Giving it a try

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Chapter 4

I herd shouting the voice sounded familiar but couldn't recognize his voice. Why was he back here and how did he get in because I changed all the codes to the building another unfamiliar voice said you did but he busted the system and it shut down and that's how he got in. The familiar voice my thing is who is she and what is she doing here clearly she's not a sub or a mistress so who let her in. The talking stopped when they saw me waking up two Greek good was staring at me. The first one came and bent down and touched my cheek I winced and moved back Greek good number 1 said what's your name I didn't say nothing. Greek god said my name is Shawn and that's my friend and partner Joseph. I still didn't say nothing at first where's Brian and Robin I want Brian and Robin. Shawn nodded his head and said something in his ear piece I still didn't say anything I stared in space.

A few minutes later a knock was sounded Robin and Brian came in worried when Megan saw them she broke down she kept saying I just wanted to go home and they wouldn't let me because of some rule I just wanted to go home I didn't feel comfortable. Brian hugged Megan and rocked her shhhh bae it's ok we're the guilty ones we should have told the guard to just let you through I'm sorry bae we're sorry. Megan nodded her head and said can we go home now I wanna forget about this please. Robin nodded her head yeah. She looked over at Joseph with pleading eyes and he nodded his head yeah and said we'll talk about this later she nodded her yeah ok.

************1 hour later**********

They all got out the car and went into the house not saying anything everyone went there separate ways they all showered and met back up in the room. Megan was the last one to enter the room she had a bruise on her cheek. Brian was the first to speak up saying I bought you some honey tea for your throat and meds for the pain. We also owe you a explanation on what you saw tonight. Megan nodded her head she sip on her tea Robin spoke up first saying how she's truly sorry she was and that she's into BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission I just shorted it I don't wanna scare her to much) I been into it for 5 years now what you saw on stage is me giving a performance since it was me and my Dom's anniversary. Megan again nodded her head brian said he was up stairs getting punished hes been doing it for about 2 and a half years. Megan asked it looked like it hurt and u looked uncomfortable. Robin and Brian shooked their head and sighed bae it doesn't hurt shit it actually feels good. You'll have to get use to it. I was hesitant about doing it because i thought the same thing and more but he worked with me and introduced me into the world little by little until i loved it. Megan nodded her head and said can you guys stay with me tonight. I gotta get up in the morning. Brian and Robin looked at each other and said it's best if you stay home tomorrow we understand it's your first day and all not up for discussion. Megan nodded her head yeah. They both layed down and went to sleep. Holding Megan tight whenever she get a bad dream.

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