Game NIght

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When a card game leads to more. Just a quick short story. Not edited

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1



“Do you want to get out of here?”I asked waiting to see what she thought.

“I don’t know Rachel is being such a bitch.Did you hear her tell us about the deck?They are copying us again.Oh my god, can’t they come up with their own ideas?”

My wife was under the impression that Rachel and her husband Kent copied us in every aspect of our life.It’s not that she was wrong, far from it, but I wasn’t sure why it bothered her so much.

It was probably better if we left before something got said and we wouldn’t be able to come back from.I was about to say that when she said instead.

“I wish we could just teach her a lesson,” she fumed.

Well, that I could help with.The only problem was I didn’t know if my wife would be on board with that or not.“You could sleep with her husband that would fix her.”I said smiling.

She smiled back at me.She knew I was having fantasies about her doing stuff in front of me with another man.I knew she would say no because she had no desire to be with Kent.

“Please tell me what sleeping with him would do to get back at Rachel?I mean come on, at least pick someone worth chasing after, not some whipped excuse for a man.”

“Well, it’s not like he would ever dare tell her.She would kill the bastard.Then every time you saw her afterword you would be smiling knowing you got one over on her.”I tried knowing it would get me nowhere.

“Good try honey, but if I ever do anything it will be with someone more attractive than Kent.”She finished.

I knew that.Neither Kent nor Rachel was the type to light a fire under someone.He was tall, but with his thinning hair and way to laid back attitude it was a wonder he ever got any action, even from his wife.

Rachel, well, she was the one that would tell you exactly what you wanted to hear and then tell someone else the complete opposite if they wanted to hear that.I could see why she drove my wife crazy and I didn’t blame her in the least for feeling frustrated.

Both my wife and I were older than them by a few years but in my mind we were both good looking people.Granted we weren’t as thin as we were in high school but my wife’s blond hair and green eyes still stood out and if that didn’t do it, her large, still upright breasts usually did.Even though she didn’t notice it a lot she still garnered attention whenever we went out.

My receding hair line and small beer belly weren’t the most attractive but my personality and deep blue eyes usually got me a few nibbles.The only problem was we didn’t go out a lot anymore so we usually hung with people we already knew.

“We said we would come over to play a game and have a drink.We should probably follow through with that.”She decided as we went into their house after taking a moment to enjoy their back yard, which was an excuse to get some air.

“Ok, but if you want to leave let me know.”I said.

“I need a drink.”She said instead and went inside.

“Hey you two, I thought you got lost out there.”Rachel said as we came in.

“We were just admiring your back yard and thinking about all the possibilities you have back there.I wish my yard was that big.Of course if it was I would have a net hanging up to drive golf balls into.”I said laughing.

“I never thought of that.I should mention it to Kent, but he doesn’t play, so it probably wouldn’t work.”Rachel said leading us toward their dining room where we usually played games.

My wife looked at me and I smiled.I played golf a few times a week, and while not very good, I enjoyed the game.Kent was not athletic in any sense of the word so for Rachel to even think about the idea was a verification on what my wife already said.

“So Josie it’s your turn to pick the game,” Rachel said giving her that smile that means absolutely nothing.

“I don’t care as long as I can drink.”My wife said and I loved that idea.I could get her drunk.The saying ‘the more she drinks the better I look’ popped into my head.

“I know a card game that is basically a full drinking game.We could play that.”I volunteered.

“Yeah that works, grab me my blue juice Mikey will ya?”My wife asked walking to the table.

Her drink of choice lately was Raspberry Sting, a blue raspberry vodka mix that she loved.I loved it because it messed her up early and thoroughly.Hey, don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Kent came into the room and sat down and never said a word.He was like that.If you asked him a question he would respond usually with a lot of head movement, but other than that he didn’t really have an original thought in his brain.

“Hey Kent, what do you want to drink?”I asked grabbing Josie’s and my drink.

“The beer you brought is fine,” he said which was good since it was the only thing to drink in the place.

“I’ll take some Sting too Mikey if your pouring.”Rachel called over.

Of course she called over she loved being waited on.Little princess syndrome is what I called it.“Sure thing,” I said back with a smile knowing she would think I actually cared, and I was so far from that, it would make your head spin.

I got the drinks and set them down and opened the deck of cards.I made sure we had all fifty two, trust me; it was one of those things that needed checking in this house, and then explained the rules.

“The game is pretty simple.I deal out the whole deck to all the players.All non face cards are drinking cards.You lay one down and tell whoever you want to take a drink.”

“I like this game already,” my wife said taking a drink for emphasis.She really didn’t care for these two.It showed how desperate we were to have someone to hang out with didn’t it?
“The Jacks are truth cards.You lay one down and pick someone to answer a question you ask and they have to be totally honest.”I said.

“How will you know if they are honest?”Rachel asked.Yup she was already looking for loop holes.

“You are on your honor.I know everyone here is very honorable so I am sure no one will lie.” I said barely able to get the words through my mouth.

“That makes sense,” she said sitting back again.

“The queens are dare cards for women.You lay a queen down and you can pick any woman to perform a dare.If she doesn’t perform the dare she has to finish whatever is in her glass in one drink.”I explained.

“Yup, liking the game more and more,” my wife said taking another drink.

“The kings work the same way for the men.”I finished.

“What about the aces?”Kent said and it was a miracle that he spoke.

“They are the wild cards.They can act as any of the other cards that you want.So they take the place of any card in the deck.Except they cover everyone of that gender or the whole table.So if you want all the girls to jump on one foot, you use the ace for it.”I explained.

“What if you want everyone to take a drink, just not girls or guys?”Rachel asked.

“Sure you can use the ace for everyone, just announce it first.So, is everyone ready to play?”

Everyone jumped in and I began dealing out the cards.It was time to see what kind of mischief I could cause.

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