The Club

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What happens at the club sometimes follows you home

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Chapter 1



“Hey Mitch, hand me my coat,” my wife called from the hotel room.

We were in town to visit a local strip club that was holding the regional finals for pole dancing.We had been looking forward to it for a while now and we were glad we could fit it into our schedules.

“Sure baby” I said walking it over to her.

“I know that smile.What do think is going to happen tonight?”

“I don’t know, but I do know that it won’t be for lack of trying.”I said grinning even more.

“You are such a horn dog.”She said smiling at me with that innocent smile of hers.

We got to the club early because we wanted to have a seat, and knew as the night went they would be harder and harder to get.We were one of the first ones there and we got a table directly facing the stage and got comfortable with a drink.

We watched the first set of routines and the club filled right up.Seats were tough to come by and most of the patrons were standing at this point.I got up and went to the bathroom and when I came back a couple of young guys were talking to my wife.

When I say young, probably really early twenties, and she was laughing at whatever they were saying.I grabbed another couple drinks for us and made my way back over to the table where my wife looked happy.

I handed her a drink and she said “thanks baby.Matt and John were keeping me company.”

“Well thanks guys.I hope Julie was keeping you entertained.”I said taking my stool again.

“Yeah she was critiquing the last routine she was hysterical.” The guy named Matt said.

“Yeah she’s great,” John said,

We talked to the guys and a never ending carousel of girls kept coming by trying to entice someone into the back room for a lap dance.Most of the girls weren’t my type, or Julie’s for that matter but our new friends seemed enamored with a few of them.

John finally broke down and accepted a lap dance and went with her to the back room where they would collect his money and give him the dance.It would last about four minutes and then she would bring him back.

The three of us kept talking and when he came back he seemed disappointed.“What’s wrong bud, not a good dance?”

“It was fine, she did a good job, but there are so many guys back there it was weird.”John explained.

“That’s why it’s better getting one as a couple,” Julie said.

“What do you mean?”Matt asked.

“Couples that get a lap dance get a private area, and it is way sexier.Of course that’s probably because the girl in the couple takes her top off to match the dancer.”Julie explained.

“No shit,” Matt said with wonder.“I doubt I would ever get a girl to go back there with me to see another woman getting undressed.”

“Then you haven’t found the right woman boys.”I said patting Julie’s hand on the table.

“You like going back there,” John asked serious.

“Of course I do.I love those soft subtle boobies as much as you probably do.”Julie said all seductively.

“Damn,” Matt said looking at Julie with new found awe.

“I need a drink.Matt come with me.”John said pulling him toward the bar.

“That was weird,” Julie said watching them walk away.

“Not at all, the two Casanova’s are now trying to figure out how to get you to be their woman so they can go back to the private area.”I explained like it was obvious.

“Seriously,” she asked like the thought was alien to her.

“Of course you painted that picture for them now they have to figure out how they can pull it off.”

“Well, I’m not really into either of them, they are a little young.I could go back with them and not take my top off.”Julie said and I loved her naivety.

“Oh baby you would get back there and one of these soft young women would start rubbing up against you and you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself.”I laughed.

“I would too.”She pouted.

“There is only one way to find out.If one of our young men asks you to join them go ahead and see what happens.”I said.

“I might just do that to prove you wrong.”She said sticking out her tongue in a playful manner.

“Don’t stick that out unless you plan on using it.”I said back.

“Maybe I will, but not with you tonight.”She countered back and I laughed.

“What’s so funny,” John asked leading Matt back to the table.

“My wife thinks she will be able to control herself with the young ladies tonight.She never can but she thinks she can.It will be fun to witness.”I said.

“I’d like to witness that myself,” John said moving closer to my wife.


Damn I hated it when he was right but as John moved closer to me I had to believe what my husband said was true.“Mitch, would it be possible for me to borrow Julie so I can get into the private area.”John asked my husband moving closer to me.

He laughed.Asshole knew he was right.“That’s up to Julie.”

John looked at me with hope and I thought about it.Why not I would get a free show and I could prove that I wouldn’t get that excited and prove Mitch wrong.“Sure, why not,” I said.

“Me too,” Matt begged.“I want to see the area too.Can I go after John?”

“Sure why not,” I said smiling.“Now I want to use the bathroom before we do anything.”

I got up and made my way to the bathroom and got inside and thought.Could I keep my hands to myself?I loved touching the girls and I loved them touching me.Nope I probably would end up touching them.

The real question was would I be able to keep my top on?I mean the girls would feel me up and the desire to take my top off would be huge just so they could feel my bare boobs.Yup I wanted that, so I was rethinking my answer to both the guys a few minutes ago.

Why though? I mean it’s a strip club for crying out loud.They see topless dancers all night why should my boobs do anything for them?I mean hell, we were going to be getting a dance from whatever girl turned them on so they wouldn’t really care about seeing my boobs.

I could uncover and let them out and the boys would probably never even notice.Yup my husband was right.I couldn’t keep my hands or my boobs to myself.Oh well, he was right, but I was getting all the dances tonight.Yeah, go me.


“Ok guys listen up,” I said as soon as the door shut on Julie in the restroom and both guys gave me their undivided attention.“When you go back they take you to a room with a couch.”

“You sit next to your girlfriend, in this case Julie.The longer the dance the more the dancer does to her and you and the more Julie does back.Julie gets really carried away sometimes and don’t be surprised if ahead of time she asks the dancer what her rules are, because then she knows how far she can go.”

“Here is the important part.Supposedly you are a couple, so you need to keep that in mind.Play the part.If they think something is up they might not do as much.”I explained.“Guys you have to be into Julie as much as the dancer.If you can’t do that, then you probably should back out now.”

“Not a problem,” John said with a grin.

“Yeah me either,” Matt piped up.

“Oh and guys, if she starts getting crazy, which sometimes happens if you are back there a while, and she starts taking her clothes off, well just go with it.”I said and both guys’ eyes lit up.

Ok Julie let’s see how you handle yourself now.

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