The Lycan Wars

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APP: 90,000 words Complete Victor Feral steals the only child of his enemy Alaric Dickson in an effort to stop an alliance that would see his pack destroyed. By Mating the girl he hopes to force her father to make an alliance with the Feral pack instead. After being mated to her father's enemy Mica finds she has done the unthinkable and has willingly given herself over to him. However that will not smooth the growing tension and hate between the two Packs. As an outside player manipulates events in his favor more then Mica's innocence will have been lost in his plot to get revenge.

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Chapter 1

Book one

The ambush was set. His men were in place and Victor took up his position in the large maple tree. It had a perfect vantage point to watch the comings and goings of his enemy’s place. The heat patterns the men gave off made them easy to see through the scope on his rifle. He watched them as they walked around the outside of the large house. Well-armed, large and all fully trained to defend the occupants within the upscale lavish home. The patrol had a set pattern. It was subtle, but Victor had picked up on it several nights back when they had surveyed the area.

Through his scope, he could easily see the three women inside with perfect clarity. They were in the upstairs bedroom, sitting on the pink canopy bed. All were young, pretty and they seemed excited, all except for the honey blonde haired girl. As he watched her, he saw the trepidation on her face. He’d wondered why. He knew there was no way anyone here had a clue of what his pack was up to, let alone the girl within the house.

He waited until after the two other young women left. Victor waited only another ten minutes before making sure his men were ready. Mike’s voice whispered in the earpiece, asking if all was set.

“Set targets, and wait for my mark,” Victor told them in a quiet whisper. He watched the men and as they made themselves clear, presentable targets, he whispered.


Victor brought his rifle up and located his prearranged target. The man patrolled outside near the front door. Victor carefully followed the man and took aim. He counted the twenty seconds from his Mark before he squeezed the trigger on his rifle. The soft pfft sound of the bullet going through the silencer would never be heard from the young she-wolf inside. Soon she’d be defenseless. As the man dropped, Victor slung his weapon and grabbed the rifle with the tranquilizer dart which hung from the hook on his belt and brought it up. He was thankful the young woman’s bedroom window was open. It would make taking her down easier now.

He lined her up in his sights and aimed for the soft belly of the girl as she stood beside her bed. Victor held his breath and again fired. He watched as the pretty girl’s face lit up in shock, and she clutched at her stomach just before she fell.

“Target down!” He told his men just before he jumped from the tree and raced towards the building. Getting in was no problem with his brother Mike here. Mike was already disabling the alarm system on the front door as the other werewolves also made the house.

He looked at his brother and sensed his nervousness. They were taking a big chance that this would work.

“You sure you want to go through with this?” Mike asked him.

“I don’t really have a choice, now do I,” Victor told him. He’d never have even considered this if the vitality of his pack wasn’t at stake. However, it was, and they were desperate.

“After you then,” Mike said, and they entered the home of their enemy.

Mica looked at Sabrina and hit her with the overstuffed teddy bear. The soft fluffy bear had been a constant bedtime friend since she was a tiny child. Sabrina and Cassie both laughed at her as Mica felt her face heat to a crimson at the topic they were discussing. Cassie was a year older than herself. Like most of the pack, she had light brown hair and brown eyes. Tall, curvy, and usually smiling about some kind of trouble she was stirring up. She was the polar opposite of Sabrina, who was almost as short as Mica and the same age. But Sabrina also was curvy; with long dark auburn hair and eyes so green they looked like jewels. She was also well developed in the areas the guys seemed to like.

Both her friends were what she thought was considered sexy. Always dressed to show off their best assets, they never left the house without makeup on or their hair done. Mica wasn’t like that, she rarely wore any makeup nor did she see herself as even being close to sexy. As she listened to her friends talk, she took a sip from the bottle of water and wondered just how many guys her friends had actually slept with.

“Come on Mica, not even a one kiss?” Cassie demanded to know.

“No, not even a single kiss.” She admitted.

“Well you know it’s going to hurt the first time you do it,” Sabrina stated as she snuggled Mica’s old teddy bear.

“I know that,” Mica said, but she really had no idea of how sex worked.

