Ray, Nard, & Jay

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These teenage triplets are living their best high school days. Football, fun, and fucking is what they live by. Girls and boys anybody can get the dick. Read on and find out about Ray, Nard, & Jay

Erotica / Action
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Friday Night

It’s the first Friday night of our 11th grade year. We had just showered and I looking thru my closet filled with clothes; but couldn't figure out what I wanted to wear. I had to hurry up though because it.was time to hit up the skating rink where everybody goes on chill and have fun before the weekend. I hear my phone vibrating on the dresser I must have forgotten to take it off vibrate after school. I run over look at the name and laugh. It’s my boy Mario, I answer “What's up?”

“Man you ready?”

“Yeah I'm ready.” I tell him lying.

“What about your brothers?”

“Yeah I think they're ready too.”

“Be on your way I'm going to start walking towards your street.” He tells me.

“Just come to my house.”

I hear him suck his teeth. “Why man?” Being honest I told him “I'm almost ready, not fully though.”

He starts laughing. “I should have known. Alright Rey.”

I still was lying, I was standing in front of my closet butt ass naked. As I hung up I ran back to my closet and pulled out a fit, it was kind of preppy looking but I could pull it off. By the way I’m Reynard Thomas but my friends call Rey. I’m in eleventh grade as you know & I just turned 17 a couple weeks ago. Actually my brothers did too, I have two, Leynard (Nard) is older and Jeynard (Jay) is the youngest but were all 17. Yea we're triplets, and from what all the chicks tell us the sexiest in Florida. Jay walked in my room and asked me if I was ready, I had just finished putting on my new Jordans. “Yeah I'm ready.” I told him. As me and my brothers walked out the house, our crew was waiting; we always walked to the skating rink together. Talking about how we looking forward to getting some pussy tonight and shit like that. Friday nights for us usually ended in sex, at least for me and my brothers, our homeboys sometimes got lucky too.

Once we entered the rink, immediately all the chick ran up and crowded around us, we each picked the girls we wanted and continued on to the skating rink floor. I picked was Lisa she’s one of the sexist Latin chicks in school and she was grinding up on me hard, I know she feeling every inch of me. With my hands on her hip I was pressed up against her making sure she could feel she wasn’t dealing with a little boy. She stopped twerking on me and grabbed my hand, skating me into the game room. It wasn’t many people in there, so Lisa and I found a dark corner between the game machines and without hesitation she dropped to her knees. Then unzipped my pants and pulled my dick from the confine of my briefs. I heard her whisper “wow” before I felt her lips touch the tip of my head, then felt her mouth massaging my dick as it slid towards the back of her throat. I could tell she was nervous so I coached her on, “You doing good.” I told her.

“I never had better.” I lied but it worked; before you know it Lisa was throwing her head halfway down my dick without gagging. The shit was actually feeling good, I closed my eyes and enjoyed her service, as she became more confident she took in more of me until I felt her gagging​ against the base of my pipe. It felt amazing, but it wasn’t an unfamiliar feeling.

As my body tensed up and my toes curled in my new shoes I could feel it was time, to see if she was a keeper or not. With one hand on her head I flung my dick in and out of her throat, until “Ugh” I let out as my body tensed up.

I let out my load of baby juice into her throat opening, glob after glob, but they all disappeared down her throat. Yeah Lisa was definitely a keeper. She got up and dusted off her knees and pulled me back out to the dance floor with my dick still hanging out. I rushed to put the snake back in it cage before the other niggas got jealous and we dance the rest of the night. As the Skating rink closed I waited outside for her mom to come pick her up. We switch numbers and kissed goodbye right before she did. Then me and my brothers set off walking back home.

I told the crew how Lisa sucked me up in the game room. Leroy said she was in his third period class, that he was going to try and get some on Monday. I laughed and told him “She hooked on this good meat but go on and try little man.”

Jay laughed then said “Shit I had Taisha in the bathroom.”


“Hold up Taisha?” Rey said looking at me with envy in his eyes. That was the one chick he had been wanting since forever, shit since we started highschool and could never get. What he didn't know was that i had been kicking with her on the low and tonight finally got her.

“Yeah Taisha.” I said with a giant smile.

“What happened Jay, what y'all did?” Mario asked.

”Hold up I thought I seen you walk off with Jalisa though.” Nard said before I could answer.

“I did but I had to let her loose when Taisha came, she didn't let me know she was coming tonight. But when I saw her we started chatting and shit, and you know me I went to kissing on her neck and talking in her ear. She slid her hand under the table and felt on this dick and was on ready.”

“This nigga.” Rey muttered but I continued on with my story.

“We were looking for a spot in the game room but seen Rey ducked off in there and other people, so we snuck in the family restroom. When I tell y'all her head was amazing, like she had been doing it her whole life; but that pussy, that pussy was fire, she creamed all over my dick and the counter. I was balls deep in that pussy taking my time with it, stirring that shit. We may have made a baby in that bitch.”

I heard Ray suck his teeth which caused me to look over at him and smile.


