Game NIght

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I watched as he began shuffling the cards.He had a little glint in his eye.He was up to something.Of course knowing Mike he was always up to something.Ass had been trying to live out his voyeur fantasies through me lately so I had no doubt that he would try something during the game just wasn’t sure what he would try.

Hell I could have told him if he had picked a good looking couple he wouldn’t have had to try real hard, but that was probably what he was afraid of.Knowing him he wanted to pick a not so good looking couple so there wouldn’t be any chance one of us would want more than a fun night.Of course how much fun could it be if you weren’t attracted to the other couple?

He dealt them out and everyone had thirteen cards in front of them.I watched as Mike actually took time to organize his cards, yeah that wasn’t me.I just held them in my hand and waited.

Mike threw down a two and said “Rachel take a drink.”

She did and the game was started.We went around with everyone passing out drinks left and right. Kent threw down a face card about three rounds in and he had a big smile.

“Josie why don’t you get us all a new drink?That way we don’t have to get up.”He said pretty proud of himself.

“Why sure thing Kent,” I said in fake servitude.If everyone was going to be targeting me all night this game was going to be over real soon.

I refreshed all their drinks and sat back down.I was next one up and just made Kent drink.I wanted to save my face cards for as long as possible.If anyone made me do more shit they would regret it when I played mine.

Two more rounds around the table and my husband was up and he was smiling.Oh shit, I knew when he was smiling it was not a good sign.

He laid an ace down on the table and said this command was for the whole group.He eyes us all with a smile and then he said “Everyone has to lay the hand closest to the person sitting next to them on that person’s thigh.You have to leave it there for the remainder of the entire game.

Well he was the closest to me, so not a big deal.In fact I could even tease the little bastard from time to time.That’s what he was probably thinking.He knew when I drank I became a little more sensitive to his touch, sneaky bastard.

I placed my hand on his inner thigh so if I wanted to I could tease him all through the game.I could get him nice and hard and then play a king and make him get up and get drinks for everyone.Oh, I liked that idea.

We went two more times around before another face card was played.Let me tell you trying to keep track of cards with one hand was not easy.I could see why Mike piled his into piles.I would have to do that when they dealt a new set.

It was Rachel and she threw down a queen.Oh shit I knew the bitch was going to make me do something I didn’t want to do.I was so glad I was saving my face cards.

“Oh Josie why don’t you do us all a favor and give us shoulder massages.I’ve been so tense tonight.”She said and I would strangle the bitch with my bare hands.

I smiled and got up but not before giving Mikey a hard squeeze to his penis.Asshole thought of this game it was his fault I was everybody’s slave.I started with Mikey, then Rachel and finished with Kent while they all joked and drank.I finally got back to my seat and it was Kent’s turn to play.

He laid down a Jack, and it was the first time a truth card had been played.Then I saw him look at me.Asshole was picking on me again.I was so getting revenge as soon as it was my turn.

“Josie it’s time to tell the truth.Whose shoulders did you enjoy rubbing the most?”

I could easily cop out and say Mikey’s but now I had a plan to piss off our hosts.“That’s easy Kent, it was yours.I never knew you were so big up there.Why it felt like my fingers could just rub you all night long.I don’t know how Rachel keeps her hands off of you.Damn you’re a strong man.”I said with the most sincere smile I could.

He looked shell shocked.Good that will fix the both of them.Mikey was having a hard time controlling him laugh and Rachel looked confused.Good everyone was enjoying themselves at my expense, so I might as well cause some drama.

It was my turn now and I wanted to cause some shit.I laid down a king.“Oh Kent, since I was nice enough to give you a good massage why don’t you come over here and give me a real thorough back massage.I’ve been so tense tonight,” I said stealing Rachel’s words right out of her mouth.

He looked nervous as hell as he approached me.I wanted them all to sweat a little bit after picking on me all night.As soon as his hands touched me and began rubbing all over my back I really played into it letting him know how good his hands felt.

Of course I was squeezing my husband’s penis at the same time and if Kent saw me I didn’t care.Let him wish it was him as I moaned from his kneading hands.


Damn as she felt me up as she was moaning as another man was rubbing her all over her back.Damn I was getting harder by the minute.I didn’t know if she was playing or if it really felt that good to her but at the moment I didn’t really care.

“How long is he supposed to give you a massage?”Rachel asked getting more jealous than I had ever seen her.

“Oh that’s so good.”Josie said out loud.“I guess that’s good enough for now Kent.Of course I may always have another card I can use later.”

Kent went back to his seat and low and behold someone besides me was sporting a tent in his pants.I was sure Rachel and Josie saw it too.Must be Josie’s moans were doing something for both of us.

We went around the table a few more times and I think everyone including myself used up the rest of their drink cards because we were all sitting there with smiles on our faces.

Now the game was about to become interesting as I laid down a Jack and began looking around to see who I would pick to answer my question.


Ok so if the asshole picked me I was going to twist his dick right off.I was tired of being the whipping girl.He smiled as he looked at me and I was ready then he said “Kent.”

“Kent, did you get an erection while rubbing my wife all over?”Mikey asked with a huge smile on his face.

“Of course he didn’t,” Rachel spoke right up.

“Kent, did you get hard rubbing my wife and listening to her moan?”

“Um, yeah, it was kind of hard not to.”He said and Rachel looked at him hard and like she was going to kill him.“If it had just been a backrub I wouldn’t have but when she started moaning and saying how good it felt, well my mind began wandering, and well, you know.”

“Kent,” Rachel said and slapped him.

“What, I couldn’t help it.You know how dirty talk like that turns me on.”

“Who’s next, oh that’s right, it’s me.”Rachel said throwing down a Jack.

“Mike, did you get hard when my husband was rubbing all over your wife?”

“Yup, I was hard as a rock the entire time.If you don’t believe me ask Josie she was teasing me with her hand on my thigh while she was getting rubbed.She can verify it since her hand happened to slip and land on my erection a few times.”

She looked at me and I smiled.“It was there and it was calling to me, what can I say?”

“My turn,” Kent quickly chimed in.He threw down a king and said “Mike.”

“Mike, give my wife a sensual back rub.”He said smiling.

Mike got up from the table.I knew he wasn’t interested in Rachel but he loved playing games and he was very competitive so I knew he wouldn’t chicken out and finish his drink.

I watched as he moved behind her and began with her shoulders.At first she seemed nervous with everyone watching her but as he began kneading her shoulders harder and harder she relaxed under his experienced hands.

I watched as her hand under the table began moving a little more and I knew she was copying me once again by feeling up her husband.I looked at Mike and he was looking at me.He was smiling but it was a smile for me not what he was doing.He rubbed all over her back and shoulders and when he walked away I noticed he didn’t have an erection in his pants.

I knew he got more turned on when I did something, he was such a voyeur, but I would have understood if he had gotten one, but he didn’t so I didn’t have to worry about it.

We finished off the rest of the deck except for the one card that was sitting in front of Mike.Everything was pretty tame for the most part except when I had to rub my boobs all over everyone’s back.I was clothed so it wasn’t that big of deal, so I was a little surprised when I was excited by the time I was done.

The alcohol must be hitting me pretty good because I couldn’t imagine that just doing that would leave me feeling turned on.I was waiting for the last card not sure what was left at this point as Mikey seemed really proud of himself.

“Ok group, I have the last card, and it just so happens that it is an ace,” he said flipping it up and over onto the deck of discarded cards.

“I will wait and say what we will do after we all get fresh drinks, use the bathroom, or whatever we need to do.Once we sit down again I will call it out as I deal out the cards.”

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