Remy's Demons

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Remy and her band of demon friends are up to no good as always. But when Lucifer catches wind of there insistent disruption. He makes it his business to dish out punishment. With his own two hands.

Erotica / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Inhaling deeply Remy opened her blood red eyes. The black of the rock ceiling shuddered under the weight of the throne room.

The air stiff and muggy. Filled to the brim with the moans and groans of the others in sick bay.

The emergency panic room. Which sheltered all of the Royal Court. But Remy knew something was off.

Her two friends Chauncey and Grim were nowhere to be found. But Pyle and Lamb were here.

Taking in her surroundings proved to be difficult as everyone was laying, standing, or seated somewhere in the small circular room.

Even Eva. Whom always was with King Lucifer. Who just by knowing his essence well. Remy knew was not here.

Sitting up she sees Lamb crawling toward her. A big grin plastered on his face. Pale skin wrinkling up by his brown eyes. But sharp white teeth jutting from his mouth.

Remy shifts back against the wall. The cool damp surface chilling her. Lamb makes himself at home in the small spot she provided. Angling himself to sit slightly above her.

At the odd angle Remy could see he sat on someone. And made an attempt to tell him to move. When his body was lifted and thrown like a rag doll.

Pyle sits up glaring in Lamb's direction before moving to press himself against the wall.

Lamb who landed soundlessly, sat up laughing. He grinned with a devious intent and made his way back across the room.

Upon arrival he sat with his legs spread around Remy and Pyle. Then his attention turned to Remy, the succubus. Giving her pale weakened form, a once over.

He knew it had been a while since she'd eaten but though he loved her, he really shuddered at the thought of feeding her.

She offered him a weak smile. A knowing look in her cherry eyes. The marble like orbs emitted light and casted a warm orange hue in the otherwise dark cavern.

Her skin icy to the touch. Offered much comfort to the opposing temperature of the room.

Needless to say Lamb continued to move closer" till the three of them had managed to weave their limbs together.

Resting their heads together, they wait and as time crawls by. The screams of the other room dies down to mumbles, weeping, and whimpering.

Pyle is the first to untangle himself. Giving his friends a look of concern. As the noise had been the only thing keeping the headaches away.

Remy held her head wishing away the ringing in her ears. The constant buzz at such a high frequency, that it seemed only she could hear.

But as her eyes filled with tears, and her breathing became short. All sound had stopped.

The silence being even more deafening. She could feel him before she see him. His presence commanded a room. His steps seemed to echo. The room's temperature dropping exponentially.

Remy removed her hands from her ears. The warmth of the blood that seeped out, starts sending her into a panic.

The three friends had completely shifted to bow to their Lord. Making no noise as they did so. Remy shivered in fear as his foot steps sounded in front of her before stopping.

"Remy Rooh." Came the low rumble of his baritone voice. Remy slowly raised her head as if one false move could get her killed. And it could.

Once she had raised her head. She took in all of his image that she could. Starting with the humanoid shape of his feet. The strength of his cavs. The muscle on his thick thighs. The lean of his build.

Once reaching his face, instead of indulging herself with his features. She looked right in between his eyes. Refusing to make eye contact without permission.

His eyes looked upon the young succubus. She seemed to have mellowed since joining the Royal Court.

He growled with impatience. Realizing his own mistake in this encounter. "Stand." He commanded in a dead tone.

One he often took when taking care of official business. She quickly scurried to her feet. Eyes downcast.

He could smell her fear. It smelled of sadness and confusion. He took in her form. Slim and pale. If he were to tap her shoulder she would decompose, like a plant.

She needed food. That he could provide. He leaned down the almost five feet to speak into her ear.

"I will feed you little wench. But after you must do a daunting task." He whispered gently. Remy held her breath.

Issuing a simple nod. The king removed himself from her personal space and held out an iridescent colored hand.

Thus presenting the opportunity for Remy to accept officially in front of the Royal Court.

With a slight blush she placed her naturally smaller hand into his. His hand feeling of warm ice. Ice so cold it burned. But eventually thawed to a soothing temperature.

That or her hand had just become numb. Ignoring the stares. The king stands to his full height at eleven feet. And walks through the legion of demons at his thrall.

Passing his usual choice of succubus, Eva. Who glared with venom at Remy. Although she kept her head low to the ground.

As they exit the dark tavern, light beams, softly, in the hall towards the King's chambers.

