Giving it a try

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Chapter 1

Today was hectic day, it was a pile up this morning so I was bouncing from room to room. I been on my feet since 5:30 this morning its now the afternoon and I'm still standing.

Susan get him up the surgery ASAP he's bleeding in the lungs, next door I hear flat line. Billy we had him what happened, charge it "clear" charge it to 200 clear shit still nothing start CPR I'm not giving up. Billy started CPR for a few minutes alright billy clear. Beep beep beep bill take him up to x-ray stat and find out what's going on alright y'all you herd boss lady let's go.

Paging Dr. Megan paging Dr. Megan. can you come to my office. Everybody stopped what they was doing and looked at me, I shrugged my shoulders and said Billy and Robin can you see about the patients until I come back and the rest of you finish cleaning up. Billy said alright you herd boss lady get y'all asses back to work. Billy shut up said robin.

I knocked on the door of my boss she says come in. Sitting behind the desk was Angela brown she's been working here for 15 years I've looked to her since I started intern. She was in her 50s pretty brown skin you would have thought she was in her 40s.

She gave me a water bottle and told me to sit down and rest for a minute. Dr. Brown said I know your tired so take 5 I laughed and nodded my head.

What I called you in her for is because I was retiring and to be honest I don't trust anyone else with what I'm about to offer she paused and took a deep breath. I have no choice but to retire because they found a lump in my right breast and its about the size of a plum and its cancer I get scheduled for surgery next month and I need to be prepared for it, nobody knows about not even my boss and I want to keep it that way. What we talk about stays between us don't tell nobody you have to promise me that ok Megan.

I was at a loss for words about what Dr. Brown told me I said ok Dr. Bro- Please call me Angela I trust you that's why I'm telling you this information.

Ok Angela whatever you need me to I will I'm upset you'll be leaving us, you was one of the best doctors that trained me and I will forever appreciate what you have done for me.

Megan you don't know how much I that mean to me I knew when I first saw you you was going to be something something very powerful and that's why I'm offering you my position. Everybody on the board committee agreed with me that you was the best candidate and you would do good with the position.

She slid me a folder I opened it and inside was the signatures of all the board committee and also how much my pay is by the hour and how much I'll be making a year, I sat wide eyed and tears coming out my eyes I couldn't believe it I worked so hard and now its paying off.

I hope those are happy tears I nodded my head I asked her can I give her a hug and she got up and gave me a hug. We talked some more she explained to me what to expect and showed me the ropes of everything and by the time she showed me and talked to me my shift was done. As a promise to myself I check on all my patient's told them who was night shift was and left.


Later that evening I got home I cooked me something to eat it was on low while I soaked in the tub. Lord knows I needed this I was half sleep in tub when my phone ringed and it was Robin.

Me: hello

Robin: girl where your ass been I been looming for you

Me: well you know how Dr. Brown called me in the office Robin said uh uh yeah so she called me in tooooooooooo bitch tell me and stop beating around the the bush I laughed she called me because She's retiring and she want me to take her position and she was showing me around and telling me about what I'm about to do and stuff. The line went silent and Robin screamed and started rambling about how she wanted to celebrate and where to go and stuff.

I just hung up and got out the tub I took a quick shower, I got out and lotion my legs and skin put up my curls in a messy curls and threw on some boy shorts and sports bra. I walked down stairs and fixed me a big bowl of pasta and a glass of wine. It was so lonely and quiet till I cut the TV on to drown out the quiet. After i ate and put the dishes in the dishwasher I went upstairs cut Pandora on and went to sleep.

Let me know what y'all think this my first book. I mean I have another book but stopped working on that I wanted to focus on this but I might go back and work on it.

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