Giving it a try

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Chapter 3

Damn I took my phone and put in my address and was driving around for the longest I was getting lost and I couldn't find my way home so I drove back to this dessert building and walked towards it and knocked on it. The door opened and a big buff looking dude came out and said password. Password what you talking about password. I dropped two of my friends off and I'm lost and trying to find my way out of here.

The dude said to get inside and get to the road you must have a password or be a newbie to enter. What in the entire fuck is going on all I wanna do is go home I knew I shouldn't have came out. Miss what are you going to do your holding up the line. I looked back and it was cars behind me I got back in my car and the gate opened and the gate closed automatically. Inside was beautiful you would have never guessed something was behind the gate because it was empty on the outside. I parked my car and got out I got inside and I saw people on leashes, some people sitting on sofas kissing and touching people what scared me the most is people getting whipped and paddled some was screaming and some was enjoying it. I gotta get the hell out of here. I located the bar.

What can I get you Miss. I shook my head and said I was wondering how do I get out here I dropped some friends off and they ran off before I could ask how I get out of here. The bartender said I'm sorry but one of the rules are you have to spend at least 30 minutes to a hour if you're new and then you'll have to get the code from the owner in order to leave. Megan eyes grew big she knew she was in trouble she shook her head and miss you sure. She nodded her head and offered me something to drink. I told her what I wanted she brought it and told me it something to relax. I was thinking I don't wanna fucking relax I wanna get out of here but I sipping my drink damn this shit good. After 10 minutes or so the lights dimmed. The hell going on.

On stage a handsome guy came out barefoot leather pants and no shirt on. This lady come on stage and got in some position I couldn't see her face cause her head was tilted down with her hair in her face legs spread apart hands behind her back and fingers interlocked. The man squatted down and patted her head like she was some dog and it angered me and said good girl. He smooth her hair out the way and pulled her hair out making her head go back in a painful way and the girl groaned like she was in pain the man kissed her and when he stepped to the side my eyes almost popped out of my head it can't be Robin.

The show continued and Megan had to look away she slipped away and looked for a bathroom when somebody grabbed her and pulled her in the men's bathroom she screamed but nobody paid her any attention because they thought she was enjoying the show.

The guy slapped Megan and was roughly kissing on her she stared kicking and punching her but he was bigger and stronger then her he smelled of alcohol badly she was screaming but nobody came he slapped her and choked her and told her I'm about to teach you a lesson about hitting Dom's she herd his buckle and.she knew right then and there she had to do something with all her might she kicked him him the balls hard with her heel she tried to get up but he grabbed her ankle and she fell hitting her head she was seeing black dots. He pinned her down and got her pants down and was about to put his hands down her pants when the door opened her voice was gone but manged to say help me please. What she didn't know was that was Brian that came in the right time he screamed and his Dom herd him scream and came in the bathroom and got the guy off of Megan. Brian said stay with me bae stay with me Brian's Dom dragged him out the bathroom a crowd was starting to form Brian was telling everyone to leave eventually they did Brian was keeping Megan awake by talking to her and saying how sorry he was. A deep voice was telling everyone to move and Shawn walked threw a blanket over her and picked her up and took her to his office.

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