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The Best Friends Club

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In quiet Northumberland village, on the North-east coast of England, ten friends, five married couples meet regularly socially and are a very close-knit group. After drink-fuelled evening, which involved a secret-revealing drinking game and a round of strip-poker. Some surprising revelations were made and one couple emerged as everyone's secret fantasy. Would these remain as fantasies? Or can someone take the first step to bting them into reality?

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This is the story of five couples, ten close friends, who all live in a mythical small village on the North East coast of England. A long-forgotten fishing village, it is now a quiet place where most of the children had grown up and left for university or work in the nearby towns and cities. There are a handful of people in their twenties who still lived in the village and used it as a beautiful base to commute from into the bigger cities and towns.

The population is mostly made up of around ninety permanent residents, with some people who use it as a kind of summer residence and leave to move to the city when the weather turns bad in the winter. There are around fifty houses and cottages throughout the village and surrounding farms. And they have become a close-knit community where people come to retire and enjoy the slower pace of life or enjoy the beautiful spring and summer before going back to civilisation for the more inclement weather.

Life is good in the village, slow, but good, and people care about each other, and look out for one another.

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