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A collection of short erotic stories based in known myths, fables and religious characters.

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The Apple

God Lilith, you feel so good baby. I’m gonna cum baby, I’m gonna cum inside yo- UGHH.

Adam jerked before collapsing over my body.

We have been dating for five years now, and I’m pretty sure I have been faking my orgasms for the past four.

It was always the same: he would crawl over me at night, stick his dick inside me without even asking and fuck me for just a few minutes before ejaculating and falling asleep. Oh, and snoring.

No oral, no kinky stuff, no pleasure, no nothing. Heck, I wasn’t even attracted to him anymore.

Why the fuck was I dating him again? Oh yeah, because I’d rather tolerate this, than having my father eat my brains out about how a woman my age shouldn’t be single but already married with kids blah blah blah...

But enough was enough. I am a sexually and emotionally frustrated 33-year-old woman who has had enough.

Adam... Adam wake up” - I shook him until he started mumbling.

Jesus Lilith what is it? I’ve got work tomorrow” he complained while attempting to cover himself and get back to sleep.

Adam, I’m breaking up with you.

"And you did it just like that?!" - Ruby asked me in shock - ”Jeeesus you are ruthless, I LOVE THIS NEW LILITH!" my best friend squealed besides me as we exited the coffee shop we had been chatting in.

"I thought you would rant about how I’d screwed up and should get back to him ASAP."

"Pfff...naaah... I don’t understand how you put up with him for so long. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Adam is a good guy and all but... he is just soooo bland."

I snorted at her comment "Oh trust me, you have no idea honey."

Ruby suddenly stopped in her tracks and looked me in the eyes with intensity "This means I can take you to Apple."

"To where now?" I asked clueless.

I looked between Ruby’s wicked smile and the black metal door with a neon sign that read APPLE in red letters.

"THIS is where you were so eager to take me in the middle of the night?" I asked unsurely, questioning my friends mental health.

"Oh, shut up and get in Lilith, it’s gonna blow your mind. Trust me."

We pushed the heavy door just to find a long obscure corridor which extended until another door with a dim light hanging on top of it.

"I stopped doing drugs after college Ruby, you should too." I mocked in a whisper.

"Shush you skank, it’s not about that."

Ruby knocked on the second door five times and so it opened slightly.

"CODE." a voice resembling a growl demanded from the other side.

"A heaven in hell." Ruby answered and I chuckled at the absurdity of it.

The door opened to be replaced by a huge...enormous bald man in black clothes and glasses. He stared at us, or so I thought since I couldn’t really tell, and after a few seconds he moved to a side to let us through.

Ruby took my hand and guided me to what it looked like a reception. A slim goth girl in sexy leather clothes stood behind a black desk smiling at us.

"So glad to see you back Ruby, we’ve missed you! Oh, and you also brought a friend!" She exclaimed excited "What’s going to be today then?"

"Well, the usual for me." Ruby said and glanced at me for a moment "But for my friend Lilith here... I’d like Lucy."

"Excellent girls!" Goth girl said while tapping something on her laptop "Ruby, you can go to room 438 and I’ll show Lilith the way."

As soon as the words left the girls lips, Ruby kissed me on the cheek and disappeared behind a door, leaving me alone with no fucking clue of what was going on or who the fuck was this Lucy. My mind was too confused to formulate any questions, so my feet decided to just follow goth girl to where ever she was taking me.

The place was like a labyrinth, full of intricate corridors with dim neon lights and the echo of club music that filtered through the walls.

After a few turns we reached a red door with three numbers on it: 666. If Ruby was taking me to a satanic cult, I was going to fucking kill her as soon as I got out. That is, if I didn't get sacrificed first.

"Please, go inside and wait for Lucy. He’ll be with you in just a second" Goth girl instructed me with a broad smile. I did as I was told, driven by curiosity and ignorance. When the door closed behind me and my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I gasped at the sight.

A huge bed occupied the center of the room. It was round with leather shackles displayed on it, awaiting for its next victim.

Hanging from the walls all sorts of floggers and paddles.

And finally, on the wall opposite to the door, a big cabinet with a bunch of drawers full of god knows what kind of thingsff.

