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Julien: Mafia Men Book I

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Sheโ€™s his obsession... Julien She's everything I ever wanted. Now she's everything I want to destroy. Marina Vascotto. Spoiled. Mafia Princess. The only girl I ever loved. She's living the life she once told me she didn't want. She's chose him over me. She's a fool. She's always been mine. Now she doesn't have a choice. I'm going to take back what's mine and I'm going to punish her for ever leaving in the first place. Marina Years ago, I broke the heart of the only man I ever loved. I did it to save his life and I would do it a million times over. Now I'm trapped. Abused. Broken. I'm a prisoner in a gilded cage entirely of my own creation. I don't have a choice, I'm to marry a man I fear and despise. But I never thought I'd see him again, but now he's back. And he's angry. I'll take his anger, I'll take his disdain and his viscous words because he can never know the truth. If he does, he's as good as dead. And I've already sacrificed too much to let the love of my life die now.

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Walk Through The Fire - Ruelle

Monster - Meg & Dia

Ace Of Hearts - Zella Day

No Light - Florence And The Machine

VCTRY - Black Magic Woman

Monster - Imagine Dragons

D.T.M - Simon Curtis

Trampoline - Shaed

Bang Bang - Nancy Sinatra

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