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'Did I stutter?' A smile played on my lips as she inhaled sharply, flinching away from my touch as though it was on fire. 'I said, strip.' Bruce Patterman has been burned once. Since then women became merely playthings; a distraction if he was bored. But then he met her. Out of the entire world, he met her. He assumed she would be enough to make him forget who burned him. Assumptions can be deadly.

Erotica / Romance
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'You prefer the brunette?' Damon asked, sipping his beer as he frowned at me. I glanced back over to the two girls, and decided I definitely preferred the brunette. She wore tight jeans and an off shoulder white top which showed off her caramel coloured skin.

'But I thought you liked blondes? Or is it just your best friends girls you prefer?' Joked Damon as I shot him a warning glare. It still hurt to think about Harper.

'Shut the fuck up.' I growled with annoyance as Damon leaned forward.

'See the blonde is checking you out. The brunette has her eyes on yours truly. So what do you say?' He said bravely.

I finished my drink, and looked him in the eye.

'Then may the best man win.' I smirked as he began to laugh in disbelief as we walked over to the girls who were pretending they hadn't noticed us.

The blonde was too much, all fake tan and fake diamond earrings, flicking her hair this way and that as she pouted.

'Looks like we're in trouble Katie.' She giggled as she openly checked me out, her eyes running up and down me before she turned to Damon and did the same. I turned my gaze to Katie who looked up at me with disinterest, before her eyes widened slightly. She looked away, her pale green eyes framed by thick dark lashes. Her hair was cut into a blunt bob, her slender fingers raised a glass to her lips as she swallowed the amber liquid quickly.

I realised I was nervous.

'Katie is it? I'm Bruce.' I said softly, leaning forward so she could hear me over the music. My lips must've caught her ear, because she suddenly shuddered, her face turning to mine instinctively.

'Sorry, super ticklish.' She explained, rubbing at her throat.

'Mmm. Sorry. Didn't mean to make you shudder like that.'

She lifted her eyes up to me, as I smirked. She raised her glass again, draining it impressively in one go.

'Want to buy me another drink?' She smirked back, as I raised my eyebrows in surprise. She wasn't as timid as she looked. I grabbed her hand in mine as I winked at Damon who rolled his eyes.

'What are you having?' I asked as we got to the bar, my eyes unable to move away from her. She leaned against the bar, her eyes on mine.

'What?' She said breathlessly as I took a step closer to her.

'I said, what are you having to drink?'

I could feel her body heat from where I stood, and I noticed her sweet perfume.

'Diet coke.' She said quietly as I blinked in surprise. No wonder she downed the last drink.

'You don't drink?' I asked with intrigue as she shook her head.

'Too many weirdos.'

'Oh I see.' I chuckled as I moved around her, ordering a beer for me and a diet coke for her. Her body was close to mine as I leaned forward to pay for the drinks. 'I'm not a weirdo. I just think you are beautiful.'

'That's exactly what a weirdo would say...' she mused as I inched closer to her, wanting to feel her sweet mouth on mine. 'Bruce, right?' She asked, turning to accept the drink from the bartender. 'I don't know what girls you are used to, but if you are going to try to kiss me, I'll tell you now not to waste your time.'

I frowned as I sipped my beer, moving back from her as I studied her. She was stirring her drink with the straw in between her fingers, her eyes scanning the area around us.

'You got a boyfriend Katie?' I sighed, as she frowned.

'Do you think I would have held your hand and let you buy me a drink if I had a boyfriend?' She pointed out, wide eyed. I began to smile then, intrigued by this girl.

'Ok... so what, I'm not your type?'

She laughed then, and it was almost musical. I shook my head as I gazed at her, tilting her head to look at me.

'Oh, you're my type, Bruce. That's the problem. You're everyone's type. Those muscles and come to bed eyes...I'm not falling for that so easily. Fuck them and leave them, right?'

I was confused, as I began to smile. She wanted me to work for it. I could do that. I leaned forward again, pressing my body against hers as I heard her inhale sharply. I dipped my mouth to her neck, brushing my lips against her neck as she stiffened. I moved up to her ear as I whispered softly.

'Let me take you out for dinner. Tell me when, and I will pick you up. On one condition.'

She was breathing heavily now, as she turned to stare at me.


'You let me take you home tonight.'

She began to laugh as she pushed me away softly.

'I'm not going home with you.'

'You misunderstand me. I'll rephrase it. Let me drop you home tonight. I don't see the point in either of us staying here any longer.'

I wanted to kiss her so badly it was causing physical pain, but I knew if I did I'd ruin it.

'I'm not leaving this club with you, in any capacity. I'm sure there are so many other girls who would love to.' She drawled, waving her hand around as I stared at her, trying to think of anything but kissing her.

She seemed to be fighting it, I noticed, as her eyes drifted to my lips before turning away. I stepped back, sipping my beer as I turned to see Damon and the blonde slipping out of the fire exit. I turned back to Katie, and smirked.

'In any capacity? What if I told you your friend had left with my friend?'

She searched the club, narrowing her eyes as she saw what I was saying was probably true.

'I'm a big girl. I can make my own way home.'

I frowned at her stubbornness, wondering if she usually left clubs on her own. Why did she risk herself like that?

'With the amount of men eye fucking you right now? I don't think so.' I said simply, as she glared at me in defiance.

'Who's eye fucking me?' She demanded, looking around us to the collection people that surrounded us, her pale eyes dancing with amusement.

'Me, for a start.' I murmured, as I pulled her close to me again. I guided us away from the bar, as I met her eyes again. She was sucking on her lip without realising the effect she was having on me, as I growled with frustration.

'You shouldn't go home on your own.' I repeated, my hand still on the small of her waist.

'My brother and I have had fights since I was nine. I usually won, and he is a boxer now.' she whispered as I dipped my head towards hers, our lips dangerously close.

'Humor me. Please.' I said gruffly as she sighed, her sweet breath making me want to slam her hard into the wall and kiss her. I'd not felt like this about anyone, ever. I wanted to protect her, but she didn't seem to want or need protection. She was innocent, yet dangerously addictive.

'Fine.' She whispered, as I felt myself relax. 'But you are dropping me off. Nothing more.'

'Omg Bruce! I didn't know you were out tonight!' Squealed a voice from my left as I grabbed Katie's hand, making her glare at me as I turned away, nodding at the redhead who literally wouldn't leave me alone since a drunken kiss a few months ago.

'I'm actually just leaving.' I said apologetically as I walked away, the redheads eyes narrowing as she stared at Katie with envy.

The cold air was refreshing after the sticky damp air of the club, and I noticed Katie shiver slightly.

'So where do you live? I'll get us an uber.' I said as she stared up at me from under her long lashes as she mumbled her address.

'If you are sure you don't want to come back with me, that is?' I tried again as she rolled her eyes, shaking her head.

'Do these lines really work?' She scoffed as I completed the order for the uber. I looked up at her in surprise as I answered.

'I know what you think. But honestly, I just want to make sure you get home safe.'

'Right. Is dinner a way if making sure I did get home ok?' She shot back as I bit my lip.

'Are you going to let me? Take you out for dinner?'

She shrugged as the uber arrived, climbing in the back beside me.

'I'm not sure.'

I couldn't believe this girl.

'So are you going to give me your number at least?' I demanded, feeling like I repulsed this girl. She looked at me with those fucking eyes and I waited for her to tell me to fuck off.

'I'm on Facebook. Katie Hind.'


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