“Well, I hope this Jamie fella doesn’t have a big one,” Cassie said. Mica watched as she got up and walked over to the small desk and picked up a hairbrush.

“Why?” Mica asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Cause Alex does and the first time we did it. I thought I was going to die!” Cassie said dramatically as she flopped back down on the bed beside her.

The thoughts of being mated to an old man didn’t sit well with Mica. Presently, as she talked with her two best friends about what sex was like, she felt a bit more than scared at the prospect. As Cassie began brushing Mica’s hair, she knew she’d miss both her friends. They had known each other their entire lives and had shared every secret, heartache, and joy together. Though she was now prepared to leave, to abandon her duty as the Alpha’s daughter and mate with a man whom she didn’t even know. The arranged mating was not one she wanted, nor did she intend to see it through.

They talked for hours, laughed and cried. Shared some fond memories and made plans for the Bonding ceremony. Both her friends were more than a little excited about having a bachelorette party for Mica.

“We can hold it at The Last Call.” Sabrina blurted out as they discussed where to hold Mica’s last night as a free woman.

“Oh god no!” Cassie exclaimed.

“Why what’s wrong with the Last Call?” Mica asked.

“Timmy works there.” She stated, rolling her eyes.

“Oh, well we can do it somewhere else then,” Sabrina said. Both of them knew how bad of a breakup Cassie had with Timmy. Cassie had a string of guys though and never seemed to be without a lover.

“There is no need for one anyway; it’s not as if I’m happy about this,” Mica said solemnly.

“Mica honey, it’s not that bad. Sex does feel good,” Cassie told her. “Once you get used to it.”

Mica rolled her eyes at her. Neither of them would understand, it’s why she didn’t tell them of her plans. She looked at the clock and knew she’d need to get them to leave. As she sat there in her nightie, she pretended a yawn.

“Oh my, I think I’m going to call it a night.” She told them.

“Really, it’s only ten!” Sabrina said.

“Yeah, I didn’t sleep well last night. I think I’m going to get to bed.” Mica lied.

“Well call us tomorrow and we will go shopping,” Cassie said as Mica watched them head out of her bedroom.

“I will, maybe around noon.” She told them. Mica’s heart grew heavy as she listened to their footsteps going downstairs.

She waited only five minutes before walking over to her bedroom window and opened it. She took a deep breath and reassured herself this was the only way to deal with this. She headed for her small desk and pulled the letter she’d written for her father from the drawer. As she placed it on the bed, she felt the tears well in her eyes. She took one last look around her room. As soon as she was dressed, she would leave, never to return, never again would she spend another night in her home.

Mica’s hands clutched at her tummy as a sharp stinging pain hit her. Confusion washed over her as everything became very fuzzy around her. She tried to take a step but staggered, and everything faded into nothingness as she collapsed onto the floor.

Victor nervously licked his lips as he leaned over the small, motionless form. The girl was more than just pretty. She was breathtaking. Her rich honey blonde hair lay cast about the mattress in a disheveled mess, and her full pouty lips were slightly parted and moist looking. The tiny white nightie she wore barely covered her small breasts. The thinness of the material showed the dark circles dotting each mound. The material rested above her upper thighs just letting her white satin thong peek out.

The V-shaped area between her legs made him yearn to taste her. His cock was already hard and ready for this. He hoped to god she would be too. A female of one of their own kind had such a pull on a male. The draw to be with her tugged on him in ways no other woman had. Still, she looked so helpless and vulnerable. The guilt began to ease the bulge being restrained by the denim of his pants.

Victor eyed her tied wrist and ankles. He knew he could do what he wanted with her. None of the others would interfere as it was his right. The morsel laying captive in his bed was an enemy. Her father, Alaric, was the Alpha male to the Dickson wolves, a rival pack that they were on the verge of war with. Victor knew she was the Alpha’s only child, and that she was supposed to be mated with one of the Timberwolves in a month’s time. It would seal a union and territorial sharing arrangement that would see his pack destroyed in a takeover of his lands. This would never happen. Not after he mated the girl. The act of their union would force Alaric to ally with the Feral pack.

