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Venus was tired of her condition. Not that it bother her being a virgin at the age of 24. Neither her friends mocked her because of it or ushered her to pop her cherry. She just wanted to overcome that milestone because of one reason: she couldn’t wait any longer to feel a big, thick cock pulsing between her legs.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Venus checked herself on the mirror while washing her hands of all her orgasmic fluids that covered her.

Like every night, she touched herself while watching porn until she had at least three orgasms.

She did so since she was 15 years old, and somehow it wasn’t enough anymore. It didn’t feel as fulfilling as when she was younger and she was just beginning to discover how to please herself.

Lying naked on the bed she thought about how while all her friends had been enjoying their sexuality during high school, she never managed to do so as well.

Not because she didn’t want to, or because she didn’t get the chance (she had had several chances as a matter of fact), but because she didn’t get how everyone managed to reach intimacy with others so easily.

Venus enjoyed her solitude. which didn’t mean she was lonely. She had more friends than she could handle, and she had broken her fair share of hearts too.

She loved spending her time developing her own interests, her passions and satiating her thirst for knowledge. In some way that had proven to be an advantage: she actually understood herself better than most of her friends who would rather get involved in relationships they ended up regretting sooner or later.

Venus didn’t think less of their friends because of it. She envied them at some point.

Tossing around in bed unable to sleep, she asked herself why couldn’t she be like that? She knew herself too well, but just when it came about being on her own.

She had no idea how to deal with a romantic relationship. How to put the needs and wants of others before her own.

For those things to happen, she strongly believed she first had to put her demons at ease, or putting it into a simple and cheesy way: to “love herself first”.

And so she did. She had that one thing going on for her: Venus fucking loved herself.

She was proud of who she had become during all those years of hard work. She managed to finish university and get a master degree. She travelled around the world on her own and landed a nice job at the Italian embassy which allowed her to rent a big apartment in the city.

Luckily, she also managed to overcome the problems she had with her body. She was now comfortable with being taller and bigger than most girls, and actually enjoyed her few extra pounds (despite she still cursed when she couldn’t find shorts capable of fitting her big ass).

But… only a few months away from turning 26, she realized she still had one more demon to face. The seclusion of intimacy she practiced during all those years of self discovery was haunting her now. The thought was gaining territory on her mind, no longer able to be ignored.

She couldn’t lie to herself anymore saying she was asexual. She had felt attraction for both men and women before. She also had a huge sexual appetite, however she just never found the right person to be willing to share it with.

She wasn’t talking about love necessarily, she wasn’t that naive. She just never knew anyone capable of unleashing her pent up desire...

She wasn’t going to be able to sleep. All those thoughts wouldn’t stop, and she knew damn well that when something was on her mind she wasn’t able to just wipe it off.

The clock read 00:00 hs. in bright red numbers. She hopped off her bed and started putting some clothes on. Despite being spring it was a bit chilly outside, so she decided to put her old leather jacket on top of her shirt, matching it with some fit jeans and sneakers.

Venus grabbed her keys and phone, kissed her cat on the head and left her house into the nightlife.

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