Giving it a try

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Chapter 2

Today was my day off and I planned on staying in and catching up on all my missed shows. I smelt something good and I already knew who it was I got up and did my hygiene and went down stairs. At the stove was robin and my other best friend Brian I said morning they said morning together. I got a cup of coffee and sat down at the table. I read the news paper and Brian snatched it out of my had and said so a little crow told me you had a promotion. I would say that crow got a big ass mouth couldn't hold water for nothing. Robin started mumbling I ain't got no big ass mouth i don't know what you talking about I said what you said crow Robin smacked her teeth I didn't say nothing man.

Robin went back in the kitchen to bring out the rest of the food. One she brought out the rest of the food they said grace and started eating. Brian spoke up first and said we should go out and celebrate on your promotion nope not going to happen I plan on staying home and catching up on my shows I'll pass. Robin and Brian and started begging please Megan you never go out just this one time and we'll leave you alone Brian said all we doing is going out to eat and seeing that new movie that came out. Megan thought about and alright alright I'll go but only this one time. Robin and Brian started cheering. They cleaned up the kitchen and went there separate ways to meet up that evening.



Megan got up to take another shower she shaved and moisturized her legs and arms. She put on her clothes she sat down at her make-up station to put on light make up as she was finishing up she got a text from Brian tell her they was outside.

When she got in the car. Robin turned around and said oo shit girl don't you look cute. Is that my jacket you got on I sucked my teeth and said girl bye you know this isn't your jacket. Where we going anyway. We ain't telling you so sit back and enjoy the ride I pulled my phone out to play my game.

****30 min later****

We pulled up to our favorite restaurant. Wow we haven't been here since we started the internship at the hospital. We got out and went in the place still looked the same. We got our same booth, the waiter came and she saw us she gasp and said oh my god I haven't seen you guys in so long get up and let me take a look at y'all. We all laughed and got up and gave her a hug and a kiss.

Mrs. Susan has been by our side since day one. She was there on late nights of us studying for our finals in college to the first day we did interns at the hospital. She was in her 50s she gave off a motherly type vibe and we all looked up to her. Hell she was even there when Brian came out as gay and his own family didn't accept him so basically we are his only family.

She said y'all want the usual. We nodded our head and she left to get our orders. While we waited we talked about random stuff. I asked what we was doing after this. We can go to the movies after this if you want.

Yeah that's fine we paid for our stuff and we got in the car we didn't move for 5 minutes Robin and Brian was texting on there phone when they was done. Robin started the car and it was quiet except for the music. Robin turned downed the radio and said sis I'm sorry but we have to cut the night short me and Brian have to go some where and its going to take a while.

I said that's ok I'll just come with you guys I don't want to be alone anymore. Robin and Brian looked at each other and said umm well you see you're not allowed to come with its like a members only club and you can't come unless you're a member and since you're not you can't come in. So what I'm suppose to do in the meantime I'm going to be bored y'all asses dragged me out so now I wanna do something. Robin said I know bae but we really need to do this. It shouldn't take that long to it Brian looked at Robin that looked he gave saying girl you just lying Robin shook her head as they pulled up to a abandon building.

Megan said y'all sure y'all going to be ok it's nobody here Brian got out and said yeah we'll be ok I'll text you later come on Robin we already later they started walking off into the building. Wait guys how I get out of here.

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