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'Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!' I hissed as I dashed up the stairs, the only sound my feet slapping against the steps. One of the elevators was out of order and the queue for the only remaining one was huge. I gasped as my heart beat wildly in my chest, groaning when I saw I was only on floor two. I gritted my teeth, and pushed myself up the stairs, sweat dripping down my back as I continued to climb. Finally I reached floor four, my legs almost rubbery as I doubled over, my hands on my knees as I tried to catch my breath. I was so unfit. I finally managed to pull the door open, the smell of ammonia hitting my nose as I made my way to Nickolas. My mother had called me in hysterics, telling me there had been some news, and that made me drop the phone instantly.

I burst into the room, as I saw my family surrounded around the bed.

'He moved.' Zane whispered softly as I ran forward into his arms. 'The doctor is due any minute.'

My heart was in my mouth as I heard the door open behind me. A doctor walked in, his white coat open, as he rubbed his chin..

'Good afternoon, I'm Doctor Richards. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.' He stared at Nickolas, a smile breaking onto his face.

'The good news is that he's moved. It's very positive. Also we have been able to take him off the ventilator, and he is breathing independently. The intracranial pressure monitor is also showing that the fluid in Nickolas's brain is beginning to stabilise.' I realised I was holding my breath, as I felt Zanes grip tighten on my shoulders. 'Which is all pointing in the right direction. I would advise you to keep talking to him, for I'm now pretty sure he will be able to hear you.' He smiled kindly at my mother as she began to cry, Ryan wrapping her in his arms.

'Nickolas baby, we love you. So much.' She cried as she kissed his hand.

'We will start to reduce the medication very slowly over the next few days, and see how he reacts to that. But I feel he is over the worst of it.'

Relief swept over me, as I began to cry, my shoulders shaking as Ryan took me away from Zane, pulling me into a warm embrace.

'I told you, he will pull through it. Do you want to sit here with him whilst I take mum home to change? Zane is going back to work.'

'I don't have to.' Zane argued, as Ryan shrugged.

'Hannah will be here with him. She was always his favourite anyway.'

Zane rolled his eyes as he ruffled my hair, kissing my head as he spoke.

'I think you are everyone's favourite.'

I grinned at him through my tears as I sat down in moms vacant space, as she kissed my cheek warmly. She looked gaunt and tired, almost like she had aged a decade overnight.

'I love you Hannah.'

'I love you too Mom.' I whispered back as I tenderly slid my hand into my brothers swollen one. I watched as everyone left, the door closing softly behind them.

'You're doing it Nik. You're going to make it. When you do, I'm gonna buy you the biggest keg of beer you've ever seen, and we will get fucked up. I promise.'

I gazed at him as the machine beeped beside him, his chest now rising and falling without the aid of the tube. I felt so proud of him for fighting. I knew he would be in there somewhere refusing to be kept down.

'I miss you Nik.' A sob rose in my throat as I rested my head on his hand careful not to touch the cannula. I remembered when I was seven or eight, and I had cut my knee falling off my new bike. Ryan had called me a baby and told me to toughen up, as Nickolas had come over with a my little pony plaster, and kissed it better. Together we told the bike off, and he then made us make friends again. I got straight back on it that very day, and he stood watching me proudly as Ryan had told him he was making me a wet lettuce. He didn't care though.

'I love you so much.'

A sound at the door made me turn quickly, as I saw the kind nurse from the other day. She smiled at me broadly before turning to my brother.

'Afternoon Nickolas. I'm here to fluff your pillows and have a general tidy around. Doctor said you are getting better by the day, which is great news.' She peered at him as she held his wrist, checking his pulse. 'We can paint the town red.'

I hid a smile as she made some notes on the pad on the end of his bed before smiling at me.

'Your pretty sister is here. Wheres your boyfriend today love?'

My cheeks flushed as I stared at the floor, shaking my head.

'We're just friends.'

'No, you're not. Friends don't look at each other like he did you. I dare say that he is in love with you.' She chuckled as she glanced back at my brother, adjusting his blankets carefully. 'And you him.' She raised an eye brow at me as I bit my lip, part of me wanting to tell her to fuck right off, but the other part of me wanted to talk to someone so badly who wasn't Theo.

'He's a nightmare.' I began as she put her hand on her hip, her chocolate brown eyes twinkling with amusement.

'They all are.' She waved dismissively as I continued.

'Ha. But he has a different girl every week, seriously. If not more than one...' I trailed off, realising the thought of Theo with anyone else suddenly made me feel violently sick.

'And?' She said bluntly as I blinked.

'And I don't want to be another number.'

She rolled her eyes as she walked over to me, placing her small hand on my arm.

'You know, I see a lot of things in ICU. I see breakdowns, I see tears, but most of all I see love. I can recognise it in an instant. Don't ignore what your gut is telling you. You'll only regret it. Plus, a man like that doesn't stay single for long. They need a good woman to calm them down.'

She walked over to the bed, as she began telling Nickolas about her day. I loved how she spoke to him, as though he was speaking back.

'I said to him, look Mr Helly, if you don't leave now I'll drag you out myself. Who needs security?'

The door opened and my mom stood there, her smile brightening as she saw the nurse.

'Amy! How are you? Did the doctor tell you the good news?'

The two of them began talking animatedly as I stood, stretching. Amy looked over at me, placing her hand on my mothers arm as she paused.

'Hold that thought. Go get some rest sweetheart. You look exhausted. Too much thinking isn't good for your head.'

My mom turned to me, her eyes softening.

'Ryan will take you home darling. I love you.'

I said my goodbyes, especially to Nickolas, and yawned as I walked towards the elevator. It seemed to take forever for it to arrive, and I leaned against the cool metal as it slid down to the ground floor. The doors pinged open and I searched for Ryan, not seeing him. I frowned as I pulled my phone out to see I had no signal. I waved it around feeling like an ancient dinosaur as I heard the voice.

'What are you doing, Phillips?'

I span around to see him leaning against a wall, an amused look on his face. I walked towards him as he searched my face, his hands reaching out for mine.

'Trying to get signal. Mom said Ryan-'

'Ryan was wiped. I followed him to the hospital and told him I'd get you home safe. I also took the liberty of telling him you may spend the night at mine.'

'Did you now? That's assumptive.'

He wrinkled his nose up as he studied me, lightly kissing my fingers as he spoke quietly.

'Is it? I think you'll find, that when we get good news it's best to celebrate immediately. So I thought, what better way to celebrate that to take you home to bed?'

My body ached for him, as he brought his lips down to mine.

'Don't, Zane or Ryan might turn up.' I groaned as he smirked against my jawline.

'And? With all due respect baby, they don't scare me when it comes to you.'

He kissed me again, and I felt a moan exhale my lips.

'So. To mine?' He questioned, gripping my hips as he pulled me close to him.

'Yes.' I gasped, as he buried his head into my neck.

'Good. Because now you seen much more like my Hannah.'


'Yeah.' He said, his lips crushing against mine, silencing the words that no longer needed to be spoken.

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