She stirred and moaned lightly, drawing his attention back to her. The drug from the tranquilizer dart began to wear off. Soon she’d be awake, and then they would call her father who was at the Gathering in the North. A smile slipped over Victor’s lips at how Alaric would react. He imagined the news would be a shock. Learning that not only was his Den invaded, but also the four-man guard unit he’d left with his precious child had been easily killed by Victor and his men.

The girl had been simple to take down. Unlike the male werewolves, females were unable to shift forms. They could hear, see and smell like a wolf, but that was the extent of it. She-wolves were extremely rare to begin with. Most matting’s only produced males. One in a few hundred thousand births actually produced females. The children born to a she-wolf and a male of their kind always produced werewolves. This made the she-wolves extremely valuable. This one would help ensure Victor’s pack didn’t lose its territory to his enemies in the north and also rebuild their dying pack.

He traced his fingers lightly over her soft smooth cheek and silently hoped she wouldn’t put up too much of a fight. His musk should take care of any denial on her part, but that too was not a guarantee. He liked aggressive sex, but he didn’t know if he could truthfully force himself on her. He tried to picture it in his mind. The thought didn’t arouse him at all. It actually disgusted him. He switched gears and imagined her complacent and submissive.

That had his lips curled into a smile as images of her doing whatever he demanded of her flooded his mind. The ache between his legs to free himself grew as his cock became rigid and ready again. Never had he been so aroused without even touching a girl. Knowing that very shortly he would be buried balls deep inside her had his beast wanting to do the act right now.

She stirred again and her eyes fluttered open. The clear crystal blue pools were the prettiest he’d ever seen. As he stared directly into them, it brought his vivid images of her in the throes of ecstasy to a halt. Her large bright eyes went wide as he looked at her.

“Hello, Mica,” The huskiness of his own voice surprised him.

“Who are you?” Her voice demanded with a sharp hard edge. The fear he thought he saw within her eyes was not reflected in her voice.

Victor blinked. She seemed unafraid of him or her obvious predicament. She struggled in vain against the silk neckties. He’d used them to secure her hands and feet to the bedpost not wanting to hurt her.

“Untie me!” She snarled at him.

“That’s not about to happen!” He said. He couldn’t help but stare at her, baffled by her tenacity.

“This isn’t funny...Cassie...Sabrina...I mean it!” The girl yelled out.

“I’m sorry to tell you sweetheart, but there is no one by the name Cassie or Sabrina here.” He smirked at her.

“Whatever they are paying you for this, I will double it. I need to be on a bus,” Mica told him. “So if you don’t mind we can skip the whole stripper kidnapper thing okay.”


The girl looked around the room. She tried to crane her neck to see out the open door of his bedroom and into the door to his washroom. “Okay you guys, this isn’t funny!” She yelled again.

“You have no idea what’s going on, do you?” He asked her as he cocked his head to one side while he stared at her.

“Yeah, my besties are giving me a stripper, namely you, as a send-off before getting hitched. Hooray for me!” She said. The seriousness in her tone told him that she’d no clue to the true situation she was in.

“Really,” He grinned. “Is that what you think is going on?”

“Look you’re hot. Hell, you’re as sexy as they come, and if I was really going to get married, I would love to see you take all your clothes off. However, I have no intentions of getting hitched to some old guy just because my Daddy says so. So there is no need to give me a stripper’s send-off!” She said. Her voice rose in decibels as she talked.

“Well, you should at least let me give you something to entertain you with before I let you go.” He grinned mischievously.

She was something else. He rather liked her naivety and the sarcastic attitude.

“I really don’t have time; I need to catch the bus,” She winced a bit.” Whatever you guys used to spike my drink with is giving me a headache.”

“I didn’t spike your drink. I shot you with a dart. After I killed all four of your guards.” He said as he motioned to the dresser where his rifle lay.

Her eyes followed his hand and then went wide again as her nostrils flared. Victor assumed she scented the air. No doubt she’d pick up on his scent as well as the scents of the five other werewolves in the next room. None of which would be familiar to her.

“Oh god!” She said. This time her voice revealed that now she may have an idea of what was going on.

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