We have no idea how long for, but he needs to be like that to protect him from any further damage. I'm sorry, but that's all I can tell you right now.'

I closed my eyes as I heard my brother swear, Theo whispering in my hair that he was going to be ok. It was all going to be ok.

'What if he doesn't make it?' Asked my Mom suddenly, as four pairs of eyes stared at her with fear and anxiety.

'He'll make it. He's strong.' Said Zane confidently, his eyes brushing over me as he smiled softly. 'He's always been the clever one. He will sort this. He'll be working out math equations now to baffle the doctors with when he comes to. You'll see.'

I closed my eyes, praying to a God that I didn't believe in that he was right.

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