“You okay bro?” Jay asked me after i sucked my teeth. “I'm straight Jay.” I said sarcastically, right as we got back to the neighborhood and that's where we split up. Sam and Troy were going to stay the night at our house; so they walked with us while everybody else headed down the other street. As we made it home my brothers headed straight to my room; but I went to check on my mom to see if she was sleeping and alright. Mommy was knocked out snoring, I pulled the covers over her and gave her a kiss then headed to my room.

When I walked in the first thing I seen was Sam and Troy on their knees with a mouth full of dick with both of my brothers standing in front of them forcing dick tonsil deep into their throat, actually from what I remember Troy could suck a good dick, by the time he was finished you’d be seeing stars and constellations. Sam on the other hand where that head lacked, his ass made up for it 10 times, the way it cling to the dick would have any boy giving up his lunch money for a second stab in it. Troy being cute as fuck with his thin little frame, and big lips like his mom; made it a pleasure to feed that mouth. Sam had a little more weight on him but that didn’t stop a nigga from beating up them guts, he was a stunner too with them looks. But standing here watching Troy’s mouth glide down the shaft of Nard’s dick had my own shit getting on brick, then hearing how Jay was moaning from the way Sam was sucking on his left nut, wasn’t helping my dick go down either, not that I wanted it to. I knew had to get up in some guts, my dick would be mad if I hadn’t. So I crept up behind Sam, pushing Jay back onto my bed.


“Damn bro!” Jay yelled as he landed on the bed. “Shut the fuck up.” I told Jay, “Before you wake up Ma.” I continued to explore Troy's mouth, as Rey laughed at him then bent down and kissed Sam on his right ass cheek, then the left. Sam moaned then refilled his mouth with Jay as he laid back on the bed as though nothing had happened. I watched my brother wasted no time letting his tongue slide down our friends crack, then inside him, my body cringed thinking about how bitter that bootyhole must taste with all the sweat from skating all night caked up back there. My body awakened as Troy opened his throat, pushing his mouth down to the base of my dick, twirling his fingers around on my balls. He even stuck his tongue out and tickle the top of my balls.


“What kind of trick is that?” I asked Troy but he couldn't answer with my brother in his mouth. I went back to work by pushing my tongue slowly back inside Sam only to get that blast of flavor I loved so much, soon it was my finger that joined my tongue inside him but that made my dick jealous because it was throbbing to get inside something. Little Rey Jr was begging to slide inside Sam, so I had to oblige, I stood up then squatted down behind him while he still sucked on Jay. I pushed my head inside while I gripped his waist with both hands; he let out a moan that was muffled by the dick in his mouth. “Open that ass up Rey.” Jay said cheering me on. I looked up at him laughing shaking my head. I squeezed in his hole but my homeboy ass clamped around my dick right as I tried to. pumped in him. I smacked him on the ass and he opened right up and that first stroke felt like that place good people go when they die. I could feel the moisture inside his colon, I had to pull my dick out just to see the wetness dripping from the tip. The way he growled and glitched the sheets with I thrusted my way back in him, had Rey Jr on steel. Bullshitting around I rammed every inch inside of him and watched him as he struggled to sucked my brother’s dick, saliva dripping from his mouth, him gasping for air as Jay beat his throat in. It was hilarious, even more than listening to Jay openly brag about how he trained Sam at throwing that ass. It was true I see, Sam walls were too much for me, because I was about to cum. Speeding up putting my back to work, I slammed my dick inside him, clamping his waist, keeping my legs and back straight, bouncing off his ass, my dick was penetrating hard and deep, it was no match for Sams inside; my seed flowed out from slit in my dick to that place it goes inside his inner bowels. I collapsed all my weight on his back, damn there hyperventilating as I watched Jay pulled out and cummed all over his face.

Shit then me and Jay laid back watching as Nard destroyed Troy’s throat, literally had him laying his head back on the bed while he was on his knees pounding his throat. When I say fucked, he fucked it, slamming into this boys face with enough force to dislocate his jaw then nutted all over it. After they finished up, we all took turns taking a shower then went to sleep.

The next morning when I woke up, Jay and Troy were watching cartoons, I got up and walked to the bathroom to take a piss. As soon as I opened the room door the smell of bacon, eggs and grits hit my nose and I knew my mom was awoke. Since I was naked I crept back into the room before my mom seen, found a candle, lit it, so my mom wouldn’t walk in and smell sex. You know them moms got them bionic noses. My mom called us for breakfast, so I woke up Nard and Sam then we all headed to the table. As we ate Troy said “Miss Thomas you always make the best breakfast, I’ve never tasted anything as good as your eggs” Jay looked up from his plate, “You sure, I thought you said the same thing last night”.

We all started laughing except my mom who obviously didn’t know what we were talking about. But it didn’t stop her from asking, “What’s so funny about that?”

“Oh Ma last night he had this milkshake and kept talking about how good it tasted going down his throat” I answered.

We busted out laughing again. After breakfast we all cleaned up and went outside to meet up with our crew and play some football. We always played against these white boys that stayed in the next neighborhood over. And I’m going to tell you some of them white boys were sexy as shit. As we met up on the field behind the high school we exchanged greetings and talked shit about who was going to win, but when I saw my main squeeze I knew it was time to play. Nicholas was on the school football team and always thought he was the best on the team until he was under me.

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