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We were silent on the ride home, the only sound was the engine purring as he drove. I stole a glance at him, his dark curls escaping the hat he wore backwards, a look of concentration on his face. The thought of fucking him; actually fucking him, made my insides turn to jelly.

Part of me still felt unsure. What if afterwards he just went back to being the fuckboy I knew? I wouldn't expect him to change who he was, but I has to accept that if we did this, it would change us forever.

But then the way he made me feel. Like no one else did. I couldn't deny that I was so curious to see what else he could do for me. I shivered as I saw his house, and he smirked at me.

'Bet you're getting nervous now aren't you?'

'I'm hardly a virgin, Theodore.'

'Huh. But you've never been fucked by me.' He said softly, his hand finally touching me on my thigh.

'I could still change my mind.' I smirked back, as he shook his head.

'Of course. Just say the word and I'll drop you home. It's there.' He smiled, pointing over to my house as he cut the engine. 'So. Are you going home, or-'

'Get inside De Luca, and stop being a smug dick.' I retorted, rolling my eyes as I stepped out of the car. He swung the keys around his finger as he walked into his house, turning to allow me to walk in. As I walked by him I could smell his delicious scent, and it made my body ache. I had always been able to ignore all of this, knowing he was a player. Now here I was, about to start a new game.

'Bring it, De Luca.' I smirked as I unbuttoned my top, as he raised his eyebrow with amusement.

'Bring it?' He repeated as he tossed his keys onto the side, his eyes darkening as he crossed the room to me, grabbing me by the hand as he tugged me towards the stairs.

'I'm a good boy, Hannah. I'm not bending you over the family sofa, so get upstairs.'

I skipped up the stairs in front of him as I giggled girlishly, wondering where the hell that came from. I walked into his room as he shut the door, tugging his t shirt over his head as my eyes greedily drank him in. I'd seen him before, but not like this. My breathing was becoming more rapid as I continued to unbutton my shirt, as he walked over to me, removing my hands.

'Allow me.' He murmured, his voice hoarse as he pulled the shirt apart with one movement, buttons flying off as I gasped.

'Theodore! You so owe me a new shirt.' I grumbled as he unzipped my skirt, letting it drop to the floor. I stood in front of him then in just my underwear as he unbuckled his belt, dropping his jeans.

This was it.

'Fuck the shirt.' He muttered as he pushed my hands against the door, pinning them above my head as his lips met mine, his tongue demanding access as I felt my body sink into his bliss. Immediately he pulled my legs around his waist, and, still kissing me, walked us over to his bed. He threw me down as he smirked at me, as I sat up on my elbows.

'This how you treat your fucks?' I demanded as I scowled at him.

'No actually. Just you.' He hooked his fingers through my thong, sliding it down slowly as he gazed at my exposed core.

'Fuck me, you're perfect.' He muttered as he pushed my legs up, running a slender finger along my folds. I arched back at his touch as I heard him command me to look at him.

'When I taste you, I want you to be looking right at me. Do you understand?'

I nodded weakly as I lifted myself up onto my elbows, the sight of him in between my thighs making me shiver with delight. He flicked my clit with his tongue, before massaging it with his finger, as I bit my lip.

'Wait for it.' He smirked as I resisted the urge to grab his head and bury it between my legs, knowing the power his tongue had over me. He suddenly kissed the inside of my thigh softly, his finger moving up and down my wet slit as I moaned.


'Use my full name Hannah, how many times do you need to be asked?' He murmured against me as I gasped, his hot breath setting me slight deep inside. His began sucking on my clit as he finger dived deep inside of me, without warning. I felt myself suck in a breath at the sudden invasion, and I groaned louder when a second finger joined the first. He pumped them in and out of me as he devoured me with his tongue, before I felt my body begin to shake in warning.

'My god, I'm going to-'

Suddenly the tongue and finger withdrew, and I snapped my head up to gaze at him in frustration.

'Theo! I was so close!'

'I know. But I want to feel you coming on my dick.'

'Fuck...' I moaned as he stood up, pulling me down to the edge of the bed.

'This time, fucking look at me. You're on the pill, yes?'

I felt him position his throbbing member at the entrance to my soaked pussy, and I would've said yes to anything just to feel that inside of me.

'Yes! Just-'

He smirked at me then, as I felt him enter me before I could finish the sentence.

'Oh my GOD!' I cried as he pulled my hair back so that I was level with his eyes.

'Dont. Stop. Looking. At. Me.' he grunted as he thrust deep within me with each word. I couldn't speak, the feeling of him inside of me suddenly too much. He fucked like a professional, and I realised I was almost limp in comparison. I suddenly came to, reaching under to cup his balls, the whole while maintaining eye contact.

'Hannah..' he warned as I squeezed, leaning forward and pulling his lip between my teeth as I sucked on it, hard. Suddenly his eyes darkened, and I felt myself smirking as he closed his eyes, trying not to lose control.

'You ok De Luca?' I managed to say, laughter escaping my swollen lips.

'You deserve this.' He muttered, pulling out of me as I suddenly felt empty.

'What-' I began as he flipped me over, raising my ass up to him as he buried his cock deep inside of me.

'Argh, Theo..'

'Have you ever fantasised about this Phillip's?'

He was pounding so hard and fast now I could barely breathe, my hair falling in front of me as I desperately grabbed hold of the headboard, gripping it with all my life was worth so that I didn't fall.

'Yes!' I managed as he reached around, his finger finding my swollen clit as I began to moan loudly.

'Tell me. How many times did you want me to fuck you like this?'

I was seeing stars, my breathing ragged as I tried to talk. All that came out were more moans, my teeth sinking into my lip as I tried to look around at him.

'Answer the question, surely its not hard. One, two, three...'

'So many.' I screamed, as I felt my orgasm rip through my body, my pussy clenching around his hard cock as I heard him laugh.

'Oh baby, come for me. Soak my dick baby.'

I was suddenly incredibly sensitive as he picked up speed, something I hadn't imagined was even possible.

'You're better than any fantasy I ever had.' He said as he began to groan, before emptying himself deep inside of me, his fingers digging into my hips as I felt him slow, still sending semen deep into me.

'Fucking hell Phillips.'

Was all I heard as he gently kissed my back, lifting me upright so he could caress my nipples from behind. I turned my head to him, our mouths meeting as I felt him slide from inside of me, leaving a trail of him down my thigh.

'I'm going to need to clean up.' I muttered as he reached around to my incredibly sensitive clit.

'Nah, not yet. We've only just begun.'

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