"WHAT THE FUCK RUBY." I cursed as it all sank in. I knew Ruby was into some kinky stuff, but this was a lot... and drag me here as well? No, no way.

I turned around to leave the place as fast as my legs would let me, but I collided with the door.

"My name is Lucy, not Ruby." The door spoke.

The door could speak?

My eyes snapped up to where the sound came from and realized I hadn’t collided with the metal door but with a firm chest. A pair of grey eyes were staring at me lustfully with a devilish grin playing in his lips.

I was no petite, but this man was fucking huge. He was at least 6.4 feet with broad shoulders and defined muscles. His square jaw was sharp with a bit of a stubble beard and his hair was jet black and messy. Basically, he had the body of a Greek god with the face of a fallen angel.

He glanced at my hands which where resting on his steel pecs while I admired him shamelessly "I was told this was your first time, but I see you already wanna get to it." He said while firmly holding me from the waist and pulling me closer to him.

I snapped out of the trance his eyes had put me into and rapidly jumped away from his arms. A look of annoyance displayed on his face for a second until he quickly masked himself again under his sexy smile.

"I’m sorry I don’t know what I’m doing here. My friend brought me here, but I didn’t know. I mean, I’m not even into this weird sh- Shit. Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you, but this is not..."

"Shut up Lilith." He commanded with a deep growl that had me standing straight and shutting my mouth.

He closed the distance between the two of us until our chests touched. Lowering his head until his lips were brushing my earlobe, he calmly said - “How can you be so sure you are not into this if you haven’t tried it yet?

His words sent chills throughout my spine. He caressed my cheek with one hand, while the other slowly travelled from my thigh to my waist. His touch was electrifying, making me shudder.

Fuck, I would let him do anything to me. He already had me so turned on.

He slightly kissed my jaw and I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding which turned to a moan towards the end.

"You are already so responsive to me Lilith. I am not going to hurt you. But if you let me, I can help you discover a side of yourself you had denied for far too long.” His lips spoke against mine, like casting a spell.

His wet tongue brushed my lips, while his eyes searched in mine for an answer. Slightly, I nodded.

"I need to hear it Lilith, you have to say you want it."

I felt I could cum just from his voice and the feel of his hands on my body. My throat felt painly dry as if just now I became aware of an undeniable thirst that was consuming me.

"Y-yes. Yes please, I want you. I need you."

And with those words, his lips crushed against mine inhaling my scent. His tongue invaded my mouth and soon I was gasping for air. His hands roamed through my back until they cupped and groped my ass forcefully slightly lifting me from the ground.

As if we still weren’t close enough, our bodies seemed to try to become one. My hands frantically explored his face, his hair, his back, his biceps... every place within reach.

I hadn’t felt like this for so long. Desired, wanted. My pent-up libido was coming out all at once.

Suddenly he broke the kiss. I was left panting. I felt naked without his touch on me despite I still had my clothes on. He inhaled deeply as if trying to regain his composure and coldly commanded:

"Nude. Part your legs."

I took my clothes off agonizingly slow while he circled me like a predator never breaking eye contact, his nostrils flaring and his jaw clenching.

When I was finished, he positioned himself behind me and cupped my sex with on hand.

My legs betrayed me and almost fell to the ground from the sudden act, but he catched me placing his other arm around my waist with his hand resting firmly on my lower abdomen.

His fingers played with my folds and teased my clit, eliciting moans to escape from my throat.

"You are already so wet. I can’t wait to slam my cock in that pussy of yours." His firm grasp invited me to grind my ass over the erection that threatened to burst from his jeans. He groaned while planting wet kisses over my shoulder.

Again, his body left mine and the room felt cold on my bare skin.

"On your knees Lilith." I obliged. I hated it. I wasn’t a woman that easily succumbed to a man’s orders, but he got me under a spell. Besides it wasn’t like I didn’t have my selfish reasons. I wanted to let him ravage my body, I knew he would take me to heaven... or maybe hell given the circumstances.

I heard him open a drawer from the cabinet behind me and take a few things from it. In a matter of seconds, he was kneeling behind me. He grabbed my wrists and tied them together with rope.

