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A steamy affair between a lesbian stripper Named Tiana and a Mysterious Woman Called Kat.. What Will Happen When Tiana Finds Out Who She Really Is?

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Chapter 1

Standing in the dressing room getting ready for my first time stripping I was so nervous but I new once id get out there I'd be fine..

Looking at the clock It was nearly 9:00pm so I started Checkin out how I look.. fixing my hair, checkin' I had no Lipstick On My Teeth, All The Usual Things Us Women would do..

"How you Feelin Tiana?" Tina Asks as she comes through the door and sits in the chair crossing her legs..

She was the big boss, classy lady also very beautiful.. All I new was that she was a lesbian and she was married, but no one had met her wife yet..

"I'm Feelin' Excited And Nervous Too But I'm good thanks how are you?" I reply as I walk across the room to the door..

"Good luck Darling, Not That You'll Need It There Gonna Love You" She Says gigglin as She Gets up to leave the room with me..

Opening the door we both go seperate Ways Saying bye as she walks into the office and I walk out into the club area..

Seeing all these beautiful women was making me feel a way..it was more calming knowing it was an all females strip club..so my nerves were slowly going at this point..

Steppin' Up Onto The Pole I See Everyone just watching me as I'm Struttin' across the stage wearing bare minimal & most Of My Body's On Show ..

So I start my routine and I lock eyes with this breathtaking woman..who's Sittin right at the front..

She had golden brown skin, with dark mysterious eyes, red lipstick, long brown curly hair & A tight Little dress on..she was incredible..Covered In Tattoos..

Holding the gaze.. I swing around the pole landing on all 4s infront of her..shakin my ass right in her view..

The thought of her Watchin me was Makin me all hot inside.. so I slowly drop into the splits and bounce along to the song.. she's still locked onto every move I'm making as I dance around the stage.. seductively drawing her in with my eyes..

I had about a minute left on the stage.. so I decide it's time to take my bra off and finish my routine..

I could tell by her face she liked what she saw.. as I was grinding to the floor and holding my perky titties In Each Hand..

I couldn't really concentrate because I was thinkin' about doin' the most with this mysterious woman, in all different ways..

But the song came to an end and I stepped off the stage.. putting my bra back on as I go to the bar to get a drink.. I felt relieved I'd done my thing no problem..

"Let me Buy you a drink gorgeous" I hear from a voice behind me..

I'm Thinkin' who could this be and to my surprise as I turn around it's her..

"Wow" I'm Thinkin' to myself as I stumble over my words..

"Umm, Yeah Okay, what's your name?"

"What you fancy? Oh Haha, I'm kat nice to meet you" as She shakes my hand..Smilin' Slightly..

"You, But I'll make do with a cocktail" I Say tryin' to flirt..I'm usually quite cheeky but she had me choking over everything i was Tryna Say..

I hadn't been with anyone for a while so I felt like I was rusty..

"That could be arranged.." she replies shyly Pushing her hair Behind Her Ear..

"& 2 cocktails coming up.. is sex on the beach good for you?" She adds as she's lookin' me up and down..

"Sounds Perfect But hold the beach" I Say as I wink at her and bite my lip..

Again, locking eyes, wondering what Eachother are Thinkin' I hear

"That'll be £12:00 then please" breaking our gaze making us realise we're we was..

"Oh sorry, there you go keep the change" she says as she picks up Her drink..

"Was nice meeting you, what did you say your name was again" she says as she Grabs My hand to say bye..

"Tiana, But you can call me TiiTii.. hopefully I see you again soon"

I reply as i hug her and walk away as I had to carry on with my shift..

Looking back I could see her Watchin' me..

I wanted her so bad..daydreaming of her body on mine.. those sweet full big lips touching mine.. as I'm walking through the dance floor..

So I stop in her view, hoping she's still looking, and she was.. so I smile and wave for her to come to me..

A couple of seconds went by and she'd got over to me..

"Come with me" I Say in her ear as I Grab Her hand and pull her into the toilets.. there was nobody in there so i pushed her into one of the cubicles..

It all happened so quick she didn't even have time to talk until the door was locked..

"Mm your so naughty.. but we can't be doing this" she says heavy breathing as my hands are all over her body..

So I stop and ask her "why what's wrong.. is this too much" as I lean up against the wall hoping she says something minor..

