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TAFC : Royal Arrangement (The Royals Book I)

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"As much as I'd love to paint your ass red, we aren't doing that...tonight. Iโ€™m going to fuck you.โ€ Daniel I need a wife and an heir if Iโ€™m ever to ascend to my rightful place on the throne. Daddy dearest says Iโ€™m not mature enough. Well fuck him. I wonโ€™t be defeated so easily. Suddenly, the answer to all my problems quite literally barges into my room while Iโ€™m wearing only a towel. Little American Annie is oh so sexy. Sheโ€™s spunky, and loud, and has the mouth of sailor. Sheโ€™s everything I want. Itโ€™s a shame Iโ€™ll have to train her to please me and act as a royal should. ...nah! Who am I kidding? Iโ€™m going to enjoy every minute of it! Annie I really shouldโ€™ve knocked. Famous last words. Prince Daniel is tall dark and oh so dominant. He gives me an offer I literally canโ€™t refuse (all due to blackmail mind you) and I sign his contract. But Daniel isnโ€™t the type of Prince Charming whoโ€™ll whisk me away in a chariot. No. Heโ€™s the kind of Prince Charming who enjoys me on my knees before him per his royal decree. Heโ€™s cold and cruel one moment, and kind and tender the next. He has my head spinning in a time when I have to focus on being the next Megan Markle! Why did I have to go and barge into that room? Royal Arrangement contains spankings, sexual scenes, and a dominant alpha prince with a filthy mouth, if any of this offends you please do not read this book.

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What youโ€™ll find in this book:

Graphic Sexual Scenes

Light BDSM


A spunky American Heroine in the wrong place at the wrong time - or was it the right time?

A foul-mouthed dominant alpha male who loves to spank - did I mention heโ€™s also a prince?

An adorable puppy

A dramatic and dysfunctional royal family

No Cheating


If any of this offends you then please do NOT read this book! I won't tolerate people adding and reading this novel only to complain about the content. The characters are complex and our hero and heroine are both flawed people. This book has explicit content and depicts a lifestyle that isn't for everyone!

With that in mind: Please enjoy if you wish to read!

I let out a little shriek as Daniel grabs me by the waist and lifts me up in the air an on to the counter. I shiver when my bare ass makes contact with the cold marble and blush at the memory of signing the contract on this very surface. โ€œDaniel, what are youโ€”โ€ The rest of my sentence gets caught in my throat as Daniel kneels below me and begins to push my thighs apart โ€D-Daniel!"

He looks up at me through his dark lashes and smirks devilishly. โ€œI am going to taste this sweet pussy of yours.โ€ My face flames at his words and I struggle to breathe. โ€œAnd youโ€™re going to hold still, keep these American thighs spread,โ€ He kneads my flesh with his large palms and spreads them wider. โ€œAnd keep your hands on the counter. Donโ€™t move them, Little American. Do you understand?โ€

All I could do was meekly nod, embarrassment taking over my emotions. The Prince is kneeling on the kitchen tiles, his head between my legs and heโ€™s about toโ€”oh god!

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