Possessed by her heart

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Ragan has had a tough life. A life that has taught her to be tough, but also comes with some hardships. Brandon Weeks, the brother of Ragan's stepfather has taken her in when she was only sixteen after her parents died in a car crash. Brandon is also the country's most feared gang leader. Brandon also has an anger problem. He is rude and inconsiderate. Now eighteen all Ragan wants to do is move on with her life and get as far away from Branson as possible, but he just won't let her go. There is also a very strange attraction happening between the two of them. Ragan met Brandon when she was just a little girl. When her mother married his father. Brandon was on the path to destruction and his father washed his hands of him. She didn't choose to be his precious valuable keepsake, and he would never tell her how he felt, but she was stuck and only trying to find her way as far as possbile from him.

Erotica / Thriller
M.K. Rissen
4.7 84 reviews
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Chapter 1

He held me pinned against the wall by my neck. Honestly, he wasn't hurting me, but he was scaring the shit out of me. "Let me go Brandon, right now." I spit out.
"You need to learn some manners, little girl." He growled out. "Maybe I should bend you over and spank the shit out you right now, right here?" He said.
"Don't you dare," I said through gritted teeth. He back up some and let go of my neck. I slide down the wall until I connected with the ground. It was getting to be to much to stand up to Brandon. I wasn't like all the women he was used to. I wasn't falling at his feet or worshiping the ground he walked on. To me, he was just the asshole criminal brother to my stepfather. A man who had to take me in when my parents disappeared over two years ago. I was only sixteen and my mother didn't have any family. The only family we had was on my stepfather's side. Brandon Weeks the young twenty-three-year-old gang leader to one of the most feared gangs in our country. Took me in as he acted like he had pity for me.
I was to involved by the time I turned eighteen for him to just let me leave. I wanted nothing to do with his life and he kept me away from it over the last two years. My mother married Gabe Weeks when I was just ten. Gabe was raising his little brother Brandon at the time. Brandon was only sixteen and he was A holy terror back then, but I didn't know any better and I had the biggest crush on him and he knew it. Over the years Brandon grew up into one of the hottest men I had ever known, but he also turned to the dark side and Gabe wash his hands of Brandon.
I was stuck with him and he owned me, but I thought for sure when I turned eighteen. He would let me go. I didn't understand why he was holding me. I would never do anything to hurt him or his business. I thought he knew that. I just needed to get out of here. I was so sick of his rules and his rudeness. He could be so mean when he wanted. I was sick to death of all the women he brought home. I was tired of listening to him have sex. My room was right next to his and I hated it. I was tired of having to deal with these dumb ass women that meant nothing to him, talking shit to me in the mornings. I wasn't a scared little girl, that much Brandon taught me and even though I would kick most of these women's asses. I always got in trouble for doing it. One thing you didn't do was piss Brandon off, but he didn't scare me, most of the time, and I didn't give a shit what he thought. I was also getting so tired of fighting him.
"Your going to keep your fucking ass in this room for the rest of the day. Or I'm going to punish you, Ragan, I'm not fucking kidding you." He said close to my face.
"Why don't you just let me leave. You wouldn't have to worry about me anymore." I snapped. He let out a loud growl and slammed my door shut so hard it almost came off the hinges. I just decided to keep my ass in my bedroom. Later on that day, I heard my door open and I looked to see Jasper stick his head in. Jasper was one of Brandon's most trusted men and he was also my friend.
"Why do you insist on pissing him off all the time?" Jasper asked me. I saw that he had a tray of food in his hands.
"Because your dumb boss is a pain in my ass jerk!" I hollered out so that if Brandon was close he could hear me. That's when I heard a door slam down the hallway. Good, I said to myself and Jasper just shook his head.
"Your asking for it, you know that?" Jasper said as he set the food down on my bed.
"I don't even care anymore, Jasper. I just want to leave." I snapped. Jasper just put his lip out at me. "Don't give me that face. You know I want to go and live my own life. I'm eighteen and he acts like he still owns me." I said. Then I just let out a sigh. Jasper smiled at me and left the room. It was getting late and I finally gave in and headed out of my room. I closed the door behind me and realized Brandon's door was cracked open. I walked passed his door as quietly as I could. That's when I heard a woman's moan. I rolled my eyes. He could of at least closed his damn door.
As I started to walk passed something caught my eye and I stopped. I peeked in and Brandon had some woman laying on his bed. He had her one leg arched upon his chest and he was plowing her. His body was a work of art covered in tattoos that were painted on his muscles. He was built like a truck and only got hotter the older he got. I looked up his body until I met his eyes and the Grey smoky eyes were looking right at me. We locked eyes for a moment and then I took off. Fuck, I'm going to get it for that. I just know it.
The minute I was left in Brandon's care I wasn't allowed to have a life. I was homeschooled and only Brandon's members were my friends. Well if you could actually call them my friends. Jasper was the only one I actually got close to. He was much closer to my age. I wasn't allowed to have a boyfriend. Brandon made damn sure of that. No man was allowed to touch me. I wasn't even allowed to hug Jasper. I hated Brandon Weeks for denying me a life. I went into the kitchen and got myself some water. "Did you like the show, Ragan?" I heard his deep voice say.
"Fuck you, Brandon." I spit out. No one ever talks to him that way, but I did and I didn't care. That's when he was right at my side. I could feel his hot breath on my neck.
"No fuck you." He said.
"Get away from me." I pushed at his rock hard body and of course, he didn't even budge. "I dont want whatever disease that whore in there has given you, I'm clean," I said. Brandon took a step back and I swear there was a smile on his face. I just gave him a dirty look. He looked at me a few more times and then started to walk out of the room. He then stopped and turned back to me.
"Put some fucking clothes on Ragan, when you walk around this house." I looked down at myself. I was in a pair of shorts and a tank top. I was covered up. I just rolled my eyes at him. He came rushing back into the room and I wrapped my hands around my neck because I knew that's where he was going to grab me, but instead he picked me up and placed me hard down on the kitchen countertop. He came in between my legs and my breathing hitched.
"What are you doing?" I said to him. His hand then started to make its way up my thigh until he stopped right at the shorts.
"This is why you need to put on some clothes." He said. He then went under my shorts and past my panties. His fingers found my already wet and swollen lips and his thumb stopped right on my clit. He slowly moved his thumb up and down. I caught my heart in my chest and my eyes closed. I gripped the counter and forgot who the hell I was at that moment. "It's to easy for someone to do this." He gritted his teeth as he pulled away from me. "Do as your told." He said and left me on the countertop a fucking mess. He had never done anything like that before and for the first time, I was scared of him. Scared of how much I wanted him to come back.
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