Remy's hair stands up at the nape of her neck. Fingers gently grip tighter. Though if Lucifer noticed he said naught.

Arriving at the solemn Zinc doors. Lucifer stops, and with a wave of his hand the door swings open. Almost right off the hinges, with the force used to push it.

At the sight of the big bed chambers Remy's stomach clenches in fear again. Not knowing what the 'daunting task' may be. Leads her mind to some dark places.

"Here little bird. Sit and wait for your meal." Lucifer said. He pushes her toward the bed. But fairly gently. And as he expected it was still hard enough to toss her little body directly in the middle of the California King sized bed.

Upon raising her head from the cloud like feeling of the mattress. She was alone. Alone with her thoughts.

Remy looks around the sand dune of a room. Her brows burrowing in concentration. If she looked hard enough, there were patterns in the walls. As well as all along the exposed parts of the ground.

To her, it looked a lot like ways out, more than aesthetic designs. Maybe she could muster up the courage to ask the King. But alas she knew she wouldn't.

And with a heavy sigh she prepared herself for whatever kind of meal the King would bring.

Hopefully whatever the "daunting task" would be. Will amount to the quality of the meal.

It would be the first time she would actually consume properly, since the war started a hundred years ago.

So far she has been losing power and strength as the first few decades slipped by.

Till she could barely walk on her own, and had to remove the lives of unplanned children; from unsuspecting mother's in order to skate by.

It had been easy. Slipping into their dreams, sating them, and taking their children.

But that had gotten old quickly and her fight or flight had kicked in. Causing her to have black out sessions. In which she would wake up full, in a mound of unliving human bodies.

But this happened so rarely that it wasn't a sustainable way to feed. Most adult succubi, had fed once a week, and could last roughly around a month or two without feeding.

Here she was blacking out ever third month. Full for about half a month after, hardly skating by.

It was around that time were she met Chauncey and Grim. A pair of ground demons who reaped, as well as mislead souls in order to cause chaos.

Remy caught in her own thoughts had not heard the door open. But could smell the ripe scent of her meal.

Her eyes tore from memory lane to the present and she gave her prize a once over.

He had sandy blonde hair, sharp square features, green eyes, and was heavy set. She swallowed as she felt herself salivating excessively.

He was stunning, or maybe she was just hungry. Passively she slid off the bed when the man was roughly jerked into the room.

Behind him a man with a carbon copy of his face. Walked in. Jaw set tightly they both made their way to the middle of the room. Before turning to the King. Whom Remy had not accounted for being there at all.

She blushed at him lowering her head into a weak bow. She was very grateful for the meal in front of her.

In her mind two had always been better than one.

"Boys, sorry for the lack of accommodation. If we had a better room, we would have given it to you..." He drawled.

Though Remy could not see how this giant room. That sported a mermaid scale rug; full of patterns she had never seen before. Could, "lack accommodation." It way his room! But she kept to herself.

Not daring to refute his comment.

The men had assured Lucifer. Not that he needed assuring. Having been born brothers meant they often shared a room, even a bed in times of need.

With that the King was gone. Shutting the doors loudly. Now it was her turn. Knowing she could not be seen just yet, allowed her to stomach stripping down. While the men where still awake.

This was always the weird part. If someone feed her, her meal would be handed to her awake.

Then she would wait timid bordering the edge of their sleeping surface until they had entered a deep slumber

And because of her presence it had always been seamless until she entered. Perks of being a descendent of the night hag.

The boys had no trouble stripping down to their briefs and eyeing the bed. "Lucas," the first boy muttered. His eyes scrutinizing the bed, uneasily.

Looking into the same shade of forest green eyes. The other man sighed climbing to the left side of the bed. Lucas patted the empty right side.

Looking at his brother, who mimicked him. Fists bunching up the covers at his waist. His body rigid. He scoots closer to Lucas.

"I feel like we're going to die soon." A gray color painted Lucas's face. Lucas shrugged off his shock and eyed his brother.

"I hope not." Is all he said before officially climbing under the covers and closing his eyes.

Minutes tick by and Remy watches the awaken man as he stares blankly at the wall. Deciding he has no choice but to rest. He climbs in after his brother.

Remy waits patiently till his breathing is long, and even. Before crawling on top of the covers laying against them.

Eyes glowing as she enters their dreamless slumbers.

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