He stood and circled me again, with those predatory eyes of him. I bit my bottom lip in longing, aroused from the anticipation and in a blink of an eye he was kneeling before me, his hands on my throat.

He was not squeezing, just firmly holding my neck while his thumbs caressed my jawline. He freed my bottom lip with his teeth and kissed me deeply.

"I can see in your eyes you are a rebel Lilith. I can see you’ll be able to keep up with me. However, I’ll behave tonight. I don’t want to break you. For now..."

I let out a whimper in disappointment. He chuckled against the skin of my neck and his whisper send ripples of pleasure through my skin "That doesn’t mean I won’t have my way with you tonight."

With that said he pushed me backwards. My tied hands reached the floor and unsteadily held my body. Still kneeling, my spine was now painfully arched, with my erect nipples pointing to the ceiling.

He hovered above me and his mouth attacked my breasts. He was a hungry beast feasting on my tits. He would bite, lick and grope them without mercy.

It had been so long since I felt a pleasure like this. I felt so exposed and abused yet so turned on. A shiver travelled through my body and the lines between pain and pleasure blurred.

With his mouth relentlessly devouring me, his hands groped my ass once again.


My eyes snapped open and my breath stuck on my throat. The noise had reached my ears before the burning sensation stung my cheek. He massaged the pain away, and only the pleasure remained.

Nobody had ever smacked my ass before, and the tightness of my muscles told me that I’d come if he did it again. My body tensed foreseeing the second impact. My toes curled and my pussy clenched ferociously.


All my pent-up tension suddenly exploded, and a blissful feeling flooded my mind. My brain stopped functioning for a moment, submerging my body in a comatose state.

A pinching sensation suddenly pulled me from my trance, and I could feel another orgasm begin to build at the sight of the nipple clamps.

"Do you know how beautiful you are right now? You almost made me cum just from watching you cum with the clamps on you breast." Lucy looked at me in awe and full of lust while he spoke.

Not only had it been a long time since someone made me cum like that, but neither could I remember the last time somebody looked and spoke to me in such way.

Men rarely payed attention to women in his mid-thirties. They preferred young meat, not a used and tired body like mine.

Lucy untied my wrists and massaged my aching arms. Such careful act caught me off guard. My body relaxed at his touch.

"I am going to taste you now." He as much as informed me. He picked me up and placed me on the bed. My back arched in delight at the touch of the silky sheets. He hovered over me and shackled each arm, spreading them above my head.

He stood at the end of the bed observing me. My torso was stretched because of the chains but my legs where free and I couldn't help closing and opening them as if inviting him to place himself between them.

Crossing his arms over his chest, he grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head. His chest was a chiseled work of art resembling that of an ancient Greek statue. My mouth watered at the thought of my tongue roaming every curve of his defined abs.

He unbuckled his belt agonizingly slow and tossed it to a side. Next, he unzipped his jeans. I was getting the most erotic first row strip tease of my life from the most beautiful specimen I had ever seen. I couldn't help but rub my legs in order to help me ease the longing feeling in my cunt.

"Open your legs for me Lilith" he commanded.

I did as I was told, and a deep growl reverberated from his chest at the sight of my vulnerable pussy.

In a swift move he pulled his pants and boxers down leaving him completely exposed. His massive and veiny cock stood in my direction. My hands involuntarily tried to stroke it, but the shackles prevented me from doing so.

Frustation displayed across my face making him chuckle.

He crawled over me like a panther, not once breaking eye contact. I realized I was smiling and purring like a cat in heat.

I was not myself anymore. He was not himself anymore. We had let our most primal instincts took over us. We were like animals.

He kissed me once again and this time I couldn't help but tease him a little. Biting and sucking his lips, rubbing my pussy along his shaft. His eyes were closed, a steady growl vibrating from his throat.

His eyes snapped open. They weren't playful anymore like they had been just a few seconds ago. His gaze was devilish with a grin playing on his lips.

He attacked my neck first. He sucked my skin and nibbled it relentlessly. I knew I would be full of hickeys the next day, but I couldn't care less.

He grabbed his member with a hand and positioned the tip of his cock at the entrance of my pussy. He teasingly parted my lips and slightly penetrated me. He would quickly withdraw and smack my engorged clit with his cock a few times before repeating the process.

