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Erotica / Romance
Lana Cathryn
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Beauty & the Demon

Beast stalks around in the shadows of our shared dream.

From the moment I first dreamt of him he has never revealed himself. Sometimes I glimpse shadows of his form, but never anything more. I know he is far from normal or human. Whenever he brushes against me or runs his... Claws over my skin, I feel the qualities of an animal.

In the beginning, I thought the creature invading my dreams was a werewolf. I know he’s far more powerful though, I can feel it. He says he’s a demon. That I shouldn’t let him into my dreams because he might end up liking me, but I can’t bring myself to block him in any way.

“What are you thinking?” Beast asks me, his voice gruff and growly as it usually is.

My stomach flutters at the noise, desire coiling inside me as usual when I hear his masculine, primal voice. “You,” I tell him honestly.

A low growl reverberates between us and Beast gets closer, the heat of his large form just barely caressing my skin. “You should not say things like that, Belle.”

I shiver as my name rolls off of his tongue, sounding different because of his accent—the lilt that makes everything he says arousing, more so than the huskiness his tone already possesses.

“Why?” I ask. It’s almost a game between us. I know why but I like hearing him speak, and I think he enjoys the subtle challenge.

The air seems to shift and then I feel the burning heat of Beast against my back as he stands just inches behind me. Claws skim my bare lower back and I’m reminded of my nudity and lust for him. I can feel the wetness trickling down from inside me, and I know Beast can scent it because he’s suddenly inhaling loudly. Breathing me in.

“I am a demon.” There’s an edge in his voice now, hinting at his thin self-control that he always warns me about whenever I try and seduce him.

I look over my shoulder and see his formidable shadow behind me. “Is that such a bad thing?”

Once more the air changes and Beast is suddenly in front of me, the suede fur of his chest flush against mine. The substantial thickness that I know has to be his cock digs into my stomach, hard, bare and just as smooth as his broad torso.

“I am called Beast, Belle. That is for a very simple reason,” he growls. His clawed fingertips cup my face and I push him further with my question, “why?”

A strained snarl leaves him. “Because when I have little females like you underneath me, I turn savage.”

Uncaring of what might happen I reach up with steady hands and touch him for the first time since we started sharing dreams. His soft skin is so starkly different compared to his gruff demeanor.

“Again... Is that such a bad thing?”

Beast traces my lips with his claws and his chest rumbles against me. “Tell me, Belle, would you trade the bright life you live for a dark one with a demon like me?”

The place between my thighs quivers. The skim of his claws seems to stir a deeper need inside me and I swear I can feel the roughness of the sharp tips dragging across the slick surface of my wet pussy.

The answer to his question is simmering just below the surface and yet I can’t bring myself to speak it. I know the moment I trade my life he will finally lose control and ravish me to my limits. Take me over and over for hours upon hours. And as I look into his dark, frenzied gaze, I still can’t find a reason that it’s a bad thing.

My lips tremble and part as I begin to form my answer. One of his clawed fingertips dips in my mouth, the rough pad circling the tip of my tongue as if he’s rubbing the throbbing nub between my legs. When he withdraws it and wraps his hand around my throat, his grip tight and dominating, I can finally say what my entire body is screaming.


As soon as the words leave my mouth, the world around me disappears and we’re suddenly in what I recognize as his home. It’s stunning, regal, romantic, but nowhere near as captivating as the sight of him standing in the glow of the fire.

Beast’s eyes seem to glow with lust, his form shaking as if near the edge of self-control, and his long, too thick cock points straight at me. “Say it again,” he growls.

I repeat my answer without hesitation, and then Beast is suddenly on me. I’m pulled against him roughly, his mouth covers mine and as soon as my back hits a mattress he’s parting my thighs.

I prepare myself to be entered roughly and taken savagely as he said, but his cock only rests against my sex, sliding along my swollen clit as he grinds into me. “Why—” Beast covers my questioning mouth with a claw-tipped finger. “You do not want me to enter you dry,” he says in a matter of fact tone.

Oh. He’s using my wetness to coat his shaft. I wiggle against him at the realization and he growls against my neck. The soft pad of a finger brushes across my nipple and I shudder against him. “Please. Now.”

Beast’s cock slides along my pussy twice more, making me moan with each pass over my sensitive clit, until he’s finally placing the fat crown against my entrance.

“Do not move, Belle.” His tone is firm and commanding. I know what the edge to it means. If I move he will become that savage Beast.

His monstrous form shakes over me as he slowly pushes inside me. I look down between us and watch his cock disappear as my soaked virgin pussy takes him in, his beastly size causing little more than delicious discomfort.

Only half of him is in when my thighs start to tremble and the need to push myself onto him and take his cock to the very hilt rises. I look up at his masculine, demonic countenance and convey my need with a single whimper. Beast lowers a hand to my pussy and circles my clit with a fingertip. It’s not enough. Even as my head falls back as I moan at his touch, the need to have him fully sheathed inside me is too great to resist.

As Beast gives a shallow thrust I tilt my hips and successfully take in a great deal more of his thick cock. His hands immediately press my hips into the mattress, a warning snarl leaving his lips. When he moves them to touch my breasts a moment later, I lift my ass and slam onto his cock before he can even think to stop me again.

A guttural growl mixes with my own cries of pleasure and then Beast is looming over me. His eyes hold fury and lust. The base of his shaft rubs my clit when he begins to withdraw from me and his hard exhale seems to signify that last bit of control leaving his body. As soon as the head of his cock is only breaching my entrance, he snarls and slams his thick phallus back into me.

“Beast!” I cry out when he bottoms out and does so again and again, his growls are feral and wild in the air around us, his thrusts fierce and frenzied. As he pummels in and out of me my body trembles in ecstasy. It won’t take long for me to reach my high, and I know by Beasts strained jaw that its the same for him.

Sharp claws dig into my breast and hip, the slightest edge of pain is exhilerating and when Beast drives his cock into me at an angle that hits even deeper, I come undone. My pussy squeezes him as I gasp, moan and writhe beneath his large form. He continues to fuck me until I’m crying out through another orgasm and soaking his cock.

As Beasts thrusts begin to turn ragged he lifts off of me and clenches the headboard of the bed. It takes four rough, savage pumps that have me seeing spots and then he’s groaning through gnashed teeth as his cock erupts and cum coats the inside of my quivering pussy.

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