"No it's perfect, that's the problem.. I'm- imm- IM MARRIED!" She Says as she drops her head in her hands..

I didn't condone this kind of thing but there was something about her that intrigued me and I wanted her.. in different ways..

So I just come out and say

"I won't tell if you won't"

Lookin At Her, Her Eyes lit up and the biggest smile came over her face..

"Uhhh.. Kiss meeee" she says as she's leaned up against the toilet door..

Slowly Touchin' Her Body..

Ugh She Was So Sexy, so beautiful.. I couldn't help but press my body up against hers as We're deep Kissin', lifting her leg up with my hand as I'm caressing her thighs...

"I haven't been touched like this in a while" she Moans as I'm teasing her clit over her underwear..

"Mm, Ima touch you in ways you haven't been touched" I whisper as I'm as I'm still caressing her inner things with my fingers..

"Mm Do it, I cant wait any longer" She Moans out quietly as there's people outside the door now..

Which makes it all the more exciting.. So I Slip Her panties to the side and slide my fingers deep inside her wet, tight pussy..

"Fuck me, Mm yeah just like that"

"Omg your gonna make me cum soon" she cries out into my shoulder..she's turnin me on so bad.. I gotta Taste Her So I Make My Way Down Her Stomach as I'm still Finger fuckin' Her Makin Her Legs tremble..

she had a pretty pussy.. so neat & tight.. I had to Put my tongue all over her..the way she grabbed my head I could tell she was gonna Cum the way I was lickin & suckin' Her clit..Pullin Her lips upwards as she rides my face..

"Ohhh Yeah.. I'm Cummin!!! Keep suckin baby" she cries out in Pure ecstasy..

So I wrap my tongue round her clit as I'm suckin every part of her pussy at the same time..

The way she was jerkin' on me had me weak inside..🤤

Finally slowing down she Grabs My Arms And Pulls me Up so I'm Face to Face with her..

"Mm you taste good" I Say laughin' cheekily as I look her up and down biting my lip..

As I do She Flings Herself Onto me.. our bare bodies against one another's as She French kisses me into a daze..

My hands running all over her body as We're intertwined in Eachothers Arms..


TiiTii you in here?" My boss shouts from outside the cubicle..

Quickly I say "yeah I'm here I'll be out in 5 Mins okay"

Waitin For Her response.. Shes suckin' my fingers.. makin' My pussy so wet it was dribbling down my legs..

"Yeah that's fine, come to the office when your done" she says as she walks out the toilets and the door slams behind her..

"I gotta go.. I'm on shift but once I finish you can come back to my hotel if you want" I Say to her as I give her a kiss and get ready to come out the cubicle..

"I can't tonight but book a hotel for tomorrow night, & im all yours" she replies softly grabbing my hand, pulling me in for one last kiss..

"Okay beautiful.. you go first.. Mm I can't wait to see you already tomirrow" I Say as I Smile Wide..

Makin' sure there's no one in there.. she peeps her head out first and then quickly leaves.. then I do and make my way to the office because Tina asked me too..

So I push the door open to the office and go in.. it's her, Kat Sittin On The desk next to Tina..

In my mind I'm sayin'

"please don't be her wife, please don't be her wife"

As I'm walking in to sit down infront of them..

"Darling, this is Tiana, my best dancer she's gonna be a star" Tina tells kat as I'm tryin' not to watch her every move..

"Hey Tiana, nice to meet you.." kat replies as she leans forward and hugs me.. i literally just had my hands all over her in the cubicle.. so her pressed up against me again was Makin me Hottt for her..

Pullin' Back I Ask

"What was it you needed Tina?"

I wanted to get out of there as quick as possible..

"Seen as you did so well you can have the rest of the night off & I'll pay you" she replies as she's doing paperwork..

"Thankyouuu Tina.. I'm gonna go and unwind out in the club then in that case..might even find a beautiful woman to keep me company" I reply as I'm staring into kats eyes.. a few seconds pass and i shake out of it..

Saying bye I get up and leave through the door..

"I can't believe She's Tina's Wife!!! What do I do.. do I go tomorrow do I not.. do I call it all off and say I can't?!"

My mind was on over drive..

I new I had to make a decision..

Take the risk or Let It Go..?👀

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