It was torture. Each time I felt the tip pressing inside of me, my muscles clenched in anticipation of something that would never come. He only laughed with each one of my displeased grunts.

He travelled down my body, avoiding my aching nipples that remained clamped. When he reached my navel, he licked me from it up to the valley between my breast.

He then grabbed my legs and positioned his face inches away from my pussy. I could feel his hot breath down there and my whole body blushed.

"So fucking perfect." I heard him whisper before his tongue licked me from the ass up to my clit. A moan escaped my lips and grinded my pussy on his face.

He ate me without mercy. His experienced tongue drawing intricate pattern on my clit, sucking it and nibbling it.

I could sense I was about to cum again. The feeling was too overwhelming. His tongue dived between my folds fucking me. My back arched and my legs began to tremble. I was about to fall from the edge of a cliff. Just one more step...

And he stopped.

"NO!" I screamed in frustration pulling from the shackles. I felt as if I had been woken up with a bucket of cold water. Never had I experienced the denial of an orgasm before. Not to mention one as strong at that one.

Lucy climbed on top of me and pulled my hair, forcing my desperate gaze to focus on him.

"Listen to me Lilith. You won't come until I say so. And when you do, your pussy will be clenching my cock."

With those words he penetrated me in one rapid movement.

"F-f-f-uckkk!" It was all I could say. Words no longer made sense inside my mind.

My eyes attempted to roll behind my head but each pounding... No, hammering of his fat cock in my pussy brought me back to reality. Brought me back to his eyes.

His engorged member stretched my walls with each intrusion. His balls smacking against my ass and my clit throbbing with each collision.

I wanted to come so badly but he hadn't allowed me yet. I wanted to make him proud despite I couldn't feel my hands anymore because of how forcefully I was gripping the shackles.

His pace grew quicker and our panting echoed in the room.

His cock twitched inside of me and I felt him smacking my ass repeatedly.

My brain was nothing but an incoherent disembodied mass. My body shook uncontrollably.

"I'm gonna count to three baby." - He said between grunts - "And when I say three you are gonna cum baby, alright?"

I could only give him an imperceptible nod in response.


He smacked my ass and continued pounding my pussy mercilessly.


His hands grab hold of the clamps on my tits.


The clamps abandoned my abused nipples.

His cock buried deep inside of me.

My pussy tightly clenched to it, milking him to the last drop.

My body spasmed furiously.

And my mind...

Her mind was far away from her body. It had travelled deep into her subconscious, swimming in an ocean of pleasure and ecstasy.

She was riding a wave, a tsunami that had crashed inside of her. Twisting, twirling and screwing up with her every thought.

She remembered to breathe again and felt how her body relaxed in exhaustion. His heartbeat stabilized.

The pressure of Lucy's body above hers felt secure.

His breathing lulled her to sleep.

The sunlight burned through my eyelids, waking me up from my most glorious dream: an angel fucking me relentlessly.

I stretched beneath the silky covers and felt something pressing on my belly.
I snapped my eyes open and realized I wasn't at home.
This was not my bed nor my room, and a man's arm laid across my naked body.
I looked at his face and remembered.
His name was Lucy. The Adonis that fucked my brains out last night at the club Ruby had taken me. I could feel myself already getting wet again.
Before I could leave the bed to search for my clothes, his arms snaked around my body.
"Good morning Lilith." His husky voice spoke next to my skin, sending chills through my spine.
"Good morning Lucy" I replied sheepishly.
"Oh, don't go acting shy on me now. Not after the night we had. I had to bring you to my place because you passed out on me. Not that I mind waking up next to a gorgeous specimen like you though."
I blushed at his comment. God, I felt like a teenager all over again around him.
With the morning light on him I could see he was young. Well, younger than me at least. I suppose he was on his mid-twenties. He was striking beautiful. Handmade by God undoubtedly.
"I should get going now." I said sneaking from beneath the covers.
"So soon?" - He pouted disappointedly - "I thought we would play some more..."
With my hand on the doorknob I glanced at him. He was on his elbows. The covers fell to his waist. And he stared at me with puppy eyes.
I opened the door ready to leave.
But I didn't.

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